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    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    I think the Titans look pretty solid now. If you can find a way to incorporate a touch of red in the unis, it wouldn't hurt. But the Titans have done a good enough job with minimal to no red on the uniforms for so long, your concept certainly doesn't need it. I'm torn on the new Saints version. As a Panthers fan who's watched the Saints at least twice a year for the last 25 years, it is odd to lose the white. But your last version does look damn good. I think it's a slight improvement. EDIT: Have you thought about light blue socks on the home primary just for color balance? I've always associated that light blue with the Titans (and Oilers)
  2. dgnmrwrw

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    I've been dormant on this site for a while (it turns out life gets busier as you age), mostly observing but not contributing or commenting. But I can't in good conscience NOT comment on this series. Everything I've seen so far has been superbly well thought-out and well executed. The only issues I have would be mostly ridiculously small nitpicks. I won't waste time with super detailed feedback on each team, as I don't think most of them need it, but I'll hit a few things. I LOVE the white helmeted Bengals. Never thought I would, but I do. In my perfect world, the orange jersey would always be the primary for them, but the black is just fine. Everything about the Rams identity is perfect. And I'm not a royal-blue-and-yellow fanboy. Giants, Lions, Bucs, and Jets: All logos and uniforms are noticeable upgrades. Seahawks and Chiefs: Still trying to decide if I think the logos are an upgrade, but everything works as a complete identity, and that matters most to me. Broncos' logo and uniforms are a bit too "ornate" for my taste, but the overall set is not a downgrade. Your Jags logo is an absurd thing of beauty, a perfect combination of two flawed logos. Uniforms, particularly the color balance, are fantastic. They would be lucky to have this identity. Love the Panthers set overall, but the logo still seems a bit... off? Maybe there are a few too many strokes going on. Not bad by any means, just feels like it could still be refined or simplified. I think the Bills have the same issue. The use of color in the Cardinals set is perfect. The Falcons logo is a fantastic render. I wish there was a way to keep the "F" shape, but it's hard not to like what you created. A really nice evolution. I really enjoy your subtle and clever rework of the Niners logo. Redskins are nice, though I do prefer the spear as the primary helmet logo. The Saints are great, especially the return of gold pants and numerals. But it feels like (maybe just to my eye) that some of the numbers (6, 9, 0?) don't have the same amount of obliqueness as the others. Eagles are perfect. Beautiful. Masterful execution of each logo. Change nothing. Titans logo was a bust at first, but your update is going to be a huge improvement when finalized. Hope to see how it works with the unis. Once again, this is very, VERY impressive work. Looking forward to the rest.
  3. dgnmrwrw

    Spokane Empire (formerly Shock) of the IFL

    Like the logo, and the inspiration behind it, but definitely think it works better when it's a bit more simple, with fewer elements.
  4. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Agree 100%. I love the colors and the style is great, but it feels like there's not enough imagery in the OKC logo to function as a primary. Wordmark, however, is just about perfect.
  5. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Much better imo, though I'd like to see it with some of the orange highlights (just to compare). Flipping the orientation also helps a lot. But what you've got now is much more flame-like, and the simplicity makes it 10x more "iconic."
  6. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Agree with this. The rounded corners are the problem. Drop both outlines (black and orange) and treat it like the Carolina Panthers did with their update: no keyline at all. Just display the elements by themselves on any background. On a red background, you could change the ball/flames to orange and the highlights to white.
  7. dgnmrwrw

    Florida Panthers Logo

    I tried something like this a few years ago: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96786-nhl-super-league/?do=findComment&comment=2165160 I think showing whiskers would be nice; maybe blue whiskers on the gold on the right, gold on the blue on the left. It might help break up all the negative space on the left side (his right) of the face. And like others, I think showing pads on the paws would be great. Lastly, if the white belly is illuminated--which it is, since we can see it--then I'd look at trying a few more highlights on the legs, feet, tail, and maybe left shoulder. Nothing crazy. I think the latest version nailed the eyes. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  8. dgnmrwrw

    2016 MLB All Star Game logo

    Really like the color combo (loved it on the old Predators). I'd be thrilled if they went this direction. I'm fine with the drop shadow, but the keyline issue really bothers me as well. Anyone else think there's a kerning issue with the 1 and the 6?
  9. dgnmrwrw

    Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils concept logo

    Really good start, and it's clearly a huge improvement. I agree with pretty much all of this. Also, I think it could greatly be improved by adding negative space to the A. Maybe try a downward pointing triangle? It might also be able to double as a highlight on the beard.
  10. dgnmrwrw

    Carolina Hurricanes logo concept

    It's definitely an interesting idea, with a nice homage to the Whalers (though I don't necessarily think that's needed or a even good thing). I think you could improve it by (1) adding a few more "arms" coming out of the C (hurricanes have many bands of rain, not just three or four); (2) adding a white outline, then a black outline that ends as it comes inside the ascender and descender of the C, but before it would interfere with the H; and (3) maybe italicizing the logo, for a more dynamic look, and since the winds from hurricanes tend to make things do that. (Not sure about that last one, but it would be interesting to consider.)
  11. I've always had a soft spot for the Rocket's "pajamas" look of the late 1990s, mostly because I cheered for those teams. But I thought that the navy-and-red era at least tried much harder (thought it certainly often failed) to evoke the "Rockets" nickname and space exploration's association with the city of Houston much more than the older (let's be honest) generic, blander red-and-yellow days did. So I've attempted a (very rough and early) attempt to go back in time and reinterpret that old take on the Rockets identity. Right now, I've got home and road uniforms, with an alternate logo (based on their old one). I've tweaked the colors, kept the beveling on the type, and treated the pinstripes like the modern version of the Hornets have: shifting them to the side panels to keep the rest of the uniform clean. There are lots of gradients, but I think that a team with the nickname "Rockets" can make them work: I think about the fading contrails of fuel boosters and the fade from the Earth's atmosphere into space. I apologize for the template; it's one I made years ago, and it was the only usable one I had close at hand. If anyone can send me a better/more modern one, I'd love it. But I'd love some C+C on what I've got so far.
  12. dgnmrwrw

    OKC Thunder (updated 07/26/16)

    Every cell in my brain is telling me to dislike this, but I can't. Somehow it works. I think it's a case of the final product being greater than the sum of the parts. Very nice, and original, work. And I LOVE the colors. Wouldn't touch them.
  13. dgnmrwrw

    Reimagining the NBA... Raptors unis

    There is a thin silver outline on each. Interesting point about the scratches. I guess I always assumed the chevrons were supposed to evoke the "feel" of a claw or of claw-marks. But I'll go back and take another look.
  14. dgnmrwrw

    Reimagining the NBA... Raptors unis

    I'll look at it, but I probably won't use that color combo for the Clipps. I am trying to make these at least inspired by the 1990s-era looks of each team (which for the Clippers would be red and blue), and I'm also not too fond of that particular combination. But I am considering lightening the blue a tad. Here are the Raptors' unis.
  15. dgnmrwrw

    Reimagining the NBA... Raptors unis

    Well... it's been a while, but I've finally got some new stuff to show. And as a side note, I am going to expand this to a series of teams. I can't promise I'll do all teams, but the overall idea is that I'm reimagining their brands, based on their past looks and my personal preferences, with a heavy influence from the 1990s era NBA, which I grew up with. (Also, I've been playing around with the Rockets concept. I haven't really found anything I'm happier with compared to my original post. It seems that changing the colors requires either a major overhaul of the uniform design or adding new colors the team have never used.) So here are a few new things. Both teams' uniforms and complete logo packages are still in progress, but I wanted to put their primaries out there for C+C. First up, the Toronto Raptors. I always thought their original logo contained, within all the unnecessary elements, a pretty nice stylistic logo. To me, the style of the cartoon Raptor with the basketball equates with the style of the cartoon Celtic. From a pure design standpoint, if old teams can use cartoon-ish logos, why can't new ones? So I simplified the Raptor, added a new custom typefaces, and wrapped the team name around the image. Also, the colors are a darker purple and gray, with red as an accent. And secondly, the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have a great name. They should actually use it in their identity. So the primary logo here (which, in the spirit of openness, is one I adapted from a logo I did for a client a while ago) features a Clipper ship and waves set in a circle. I've lightened the blue, and for a typeface I wanted something from the heyday of clipper ships, the mid-to-late 19th century. I really liked the slab serifs and curves of Clarendon, so that's what I've used here. Both uniforms are close to completion, and I'm still tweaking alternate logos.
  16. dgnmrwrw

    Los Angeles Clippers Rebrand

    Dang it, ian. You posted a fantastic Clippers concept that's insanely similar to the one I was working on, so now I have to post mine before I'm ready so that I won't be accused of ripping you off. And yours is a great concept. The "Sailor's Blue" is a tad too green for my taste, but that's the only real complaint about an otherwise great package. Nice work.
  17. dgnmrwrw

    new Nike - UNC logos unis?

    I went to State. As much as I am physically able to hate another school, I hate Carolina. So let me say... This is a beautiful package. And I mean a complete package (i.e. now the football team and basketball team don't look like they belong to different schools with kinda similar colors). When word started leaking out about argyle on the football unis, I was worried they would overdo it. But (shockingly) Nike used a light touch and I think it works incredibly well. Carolina just went from being one of the worst dressed football teams in the ACC to one of the best. I'd be happier if the black alternate (and all the black/navy nonsense) didn't exist, but I'm also enough of a realist to know that we've crossed that bridge now in Nike's designs and they're going to happen. Great look, 9.8/10. [edit] I also think the tweaks to the logo are very effective.
  18. dgnmrwrw

    Raysox's Major League Cricket

    I didn't know this. Given the restriction, I really like what you've done here and think it's a successful collection. I'd love to see the rest of MLB. I also enjoy watching Cricket for purely aesthetic reasons (even though I don't know all of the rules, it's just a fun activity to watch). I think if it were to gain a foothold in American culture--much like soccer is seemingly doing now--with kids growing up playing it from an early age, it could be popular.
  19. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Would I be harassed outta town if I were to say this is my favorite Cavs uniform ever?.... Because it really is my favorite Cavs uniform ever. I loved the colors, and the black road version was one of my favorite individual uniforms in the NBA at the time. +1. Adored that look. They finally found the right balance and uniform design to go with that fantastic color scheme. The only thing I would have changed would be to have the road uniform blue.
  20. dgnmrwrw

    Big League worthy Minor League looks/identities

    Bah-zing! Love this.
  21. dgnmrwrw

    Reimagining the NBA... Raptors unis

    Thanks everyone for the comments; I thought I had already replied but I obviously didn't. I see two themes developing: First, that the lower case T is awkward. I guess I should have mentioned that this was sort of a "melding" of eras, so I based the wordmarks on a combination of the championship-era marks (with the lower case T) and the pajama look. I liked it, but if the consensus is that it's just not working, I'm open to changing it. Second, a lot of you seem to want to see this redone with a red-and-yellow scheme. I had looked at it briefly, and I'm certainly open to going that route. I do, however, think that the fading colors/stars won't work without the dark blue. Also, I'd definitely like to develop this into a series of reimagining 1990s-era NBA looks (for the sake of my own nostalgia), while sort of combining multiple eras of each team. I'm working on a couple of teams right now, but here's a teaser of the next concept. Should be obvious.
  22. dgnmrwrw

    Continental Hockey Federation (Washington Added)

    I’m way behind the game on this series, but there’s a lot of interesting, completely original ideas being shown here. In general, it’s pretty good. And since much of what I would have said has already been voiced by others, I’ll just add a few more specific points. Charleston: I feel like the primary and alternate logos should be switched, as it seems like the former is more of an “image” and the latter a better example of an icon or logo. New York: I really think there should be a bit more contrast between the colors. Just too muddy. Virginia: I really like the primary logo, the way you’ve made the V and the anchor interact. And the nickname “Admirals” was an appropriate choice. Louisville: LOVE the colors. Dark, yet still vibrant. Nova Scotia: I really, really like the idea of a Norse/Viking theme for them, but feel like the logos are a little rough at this point. (I would add that the alternate is bit more refined than the primary. The primary just needs some cleaning up, definition, and depth.) Milwaukee/New Jersey/Quebec: I think your updates were all improvements. Way to listen to comments! Buffalo: I have to say I’m not feeling the use of the nickname. Yes, ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ is a term that exists in American history, but its connotation is certainly muddy at best. While the regiments historically were loyal, brave, et c., they also were faced with (and thus evoke a sense of) racial discrimination and bias. It just seems to me like a bit too much of a loaded name when it comes to American history, particularly for an ice hockey team that would, if we are being honest, be composed mostly of white players. (For instance, I wouldn’t name a hockey team in Tuskegee, Alabama the ‘Tuskegee Airmen.’) Vancouver: Well, I certainly love the colors and the style of the logo!!
  23. dgnmrwrw

    Great Lakes Premier League (GLPL)

    Very nice logo. It has asymmetry, but that asymmetry actually results in a good overall balance. Well done, raysox.
  24. dgnmrwrw

    TylerG's NHL (Islanders Alternate! Updated 9-5)

    Yeah, love the road uniform, but the numbers really need to be red, with a white then blue outline. Both for legibility and for color balance in the overall uniform.
  25. dgnmrwrw

    Unpopular Opinions

    This. To me, the "phantom" yoke, if it exists at all, only applies to a thin stripe ("piping") of contrasting color around an otherwise traditional shoulder yoke that is the same color as the rest of the jersey.