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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    Everyone has one. A logo everyone else in the whole community goes nuts for, while you're sitting in your chair just like meh. What are some sports design related things that would be deemed unpopular with most of this place. Here is an example. With all the Brewers retro look, and everyone drooling at the BiG logo, ive looked at it a lot, and I think it's pretty cool with double meaning. I just think it's a logo that most people like just for the sake of being retro. I like the last two sets more than the original, but thats just me. Same with most of the old logos in the NHL(like Quebec, Winnipeg, and Minnesota). Speaking of which, I enjoy most of the Edge jerseys. How about you guys?
  2. Concept Thread Think Tank

    As you know, I do A LOT of series around here. But I have a lot of ideas on threads, that honestly, I don't think I'll ever get to. I normally tweet out ideas, but I feel like this can just be a good start for people who are fresh off projects, or people stuck on them. More than one person can do these series, I just don't think I'll ever get to them. I love Africa so much, but don't want to do another soccer series for a while. So I think it'd be cool to do a national team jersey for all 54 countries. Here's the thing, that sport would be hockey. Lots of unique striping and new logos would be really neat. I also love the Scotish soccer system. I have a football manager save and the league's have 12 teams and it feels really tight knit. I'd love someone to do that with Canada. Just a complete system, from the top with Toronto all the way down to cities like Missasuga and Moncton. Or how about making 11 soccer teams in New York City to match the 11 in London. A mix of neighborhoods and Burroughs would be neat. Just some ideas, feel free to claim or add to the list. This could be a great research if people go through and finish them. I also would love some competition pitches which could be done through the competition council.
  3. So the first instance of me saying Macon Bacon I could find was from 2012, but the first result on this boards is @Mac the Knife from 2004!
  4. Sports Design Openings

    Had this idea a while ago, but never got around to starting it. Teamwork Online is a good place to look for jobs, I know the NCAA has their own one for sports too. But feel free to flood this thread, and keep a look out for a job you might be interested Indianapolis Colts Design Intern - paid http://footballjobs.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=111676&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Missouri Athletic Department Sr. Media Producer http://ncaamarket.ncaa.org/jobs/8920655/sr-media-producer-graphic-designer-strategic-communications
  5. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I hope this one sticks around, it looks super iconic and it hasn't even been awarded
  6. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    Sure if you ignore the fact the Rays still have above average TV ratings https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2016/09/28/here-are-the-2016-mlb-prime-time-television-ratings-for-each-team/2/#7ea293f1791d Or the fact they have the most twitter followers than any of the other 90s expansion teams Extremely biassed, but damn dude get your head out of your ass. Yeah there's other fans here, and I don't blame them for wanting to support their home team. The front office is doing what they can to move on. They toured Atlanta last week, like previously mentioned. They'e evaluating the options of financials because they want to get it absolutely right. The commissioner of baseball was here last week. He toured stadium sites in Tampa. I grew up with this team and nearly everyone who grew up here is a Rays fan. The fan base is growing. If only someone pointed out it's a location and facility problem, rather than the market being broken.
  7. Sports-themed NASCAR paint schemes

    This ran yesterday at Road America Danica ran with CSU colors at Bristol Also saw this just now
  8. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    This seems like one of those concept scorebugs that is super clean on paper but it really comes off as bland in action. Replace the team names with the logos and you can decrease the width by like, a third.
  9. I keep checking into this thread and I can't get over the first lightning concept. That blue color is so good, great work!
  10. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    double post
  11. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    Gonna blow your mind here: And the nickname Rowdy comes from Rowdy Burns, the driver who Tom Cruise replaces. ironically, he drives the 18 car, the rival of Tom Cruise in the movie.
  12. NASCAR Racing 3

    Thanks for the bump guys hahah. Not doing NR3 this year, but I am working on a bigger better project. Working on a mod for Motorsports Manager with tons of drivers and liveries. On the game the liveries can change colors, and the sponsors aren't attached to the scheme. So the end result looks like this when colored right. Since it's an F1 styled game, both drivers get the same livery.
  13. NASCAR Racing 3

    Hey guys! So after a very productive week post an exciting Bristol race and buying Talladega tickets, I finished my 2016 set of Sprint Cup cars. After a week of testing, and a change of my rating system. Here's some pics for everyone. So I did something I hadn't done before, gone farther than the Cup series! Here are 40 Xfinity Series cars I made over the last month. I'm relieved that I can move on. One thing I've also been doing is updating the tracks. The game is very dated with tracks, and theres a nice little modding community to fill the gaps in the series from 1999 to now. With mods, the track images and info become very inconsistent. So I took it upon myself to fix this. With my 40 tracks, I updated the "trkinfo" and "trkshot" files (yes, the Indy car track) Every year, I edit the calendar file to reflect the changes to the Sprint Cup schedule. With those mods, the race logos range from "pixelated" to "none". I went through and fixed that for every Cup and Xfinity race this year. So I've been doing a lot of work on it, and I'm really glad it's all over. But I wanted to go even further for what I consider one of the best games ever. Download the entire game, my mods and all, right here. Enjoy!
  14. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    Love the Days of Thunder 5 font. Weird to see those cars with that number but these look real good.
  15. Hey guys. Giving this new subforum a try! So OOTP is a great game. For those of you who don't know, it's a big baseball sim with a crazy amount of mod potential. After winning back to back World Series with the Rockies, I wanted a new challenge. That was to take the Australian Baseball League and try to make them as good as other Pacific leagues. It was an uphill battle that I got bored with. Now, I had a second idea. You might be asking who are the teams above? Well they are the 6 members of the new Great Britain Baseball Association, or GBBA. I figured I could start from scratch and make this league as good as the Italian and Dutch leagues, which are in game. So here is who we have. A few of these names were generated by the game my first attempt, and they were so good they stuck. With a fresh start league, I have expansion turned on and we can go from there. The inaugural draft stacks teams, which I can't fix. Then after that, the draft levels match the country's reputation. So these guys play 100 games starting in April, and the two best teams play in the Queen's Cup. Eventually it'll expand to a North and South divisions. In year one this is what happened. Newcastle and Southampton were the class of the league. Running away with it, and finishing a game apart. These teams are incredibly evenly matched. Newcastle became the first champion after beating the Southies in a win or go home game 5. I messed up and didn't see the final game of the season. I regret it because it was a walk off 2 run home run. Doesn't get any more dramatic than that, folks! So that's where we are. I'm going to skip a few years. I added the Israel Baseball League to the mix, which is the same teams as the league of the same name that played only one season. Ideally players will be traded on an open market between leagues, and Netherlands and Italy will catch up with the two newbies. Expansion is off in Israel, but when the GBBA expands, I'll take suggestions on names. One major thing I just did was reset the salaries and stuff to a more reasonable limit to the teams. England was overpaying players based on what I think would really be good for spreading the wealth. "Superstars" make around 100k a year, then it scales down from there. Until then, enjoy!
  16. Hometown Grand Prix

    I was reading up on possible Indycar races and one in Calgary caught my attention. They said it would be a temporary circuit at Stampede Park. Upon further look, they have sooo much space and could make a damn cool track. So it was an obvious way to revive this thread. Down the front stretch, then a bend and short shoot around the Saddledome into a hairpin and run down the Elbow River Down the river and a quick left right towards the Stampede Over a pedestrian bridge and two rights onto a wide bending road for the back stretch. Finally a right on the last turn, under the sign and to the start finish
  17. Hometown Grand Prix

    Yesterday, I tweeted this. I love driving that corner because you can lay on the gas and drive up the hill. In the past, I've planned out a grand prix course around Tampa, so I had the idea to incorperate the hill onto a hypothetical grand prix circuit in Tallahassee. But i thought this could a really cool and creative thread for everyone. I'm assuming this would be the correct forum, if not feel free to move. But okay, here is the rules. Take a screenshot of the area you're doing and lay down a course. The length should be about 2-3.5 miles, typical for Formula 1 and Indy car. Count the corners, and make sure you have a start/finish line and a pit road. Other than that, have fun! when you share, talk up the corners and landmarks you'd pass. You could even make your own changes to current street courses if that's what you want to do. Tallahassee So I imagine this being a very scenic and racy circuit. It would be in and around Florida State's campus, so during the summer, it would be easy to shut down these streets. Start finish line out on a major street south of Doak. first turn up the big hill, get to the top overlooking the campus, Down a long stretch going down hill, good for DRS and KERS. There's a turn lane going into turn 2, which leads you on a short straight heading to campus. There wouldn't be much room to spare for breaking, but some modifications would give runoff space. Down Chieftian Way which is naturally like an S section. Passing the gym, baseball stadium and circuit complex, then a hard left.Back to turn 4, and another left. A few tight turns in 5 and 6 and short run to 7 with the pits a dead straight past the turn, and finally a big sweeping right hander heading to the start finish line. The campus has tons of oak trees that would line the track, and there would be a lot of space to set up temporary stands. It would be a challenging course with a lot of g-force, i'd compare it to Spa in Belgium. Palm Harbor For my hometown, I always drove a few streets when delivering pizzas really fast. I tried my best to limit the residential areas that this would go through, but it's by my ex girlfirend's house, so they'd block that in. There's a big open space across the street from the high school, where a pit lane and garages could be set up. Start finish would be around there. The front straight is massive, good for DRS. two tight turns in 1 and 2 would lead you back around to a winding street going south. A tight right, then to a small little section past the little league fields, and a park. 7 is a left that would take you straight through the downtown area. Downtown is built on a hill, where you can see the gulf from the top near turn 8. Finally, down the long stretch and back to the line. I feel like this would be a lot like the Singapore Grand Prix circuit, but also very fast, almost like a restrictor plate track. So what do you guys think? I'd love for you all to share, and there's no limit to what cities you could do. Both that I mentioned above are roads that I have driven growing up, so I know that it would be really fun to race on.
  18. I don't really follow too many sports fan fiction threads, but this already has put itself as one of the best designed ones I've seen. Followed!
  19. 2017 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    There's been tons of silly season IndyCar news they touched on at MidOhio and it starts and ends with Takuma Sato leaving IF Andretti switches from Honda to Chevy. Should be interesting, especially with Kannan and Helio looking like they're on the way out in the near future. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/motor/2017/08/15/indycar-2017-andretti-autosport-choosing-between-honda-chevrolet/569930001/ Also
  20. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Boy, I really hope the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway doesn't get torn down. That, and imagine a soccer stadium near Broadway in Nashville, fairgrounds seems a bit far to walk
  21. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    it would come down to a waiver, which I doubt he gets. Same thing if Bubba would find a ride and somehow get back in. Waivers are given for health reasons, but guys like Preece and Hornish are out of luck since they didn't run all the races they could. saw this get retweeted by Jayski http://kickinthetires.net/index.php/2017/08/13/exclusive-two-manufacturers-now-looking-at-nascar/
  22. MLB Changes 2017

    Looked back and you're right. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/247233346/mlb-to-celebrate-players-weekend/
  23. MLB Changes 2017

    1) they're selling shirseys with nicknames on the back 2) it's more than just uniforms, this is from the MLB article "MLB and the MLB Players Association announced jointly on Wednesday that Players Weekend will be a player-focused field festival of sorts, different than anything seen before at the top rung of the sport. In addition to nicknames on the backs of jerseys made by Majestic, players can wear and use uniquely colored and designed spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves, catcher's masks and bats." so that means Never said that the uniforms were necessarily good looking, which they aren't. This is just about expression and they're giving the most visible people the freedom to do whatever they want. Baseball has the amount of games to do something like this, and wearing colorful uniforms shouldn't take away your viewing experience in any way.