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  1. The Battle of Seattle

    This is a gorgeous series. I'm partial to the Sawbucks logo, but I do think the sound of the name is a little too minor-league. (On the plus side, it has a lot more character than "Golden Knights!). But that Bucks identity is fantastic, with the logging +wildlife imagery. None of the others are bad, but I think that one is most excellent logo + secondary.
  2. Whoa. You've been paying attention waaaaay too closely around here. You nailed it, that conversation, man.
  3. I have no idea what's going on here, but those are darn good uniforms. Nice work!
  4. The New XFL

    I'm very impressed. Great job on the ideas and design. That's a solid Kodiaks logo.
  5. Atlanta Falcons : NFL by honeybadger

    This is a great look for the Jags. I really like your jaguar head logo, although I'm still conflicted on how the current cat look is more of an artwork/ drawing than a logo. It may be nostalgia, but I'm always drawn to the 1995-6 logo that blended into the helmet- it seems more like a logo to me. I... just don't know what to do with the Browns. I think it is doing what you are going for, but it's hard to pin down what their identity should be, as they have no logo other than a helmet, as you said.
  6. No, it's actually the right pantone number, if you check ColorWerx's thread. By the way, can I have the template? /s
  7. Copyright/Trademark question

    I think this would apply: https://www.calawyersforthearts.org/article-fair-use-of-logos-in-artwork.html
  8. Because nothing says "Revolutionary War Patriots" like red coats!
  9. Too few silvers. And why are there two stripes on the jersey, but also two stripes on the helmet? Please tell me the white jerseys are the home jerseys...
  10. College Football State Flag mockups

    This is nice! A clever idea and good execution.
  11. This is very good. Love the parody of the board, and your execution is good as well.
  12. Minnesota Vikings Concept: Playoff Beard Edition

    I'm not a Vikings fan, but after their win today I was talking about this logo to someone I watched the game with. This is so well done, and a great update to a classic logo. Beautiful.
  13. NCAA to NFL Jersey Swaps

    That is VERY good. My only suggestion is to not try to make the TV shoulder numbers readable. I feel that the 4 on the left shoulder would not be nearly as legible as you have it. I think it needs to be skewed flatter to make it more realistic. Great work!
  14. Bowl Signatures Episode 6: Return of the PNG

    Playoff Championship game: