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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    Everyone has one. A logo everyone else in the whole community goes nuts for, while you're sitting in your chair just like meh. What are some sports design related things that would be deemed unpopular with most of this place. Here is an example. With all the Brewers retro look, and everyone drooling at the BiG logo, ive looked at it a lot, and I think it's pretty cool with double meaning. I just think it's a logo that most people like just for the sake of being retro. I like the last two sets more than the original, but thats just me. Same with most of the old logos in the NHL(like Quebec, Winnipeg, and Minnesota). Speaking of which, I enjoy most of the Edge jerseys. How about you guys?
  2. Concept Thread Think Tank

    As you know, I do A LOT of series around here. But I have a lot of ideas on threads, that honestly, I don't think I'll ever get to. I normally tweet out ideas, but I feel like this can just be a good start for people who are fresh off projects, or people stuck on them. More than one person can do these series, I just don't think I'll ever get to them. I love Africa so much, but don't want to do another soccer series for a while. So I think it'd be cool to do a national team jersey for all 54 countries. Here's the thing, that sport would be hockey. Lots of unique striping and new logos would be really neat. I also love the Scotish soccer system. I have a football manager save and the league's have 12 teams and it feels really tight knit. I'd love someone to do that with Canada. Just a complete system, from the top with Toronto all the way down to cities like Missasuga and Moncton. Or how about making 11 soccer teams in New York City to match the 11 in London. A mix of neighborhoods and Burroughs would be neat. Just some ideas, feel free to claim or add to the list. This could be a great research if people go through and finish them. I also would love some competition pitches which could be done through the competition council.
  3. If you don't follow me on twitter(which you should) you may have missed this. It all started as a fun little joke tweet I made while stuck in a car coming back from Tennessee. All it was was a fun little joke, and then I got to thinking about a concept using that Orioles logo style. Then what would a flamingo look like? What about a chicken? Duck? Sunday night I made the mistake of following through on these thoughts and created the twitter @smilingbirdlogo, and well the topic is exactly how it sounds. I figured someone would have brought it up here but it seems like something you all would enjoy the hell out of. Thanks!
  4. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    Thanks guys! I didn’t see this got bumped this week. Still going strong and I posted one of the best ones last night
  5. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2018/04/10/orioles-bird-logo-redesigned/ This is so :censored:ing funny the male anchor sounds so upset
  6. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    haha yeah it's been a crazy week
  7. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    I’ve heard all of these requested atleast once. I was close to doing a Kiwi and roadrunner yesterday because it’d both look good
  8. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    A lot of the ones I’ve done are ones that are recognizable by their face, so red tailed hawk would just look like a normal hawk. I notice all the suggestions and have a few ones that I have in mind to do soon while the iron is hot but then again I got weird and did an egg last night
  9. Raysox's Racetrack Restoration

    A while ago, of all places, North Wilkesboro Speedway was trending on facebook. It was because this video of a guy flying his drone over the dilapidated speedway surfaced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyfn-_AW1h4 The track was one of those good ol' tracks in the south that hosted NASCAR events since the beginning, but got pushed out of the sport due to not being in a major market. My dad went to the last Winston Cup race there, in 1996. The track would probably need millions put into it to even host anything, let alone the top racing series in the country. But I'm coming to the rescue! The track lies pretty close to the other true short tracks of Bristol and Martinsville. My thinking is that nostalgia would be the driving force into restoration. Many drivers think that more tracks like this should be put on the schedule, so here's my attempt to make it. So North Wilkesboro is outside a small town of the same name. There isn't much of a population, but neither does Bristol and Martinsville. The track lies right next to some houses and a highway. There isn't much parking, so that would be the biggest thing. There is space, so a ramp from the highway and pedestrian bridges from a massive parking lot on the other side of the highway would be two things that would help the track. The track itself may need to be scrapped. It needs new stands, to be weeded, and paved. But the somewhat flat track still remains. My plans is to keep the track the same, and build around it. The walls are old, and would need to be replaced. Since the incident at Daytona with Kyle Busch, I made sure every inch of wall that could be hit from the track was protected. The walls would also be painted like the old days, red and white stripes to add to the nostalgia. The infield would be completely paved and have a garage for teams, a media building, and a tunnel leading outside, where the haulers would be. My thinking was to make the inner buildings one story for sight lines. The tunnel would be somewhat shallow, since only cars, and emergency vehicles would have to go through. The haulers take up a lot of space, and would have more space for 3 series to run at in a weekend. The tunnel would also make the stands go completely around, and no wall would have to be temporary. Outside the track, they would repave over all the empty areas for easy walking capability. Now to the stands. I designed this after a football stadium. The current covers about 3/4ths of the bottom bowl. I would raise it up, then complete it around. Raising it helps the fans get out through tunnels under the stands leading to the outside. There would also be a walkway on top of the stands that more people could walk around, or head up to their 2nd deck seats. There would be ramps to the ground level near the press boxes that tower over the stands. I put a big video board on the end zone, so there wouldn't need to be several. There would be advertisements behind the end zones to keep the sound in for the surrounding area too, and for highway advertisement for tickets. Finally, I put a lot of solar panels because I think renewable energy should be put into any new stadium built. I made the initial plans a month ago, but I finally finished the master plan, and thought everyone would love to see just how this turned out.
  10. New Soccer Template by raysox

    BEFORE YOU ASK I want to still play around with it before releasing the finished project. I also want to make a few more brands. But until then... I was looking at some soccer concepts the other day and it made me somewhat self conscious. I know I can make some good concepts, but maybe my template could be better? My template is by far the most used template I've ever made, but it just needed a face lift. I tried last week to make the template, but got frustrated and quit. Then I was at Ross and found one of my top 5 favorite kits of all time, the USA "Where's Waldo" hooped kits. I immediately bought it with no regrets. Today, I finally decided to take the new jersey and lay it out and try my best to replicate it. I started with my old template and made the following Nike template. Then, I went ahead and used some reference pics from my friend Gus to do the Adidas kits. I wanted to release the kits, but wanted to test them first. I originally was going to put the 4 teams of Great Britain on a new Nike photoshop template and go from there, but I decided that this would be a great way to do those concepts. England is really simple. I replaced the blue from the current kit, with red and made it Nike. The rest are various Adidas jersey. Northern Ireland has a chest bar, Wales has pinstripes, and Scotland has a cross. In honor of the EPL finishing today, I put players who I had on my fantasy team at some point this year on the jersey.
  11. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Hope you throw that bad boy in Predators colors, love me a city with matching sports colors
  12. Rays Internship Graphics

    Hey guys, big news! After 4 months of being out of school and doing nothing but improving my skills, I finally have a design gig for a major sports team. The Tampa Bay Rays have offered me the position for an internship in their design department. Cool right? I had to work for it, and after the interview, they cut down the field and sent a design test to the remaining people. The designs were the following 1) create a print ad for a Kevin Kiermaier gold glove bobble head, and a Rays pennant as giveaways. 2) create a social media graphic for the Kiermaier bobble head, complete with a custom hash tag. So here's what I made Not sure how many people reading this want to make design their career, but my advice to you is to create as much as you can, and create a good network of people whose opinions you listen to. I started posting on the Creamer boards when I was 14, and now I'm 22 and lined up a gig that will surely lead to bigger things. Follow my twitter @michaeldanger19 if you want to keep up with what I'm making
  13. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Wow I’ve never noticed that there were 3 swords in the logo. That’s uhhh interesting. super clean concept, love the flag shape. I think red orange and black can work. I think black bringing the two colors together is what misses in a lot of creamsicle based uniforms. As sad as it would be to lose a unique color as pewter, it is a lot to take in. Good work!
  14. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I think the cardinals head is in the top 5 logos but this is really really good execution without moving far from the path. cant wait for the Bucs!
  15. Hey Sports Fan Fic readers, so over at the concept board I'm doing a big cricket project that involves branding 24 american cricket teams and importing them onto Don Bradman Cricket 17. Read that thread here if you don't know cricket or want to see some cool concepts. It's a group project so you could even join! So today I wanted to do a test of a 6 team league. Eventually if I have time, i'll move this concept series over here and sim some leagues. So we start with the 6 teams in it. New York, Atlanta, LA, IX Counties Bay Area, Dallas and Colorado. Fast forward to halfway. This is the closest I've had any test league, normally there's two teams struggling to win their first game. Each team ranges from 81-77 overall but they all have strengths and weaknesses. Colorado and New York went to the Super Over overtime period with Colorado winning. Colorado, New York, and LA all are showing why they're the best in the league. I jumped into a game between the league leading Colorado Cricket Club vs LACC lead by Deepak Baxter, who is leading the league in wickets, which is like an out in baseball but much much harder to get. Here is our hero Deepak, who got torched in the small amount of this game I watched. Colorado held on to win after scoring 205 runs in 20 sets of 6 pitches. They made 5 outs. LA on the other hand scored 197 runs and had two batters who never got out, but their chase came up 8 runs short when they ran out of balls. Simmed the rest of the season and it ended up the exact same! So from this you can tell that LA slumped at the end, and New York had a crazy Net Run Rate compared to Colorado. New York crushed Colorado in the one loss they had this season. Bairstow got hot in the second half and shot up the statistics board. He scored 124 in a game, and scored 388 runs in 269 pitches. I noticed him when I simmed that LA game and will now remember him scorhing the earth. Looks like Garth Jamison had a really great year in Atlanta, but played for a last place team. Matthew Dunk got 5 Colorado players out in the thumping New York gave them, plus he has a cool name. Deepak had a bad second half as he stopped being the best bowler on the team. Sort of shocking not seeing Colorado have a higher pitcher. So that was my stream of confidence test on this. Hopefully it evolves into something in the next few weeks. Feel free to hop in and help with a concept! I thought my original set of logos lacked heart so I opened it up to the group. Philadelphia is nearly done, Miami is open, and once we have a 9th I can do another league. The league would be 6 divisions of 4, and then a championship league.
  16. Hey guys. It's been a loooong time since I posted, and even longer than i posted a concept. I have an idea for a branding exercise for the community, but it's gonna take a little explanation. So cricket. I know a lot of people here don't really know too much about it, but it's actually super simple once you actually watch and see how the machine works. I'll let Fraser Davidson explain it. Notice a country not on there? Well the USA isn't a super power, obviously. The American cricket federation actually got EXPELLED by the ICC for general ineptitude. This summer, a new federation reformed and they seem to have it all together. Their new website is super nice. So their issue is, they don't have the infrastructure right now. Not fields, there's a lot of fields in major cities. But i'm talking the best playing the best. Right now, there are players on the national team playing amateurs, who obviously aren't the elite of the elite, just some guys in the town they're in. It looks like this. So what are we here for? We're gonna make a league for the ??? level. I made a bunch of crests but they just lacked character. I want a bunch of different styles! I want to have fun! I'm not exactly sure how this will work, but I plan to post some parameters for a team in a locale. Eventually I can do jerseys, and possibly import it into a cool cricket game on Steam that has build a team. Eventually this can move to the sports fan fiction board. Here are the cities I have in mind. All have a cricket community, a big field, or a national team player. Atlanta Houston Miami Dallas Tampa Austin Los Angeles Northern California Phoenix Colorado Seattle Chicago Saint Louis Indianapolis Kansas City Detroit New York New Jersey DC Philadelphia They're split into 4 divisions, which would work like conferences. The best 4 will play in the Cricket Bowl, which is a good pun on my part. I'll brand that, and the league. Just let me know what you think!
  17. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Here's what I'm looking at, the leagues look way more even in one season through. The leagues I created are different levels of players so when I make leagues for bad countries like Portugal or Ireland, i'll set them to High School Also yes, Curacao won 93 games, lost their league playoffs, then won the champions league
  18. Hey guys. Giving this new subforum a try! So OOTP is a great game. For those of you who don't know, it's a big baseball sim with a crazy amount of mod potential. After winning back to back World Series with the Rockies, I wanted a new challenge. That was to take the Australian Baseball League and try to make them as good as other Pacific leagues. It was an uphill battle that I got bored with. Now, I had a second idea. You might be asking who are the teams above? Well they are the 6 members of the new Great Britain Baseball Association, or GBBA. I figured I could start from scratch and make this league as good as the Italian and Dutch leagues, which are in game. So here is who we have. A few of these names were generated by the game my first attempt, and they were so good they stuck. With a fresh start league, I have expansion turned on and we can go from there. The inaugural draft stacks teams, which I can't fix. Then after that, the draft levels match the country's reputation. So these guys play 100 games starting in April, and the two best teams play in the Queen's Cup. Eventually it'll expand to a North and South divisions. In year one this is what happened. Newcastle and Southampton were the class of the league. Running away with it, and finishing a game apart. These teams are incredibly evenly matched. Newcastle became the first champion after beating the Southies in a win or go home game 5. I messed up and didn't see the final game of the season. I regret it because it was a walk off 2 run home run. Doesn't get any more dramatic than that, folks! So that's where we are. I'm going to skip a few years. I added the Israel Baseball League to the mix, which is the same teams as the league of the same name that played only one season. Ideally players will be traded on an open market between leagues, and Netherlands and Italy will catch up with the two newbies. Expansion is off in Israel, but when the GBBA expands, I'll take suggestions on names. One major thing I just did was reset the salaries and stuff to a more reasonable limit to the teams. England was overpaying players based on what I think would really be good for spreading the wealth. "Superstars" make around 100k a year, then it scales down from there. Until then, enjoy!
  19. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Hate to bump this, but I remembered this project and was looking into it. Shot in the dark, but I tweeted at OOTP if the game from last year had a champions league type mode with the tournament mode they released. They replied and said that there's been an "association mode" for years. I went and found what they're talking about and it'd work just like this but end in a playoffs. Since this league is sort of messed up with balancing, I'm gonna test with this save. But hopefully in a few weeks i'll have a massive real team league system with all sorts of European countries and go from there. So sorry for the bump but this is going to reincarnate to something bigger and better
  20. Hi htown, long time listener first time caller. this thread owns and I wish I didn’t give a :censored: as much as you. ill hang up and listen, thanks!
  21. Mexican College Rebrands

    Thanks Raymie! The idea was sort of like how UC-Berkley, UC-SB, UC Davis all have unique brands with the same colors. Was going to explore different brands of nicknames that aren't used. So like Vaqueros, Osos, and Huracan etc. I think a lot of logos may just be retracing logos that are good as they are. but then again the entirety of the project depends on how much information I can get! And yeah I always do concept series I've never seen before just because I can only do so many Vikings concepts or whatever. It never gets the clicks but I'd love to see your series again!
  22. Mexican College Rebrands

    So sometimes your joke ideas COULD be cool! I found that map and i couldn't stop thinking about it. I really like league structures. That led me down a wormhole of translations and I've sort of decoded what Mexico's college football system is like. Basically the ONEFA (pictured above) is full of schools in 3 divisions, two better divisions (Green and white) then a lower division for newer teams (red). There's also the CONADIEP, which is a breakaway league. They're mostly the better teams, but the winner of CONADIEP and ONEFA play for the title game. My issue is that the branches of colleges use the same logos and stuff, just different city names attached. There's literally 6 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey around the country all with the same Wild Sheep logo. As you can see, if the logos aren't rip offs of other schools, they're mostly just duplicates or crude. SO THAT'S WHERE I COME IN. I'm not sure how much or what I want to do. But I do like matching styles(In this case, American college logos) and want to be more intricate with my logos. So rebrands for now, but maybe football uniforms if I get a good template. UVM-Lomas Verdes Linces (Lynx) Current: Mine: Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo Toros Salvajes (Wild Bulls) Old: Mine: A mix of USF and Cincinnati to build their own brand.
  23. Mexican College Rebrands

    Thanks guys! This is gonna have a lot of fun logos in it. I'm probably gonna do a bunch of new brands for all the Lions and Rams in the league, so open to suggestions for generic team names! My next team may be Lobos or Potros Salvajes.
  24. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Yeah it bugged out copying the link and I copied one that was in the place after an ad was loaded. Fixed as quick as I could but looks like you two got there about the same time.
  25. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Here’s a big reveal from the Broncos logo designer with a ton of sketches of potential logos https://www.behance.net/gallery/61221339/The-Denver-Broncos-Identity