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  1. Kind of like last season's game, huh. *rimshot*
  2. Yep. They are also saying the number font will be matching the jersey now.
  3. Odd, it showed up for me the first time- speaking off (slightly out of this sub-forum) Does anyone know where I can get a good version of that 1980's-early 90's "N.J.-Rutgers" logo that they had on their helmets? The mothership only has a very grainy pixelated version.
  4. "New...Jersey...patch..."
  5. This is close to what you suggested. I may further edit with a reversal of blue helmets. There are a surprisingly few number of blue helmet /white logo teams out there. Duke is one, but somehow, that didn't look right.
  6. I tried that first, but I think it loses something. Obviously, others' opinion may be different. Here you go:
  7. I'm sure I missed a thing or two here, as I started making it before I really thought things out, but here- have a helmet flag (after all, helmets are what I do)! Happy Independence Day, everyone!
  8. Oh, Ucla, you tease. This is looking promising.
  9. For shame. I agree, that is a clear downgrade.
  10. I just found this today, and your entire set of work is very impressive. I'm bummed for you that the school went in a different direction. It appears they are missing out. Great job.
  11. Little help with this one from Nike?
  12. Very nice! The Ravens set is beautiful. I think there is too much black on the 49ers, though. Maybe the shorts should be red, and change the shoulders to gold to offset the large amount of red?
  13. I like it, bringing the quality right away. This is a good look for Boston College, they deserve the simple--clean-- look. Keep up the good work!
  14. Please take the advice that you were given. If you want people to pay attention to your work or care about it, you need to present work that is worth caring about. If your work scream "I didn't put much time into this," that's the way people will treat it. Wait until your projects don't look bland. Practice. Practice more. Then watch tutorials. Practice again. In you say yourself that it would be helpful to learn and you don't know how to do things, work hard to learn it. Don't try to assembly line concepts.
  15. Awesome, man! That's a great feeling. Keep up the great work.