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  1. NFL 2017 changes?

    Detroit wore alt BFBS Thanksgiving '05 vs. ATL
  2. NFL Week 8

    Yeah, I noticed that too...a few Kansas City players seemed to be wearing solid red socks, with no white-yellow-white stripage. Keeping with consistency, the League will probably fine them. But it did look good though.
  3. NFL Uniforms 2011 (Week 6)

    I loved this set, wish they would return to it full-time. Agreed...since the logo change, this is the best combo IMO. I guess they've eliminated the black alternate altogether now with the throwbacks.
  4. NFL Uniforms 2011 (Week 6)

    This guy's got a cool job.
  5. NFL Uniforms 2011 (Week 6)

    Probably already been stated, but Atlanta will bust out their 1966 Throwbacks this Sunday vs. Carolina. (They're 4-0 in them)
  6. Atlanta Falcons Uniform Question

    Unfortunately, the piping that flares out into red on their "home" white pants forces them to wear the red socks. If they would just end that piping under the sleeve, then they wouldn't need 2 sets of white pants.