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  1. Tampa bay lightning number font

    The funny thing about this thread is that I remember thinking when it was requested that it would be a cool font to have on a computer. Now I don't.
  2. Mighty Ducks

    I forgot just how gutsy Coach Bombay was by putting Gaffney in to face Gunner for that last shot. Didn't some coach in the NHL take Bombay's advice by putting in a cold goalie for the shootout at some point? I remember maybe Cujo or someone coming off the bench in Toronto?
  3. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Not really a uniform, but Messier in a Jofa instead of Winwell gets me.
  4. Goalie Helmets Pictures

    On a team-to-team basis, the winner has got be John Vanbiesbrouck. He had an incredible design with every team he played for. In fact...I credit his Panthers mask to part of the reason I became interested in logo design...the cage design was unique to him, and even his original cage/helmet look easily distinguishes him from other goalies. Better view of his Isles and Devils Masks
  5. Goalie Helmets Pictures

    Can someone tell me what is going on with Marc-Andre Fleury's mask...I don't understand what the beast thingy is.
  6. NHL Free Agent Signings

    Davidson wore 00 with the Rangers for awhile, and Marty Biron wore the same in Buffalo. As of 1998, you can no longer wear 0 or 00 in the NHL. #1-98 only. Do you know why this rule was brought in? My guess is because it looks ridiculous, but I'm sure they have a more eloquent way of putting it.
  7. NHL Free Agent Signings

    Davidson wore 00 with the Rangers for awhile, and Marty Biron wore the same in Buffalo. As of 1998, you can no longer wear 0 or 00 in the NHL. #1-98 only.
  8. Tiger-Cats bring back gold pants.

    Maybe Saskatchewan will actually stick with the silver pants instead of ruining things with Black again this year. They'll wear throwbacks around Labour Day, FYI.
  9. NHL Off-Season 2007

    Pretty good news for the Rangers. Plucking Gomez away from New Jersey is unbelievable.
  10. Which teams do you think look too similar?

    Boston actually lobbied the NHL to stop the Pens from switching from Blue/Blue to their colour set.
  11. Another pic of Canes jersey

    Those look ridonculous. Why even bother with that shoulder "stripe?"
  12. Washington Capitals Alternate Logo

    This is probably the only new change I've seen that I haven't really liked. I have no real complaint about it, it just doesn't do it for me.
  13. EA Sports NHL 2008

    This is good news. It'd be beautiful if you could control both leagues at once.
  14. New Islanders Logo / Uniforms?

    I'm with you. I think they just decided "Lets see how much we can fit on the front of this jersey". Can anyone verify where that rackful of jerseys is from? I see the sign on the wall, I see Japanese writing. It's a crap look, and a definite downgrade, but a bunch of Yashin jerseys hung beneath a Japanese sign does not convince me. I didn't see the draft - was there more insight gleaned there yesterday? According to an Islsander fan board that is a picture taken in the Islanders offices at Nassau Coliseum. Note the framed Bob Bourne jersey in the bottom right of that picture. The plaque on the wall is Chinese, not Japanese. This is Charles Wang's office at Nassau, owner of the Islanders.
  15. New Bruins jerseys unveiled

    Probably the nicest update since the Rangers jerseys back in 98-99. Wonderful job.