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  1. Will Ferrell Quote Thread

  2. Famous People With Ages You're Surprised By

    M.I.A. (39) and Pharrell (41).
  3. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    The hands up gesture, as far as I can tell, has less to do with the now disproven idea that Brown was shot with his hands up and more with the larger problems of police targeting minorities and the police's handling of protests and general procedures in the aftermath of the Brown incident. See the below photo where police officers who look more like military special ops troops are pointing their guns, with their fingers on their triggers, at a woman walking down the street and posing approximately zero threat to anyone:
  4. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    This is bull . Who do you think you are to determine how "well thought out" someone's feelings or exercising of rights is? You're pretty much saying black athletes are dumb and their feelings are invalid. I neither remember typing/thinking that sentiment, nor do I read it in my post. Pretty short of "pretty much saying" something... You need to separate football player from black athlete in your mind, as they are not equivalents. I merely pointed out that the vast majority of non-football action stories that involve players trend towards things like spousal abuse, child abuse, drug abuse, rape allegations, theft, and large scale grade scandals (and that's just this season!) so it was interesting to see well thought out social commentary suddenly added to the mix. That's a jarring change, no? Granted "football player" can be a rather varied subset, but one of these things is not like the others. I apologize for the "pretty much saying" part. Just as you say I need to separate football player from black athlete in my mind you need to separate NFL players getting into legal trouble from NFL players' ability to have valid opinions or feelings, as the two have nothing to do with one another. Perhaps the players (and other protesters) feel the facts, as they have been laid out, are biased, inconclusive, or tainted by the conflicts of interest inherent to cases of police investigating police. Perhaps the players have been targeted or harassed by police in the past or can relate to the struggles many black residents of Ferguson and other locations throughout the country have vocalized. It doesn't take much if any thought to be frustrated with a system that affords police officers a pretty much an unquestioned right to use deadly force as long as they feel there is a threat regardless of if there really is one, (I don't mean this as hyperbole) and the victims of mistaken threats most often turn out to be young black males.
  5. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    I probably won't start an Eric Garner thread but it's good to know it'd be discouraged if I wanted to. I've redacted part of my comment and apologize if it contributed to the devolution of the thread. To address your points I maintain that if people can't or don't see that the death of Mike Brown goes way beyond the death of Mike Brown I don't think it's painting them with a broad brush to call them obtuse, or at least naive. Similarly naive and unproductive is criticizing and discrediting people of color, who clearly feel marginalized, in their displays of protest or solidarity. Regardless of whether the Ferguson and New York grand juries made the correct or incorrect decision to not indict the officers it is a valid point that both Mike Brown and Eric Garner's deaths are connected by a lack of police accountability.
  6. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    Eric Garner didn't steal anything or confront police officers and he's dead with no one being held accountable.
  7. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    Who do you think you are to determine how "well thought out" someone's feelings or exercising of rights is?
  8. Winter Storm "Knife" or Let's All Laugh at Buffalo

    me in this snow:
  9. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    First hockey game I ever went to in Binghamton an elderly lady usher grabbed me by the collar when I tried to walk up to my seat during play. Boy I felt like an idiot.
  10. What Are You Listening To?

    :censored:'s brootal
  11. Public funding for stadiums?

    Bingo. Discretionary income is finite. Public construction of an arena, ballpark, and/or stadium doesn't cause new, heretofore nonexistent money to magically materialize in the pockets of consumers. Money spent on one non-essential good or service, such as attendance at a sporting event in a publicly-financed venue, cannot subsequently be spent on another non-essential pursuit. Ultimately, public subsidization of one entity - in this case, a pro sports franchise - is, in a best-case scenario, going to leach discretionary income away from other businesses in the community. The bottom line is that construction of publicly-subsidized athletic facilities doesn't create new discretionary income, it simply redirects existing discretionary income. Otherwise known as the subsitution effect which pretty much every economic study done by a team or league very conveniently ignores. If there was a real economic impact from a new stadium/arena it would show up on the city's total GDP in addition to the neighborhood's GDP. I haven't seen a single independent study that can show that. Just because gross income is virtually constant doesn't mean people can't or won't reappropriate their budgets to allow for going to see their local sports team every-so-often if a new, more luxurious, and convenient venue is built. Even if gross disposable income is assumed to be constant you can't assume it is going to be spent elsewhere in the community.
  12. Documentary Thread

    Your descriptions reminded me of this.
  13. Documentary Thread

    Thanks to Roger & Me whenever I hear "Wouldn't It Be Nice" I can't help but picture the montage of a decaying Flint, Michigan.
  14. Tampa Bay Lightning concept

    Great looking concept. Why did you decide to recolor the crest from blue to black on the white jersey?