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  1. Are they serious? This is awful.
  2. ^ Yes it is. Also, kudos to these three for keeping kayfabe alive and well.
  3. Well, that's WWE's big problem... there isn't really a "Plan B," no pun intended with reference to recent storylines. WWE doesn't really have the option of crawling back to traditional pay-per-view distributors, as they've basically given them all a proverbial middle finger over the past few months. They're effectively going to live and die by the health and well-being of the WWE Network. They do, however, have the option of raising the price a few dollars per month and maximizing their revenues among the audience who will subscribe to the Network regardless of the fee. WWE will end up being fine -- they just have to find their "happy medium" in this new Network Era.
  4. Red Sox just changed their road set after winning a title last year.
  5. Paul McCartney (2x) John Mayer (5x) Dave Matthews Band (4x) Aerosmith Justin Timberlake Jay-Z Britney Spears (2x) NSync (I was young. Don't judge.) Ben Folds Maroon 5 Billy Joel / Elton John Bon Jovi (2x) A bunch of Beatles tribute bands
  6. I would rather see Orton cash in his rematch clause against Bryan at Extreme Rules than watch creative try to justify Kane being anywhere near the title in 2014. I have to believe this is going to get changed to a four-on-four with Bryan and Kane added.
  8. I appreciate your efforts. That said, this is a collective forum of creativity. When posting a concept, you need to adhere to two things: make it original, and listen to feedback. Otherwise, there's no point in posting your work here. Respectfully, scrap this series and start a new one with fresh concepts.
  9. I just watched an Orton/Batista promo on WWEN and it had Rev Theory playing an acoustic version of "Voices" in the background. It was god damned awesome.
  10. I'm seeing Martin Short.
  11. Honored to be nominated! Good luck to all.
  12. Really? I had zero issues over here.
  13. I can't believe no one's mentioned The Beatles' version of "Twist & Shout," originally sung by the Isley Brothers. Probably the most successful cover song ever, no?
  14. Where did Dolphins1925 post those Mania spoilers, by the way? I checked Twitter and Reddit and saw nothing.
  15. The largest issue is creative. I don't need to rehash the reasons why. Everyone gets it at this point.