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  1. CON40

    2019 MLB Changes

    Totally uninspired
  2. CON40

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    Holy crap... looks like his name "Faulk" is on the shoes in Comic Sans!
  3. Thought this guy was Superman when I was a kid.
  4. CON40

    MLB Changes 2017

    I'm done buying new New Era caps. Luckily I have over 60 "vintage" caps to keep my head covered.
  5. CON40

    Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    The lack of taste in the NFL runs rampant. Wouldn't be surprised if the pants sported Lion tails... real tails attached to the asses of the pants.
  6. CON40

    Worst MLB Uniforms

    This was the best road jersey the team has had in modern times. It was understated, but unmistakenly "Boston" with the proper number font on back. The red is intentionaly played down so it only appeared in three places on the Uniform: The "B" on the cap, the logo on the sleeve, and of course, the red socks. It provided the perfect balance to the home team's colors on the field. Pure, simple and brilliant.
  7. CON40

    ColorWerx.NET Site Launch - 02/11/2015

    Social icons are fine on my Mac running Firefox 35.0.1. Great job on the site!
  8. CON40

    Is Brown For The Padres Really a Popular Opinion?

    The current look is boring. I never liked the brown and gold look as a kid. Their best bet would be to go with a combination of navy blue with columbia blue and brown as accents. That might be a nice combination of past and present while giving the unis a much needed refresh.
  9. CON40

    Favorite MLB ballparks

    As a local with at least 200+ visits, I think Fenway Park is overrated. It's mystique has grown with age (last man standing) and a very clever marketing campaign about being beloved. It's a great place to watch a game IF you are in the right seats. That said, here's my humble list (from parks I've visited): 1. Wrigley Field (big drop) 2. Camden Yards 3. Fenway Park 4. Coors Field 5. Old Yankee Stadium 6. AT&T Park 7. Tiger Stadium 8. Citizens Bank Ballpark 9. Nationals Park 10. Shea Stadium 11. Skydome 12. Tropicana Field 13. RFK Stadium
  10. CON40

    Favorite non-sports logo?

  11. CON40

    Major league quality minor league logos

    The defintiion of a Majoe League brand: Simplicity and economy of visual elements while attaining a unique, well-defined, discernable mark in a timeless graphic style. Examples: New York Yankees, Chicago Blackhawks, Hartford Whalers, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Bulls, Boston Red Sox, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Tigers, etc... Most of the minor league brands shown here are cartoonish, busy, too colorful, and dated to be considered Major League. Exceptions might be the St. Paul Saints, Durham Bulls, and Brooklyn Cyclones (a Todd Radom creation).
  12. CON40

    2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    That's a different hat. I'll have to post a photo of mine. It's all navy with a navy squatchee. The embroidered logo looks about the same as my cap. It's a New Era 5950, but it doesn't have the MLB logo on the back.
  13. CON40

    2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    Disagree. I have this hat shown and the 1999 All-Star Game Futures version of this hat that has the white outline (and flat embroidery) and this hat looks better. It has more of an old-time "felted logo" look to it than the 1999 version with white. Interesting story about the 1999 cap. I bought it from Twins souvenir store across the street from Fenway that summer. They only had a few. It's a New Era 5950 field cap. I asked what the hat was since it wasn't a Sox alternate at the time. It was intended for use by the minor leaguers for the All-Star Futures Game (ASG was at Fenway in '99) but the shipment arrived too late for the game, so they sent them across the street to sell at retail. It's one of my best-fitting caps.