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  1. I've been on the boards since like 2002. I don't often have much to say about anything, but like to lurk around. I didn't even realize he'd been banned...I read a lot of the tantrums, but whatever. His NHL round 1 predictions on e-cyc are terrible. I had to login to post this. Read them.
  2. No. These are beautiful.
  3. That is a lot of water.
  4. Love it. Everything about it.
  5. Huge storm blew through Regina last night, and I picked up a wicked strike on the dashcam, and the guy I chase with had an equally impressive reaction.
  6. On the international scale? No. Local clubs? Oh for sure. You have to do something on a cold winter's night. TSN had a Top Ten greatest curling plays show on some time ago and one of the plays they picked was from the 1960s. Remarkable how much the game has changed. I can't remember the actual play because I was transfixed by the guy throwing the rock. Back then they used the straw brooms instead of the push brooms of now. They wore heavy knit button-up sweaters and wool tams! And I kid you not, the guy throwing the rock had a lit cigarette in his mouth! The only reason I even bring this up is that I believe (though I could be wrong) the Norwegian team in 2010 introduced those pants as a type of retro uniform honouring Norwegian teams from the '70s... It only took a couple weeks, but I found what everyone is looking for. Head to about 16:30 for some hot action.
  7. That the entire cast of Saved by the Bell is now dead.
  8. Why? Why must he do this?
  9. I got my first Rangers jersey (away, blank) when I was 9 years old...2 years before the Cup win. Every other kid was wearing Canucks crap in 1994. It was the greatest moment of my life, up until I got to dress my daughter in her first jersey.
  10. Norm MacDonald. Best story teller in the business.
  11. Here's a favourite.
  12. Makes since now. Alone that just don't cut it. I wondered why Batman had such a troublesome relationship with the rest of the Justice League, but after that scathing condemnation, I now understand. (The 80s had some cheesy covers)
  13. Already done.