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  1. Funny thing is with my age I see him as a Star.
  2. Right uniform, wrong helmet. Anyone have any information on why the Jets did this and for how long? Just saw a clip on the Leafs intermission and was dumbfounded.
  3. Never seen it but I kinda of love it!
  4. Yep, here's a link.
  5. It was about today being the anniversary of the announcing of the "Next 6".
  6. This is from an official NHL video posted today, was this logo supposed to be oriented this way or is just a blunder because, well we all know the NHL.
  7. The Kings is really wrong! I do own a Avs one, but that is also wrong!
  8. A team called "Golden" that has zero gold merchandise for sale? Makes sense!
  9. The video! This is pro-level amateur hour here.
  10. I just said that to my brother! The crest on the jersey like a soccer team.
  11. I really wish they would've gone withca St. Pats script that read Maple Leafs if they wanted to go this route.
  12. Those mannequin's don't have anything on them....
  13. While 100% true, they already are a wannabe Montreal team. They are just "Montreal dark".
  14. I feel like since LA has renounced purple, why don't these (insert) Knights run with a very dark purple as a opposed to black? Won't make a massive difference but would be a nice differential.