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  1. Major League Rugby

    The City of Fort Worth is laughing at you right now.
  2. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Norwich has a third (fourth, actually... the other three being a dark green, ManCity-ish blue, and a dark grey) GK that matches the purple third: These shirts are actually a throwback nod to the Asics shirts the club wore from 1989-92, which rank up there in historical popularity with the bird :censored: shirts that followed immediately after. Of course, it's not like NCFC actually needs a third. They can wear their home to 95% of matches each season.
  3. Roller Hockey International

    I'm actually good friends with one of the "commentators" from those broadcasts, Fasty LaShaft (aka Mike Butters). Buttsy was a minor league who ended up in SoCal and dabbled in acting. He's probably best known as Paul (the fat guy who dies in the razor wire trap) from the Saw horror series. I was involved with the Oklahoma Coyotes both of their seasons (1995-96) - I handled their website (hosted from my student account at OKC U, LOL). I also put on the mascot suit (Howl E. Coyote, Wile E.'s meth and heroin using cousin) a few times for appearances when Reggie (our regular mascot guy) wasn't available. Putting an RHI team in OKC made total sense. The CHL Blazers were pulling 12,000 a night and here you are offering another league full of that caliber of players. The problem was the Murrah bombing was six weeks after it was announced the Atlanta Fire Ants were moving to OKC. The metro was in a state of shock/depression for the better part of 16 months, so the crowds never materialized. The first season the team wasn't that great, but they were decent the second season under first time coach Guy Gadowsky, who has since made his bones as an NCAA coach. The Coyotes played a few games in Tulsa the second season, including their last game ever. The team auctioned off the jerseys during that game. Since Blazers jerseys were going for obscene amounts in charity auctions (1,200-1,500 was typical), I didn't bother bidding on anything. Turns out most of the jerseys ended up going for $125-$150, and to this day I regret not getting one (the team never sold replicas). I moved about a year ago. When I did I found a couple boxes of Coyotes papers, mostly the stats sheets and game day media packets. I kept a couple of programs from each season plus the league printed media packets, and shipped the rest off to the Coyotes' old media relations director, Chris Due, who's now the SID at Lubbock Christian U.
  4. Ozark FC

    With a chicken on their badge, I hear their supporter group will include Sir Robin's minstrels...
  5. Exclusive: Atlanta Group To Bring Pro Soccer To DeKalb County Ummmmm... Goodnight everybody!!!!!
  6. RailHawks rebrand -- North Carolina FC

    Not content with a super-generic logo that screams Texas, the club is also now trying to appropriate the #NCFC hashtag. Way to research that one, guys. There's already enough confusion between Norwich City and Notts County.
  7. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Last time they wore something like this they became the only English team to ever beat Bayern Munich at Olympic Stadium. Even the most hideous designs become beloved if they are attached to epic memories.
  8. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    OMG OMG OMG Norwich City!!!!! I'm in love, and left wondering how I'm going to afford all these this season. Right now I'm looking at getting the home, road, and third, plus the road and third GK... and one for my son who will kill me if I get five for myself and none for him. Customizing a few and I should be looking at around $600 and a divorce. Opinions among the Yellow Army faithful vary, but seeing as how I love (and own) the 1992-93 upon which this is based, I'm firmly in the WANT camp. And the GK shirt to go with it. Your strikers are terrified, Ruddy's on fiiiiiire. No, really... he's on fire.
  9. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    This exemplifies the 180 Errea, Aviva, and NCFC have done on the sponsor box this season, seeing as how last year's box would have extended into the vertical stripes. That thing is tiny... I'll be getting the home, road, and possibly this year's green goalie shirt, just as soon as 1) the roster is set, 2) NCFC sets their exchange rate at something better than $1.50 a pound - currently the real rate is $1.32, and 3) we get a better sense of how Errea is sizing. I'm XL/2XL in most anything, but went to a 3XL with last season's shirt. Now I'm hearing that Errea went even snugger this season with their athletic fit, so I wouldn't be surprised if I go 4XL this year. (no, I'm not any bigger than I was before) Yeah, those socks...
  10. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Because teams never send up false flags, right? #HoustonToros
  11. Eff me... NCFC just announced Aviva is back, though in a different form...
  12. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Expecting Norwich City's to be announced soon as they just announced their sponsor. Last year was supposed to be Aviva's last, none too soon after last year's sponsor box fiasco on the shirts... but this morning they just announced Aviva was returning, albeit in a slightly different form. It might turn out okay depending on the kit design, but I swear there will rioting across Norfolk if this is the size of the box on shirts this season.
  13. Cream Jerseys?

    The schooner is a underutilized mark at Oklahoma. In fact I'm not sure it's getting used anywhere by any team (and likely hasn't in decades) because everything uses either scripts of various types or the "paperclip OU"... the only other iconography used recently has been the wagon wheel on the waistbands of the basketball uniforms. (see below) I agree that the execution wasn't that good here. I think replacing the white in the logo with cream would have helped. The other possibility would have been to junk the cream and make the uniform white. I think the uniform would have looked better either way. They also needed a crimson version of the jersey with the white (or cream, as appropriate) schooner... but those weren't my decisions to make.
  14. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Spotted in a Kohls in the west OKC suburb of Yukon...
  15. Cream Jerseys?

    Oklahoma's ACHA team has used cream jerseys...