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  1. Tank in the news

    I've been on the boards since like 2002. I don't often have much to say about anything, but like to lurk around. I didn't even realize he'd been banned...I read a lot of the tantrums, but whatever. His NHL round 1 predictions on e-cyc are terrible. I had to login to post this. Read them.
  2. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    No. These are beautiful.
  3. Summer Storms

    That is a lot of water.
  4. CFL uniforms: an observation

    Love it. Everything about it.
  5. Summer Storms

    Huge storm blew through Regina last night, and I picked up a wicked strike on the dashcam, and the guy I chase with had an equally impressive reaction.
  6. Norway's 2014 Olympic Curling Pants

    On the international scale? No. Local clubs? Oh for sure. You have to do something on a cold winter's night. TSN had a Top Ten greatest curling plays show on some time ago and one of the plays they picked was from the 1960s. Remarkable how much the game has changed. I can't remember the actual play because I was transfixed by the guy throwing the rock. Back then they used the straw brooms instead of the push brooms of now. They wore heavy knit button-up sweaters and wool tams! And I kid you not, the guy throwing the rock had a lit cigarette in his mouth! The only reason I even bring this up is that I believe (though I could be wrong) the Norwegian team in 2010 introduced those pants as a type of retro uniform honouring Norwegian teams from the '70s... It only took a couple weeks, but I found what everyone is looking for. Head to about 16:30 for some hot action.
  7. It's Hard To Believe...

    That the entire cast of Saved by the Bell is now dead.
  8. Comic Book Covers

    Why? Why must he do this?
  9. Your first jersey...

    I got my first Rangers jersey (away, blank) when I was 9 years old...2 years before the Cup win. Every other kid was wearing Canucks crap in 1994. It was the greatest moment of my life, up until I got to dress my daughter in her first jersey.
  10. The Stand-Up Comedy Thread

    Norm MacDonald. Best story teller in the business.
  11. Goalie Equipment: Post Trade/Call Up

    Here's a favourite.
  12. Evolution of The Batman Logo

    Makes since now. Alone that just don't cut it. I wondered why Batman had such a troublesome relationship with the rest of the Justice League, but after that scathing condemnation, I now understand. (The 80s had some cheesy covers)
  13. Determining An Identity for Toronto's Second NHL Team Already done.
  14. Look at this abomination.