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  1. Norwich City's looked really good with Aviva being a local sponsor. The spire above the V represents Norwich Cathedral... Oh wait, that wasn't how the logo looked this year, this was... And it looked every bit as bad on the hooped third kit this year... Want to keep a modest sponsor box? Fine, raise the sponsor image slightly and keep the yellow box within the two yellow hoops. This just sucked. Many blame Aviva for this fiasco based on some online usage rules they have posted on their website. I'm not sure these rules were used for several reasons, but even if they were, couldn't someone at Errea or the club approach Aviva and compel them to adjust the rules for aesthetic reasons? The good news is that Aviva won't be back as the kit sponsor in 16-17.
  2. Football in Japan

    I wonder if Oklahoma knows their paper clip has been appropriated and attached to the nickname of their in-state rival.
  3. Football in Japan

    The Ritsumeikan Panthers have an interesting relationship with the Oklahoma Sooners. Head coach Isao Hashizume is a Bob Stoops protege and was embedded with the Sooners throughout their 2000 national title season. The Panthers have more than a few national championships under Hashizume. That said, I remember maybe 25 years ago on ESPN when William & Mary went over to Japan to play their College All Stars. I think the average Japanese lineman was maybe 200 lbs, and they just got dummied. I think some of the better high school teams in the county would beat them pretty handily. The average DL on Ritsumeikan last season is 236 lbs while the OL averaged 245. I think the Tongans on Euless (TX) Trinity's lines typically average about 275.
  4. Fort Worth Vaqueros 2016 Jersey Contest

    Round 2 is up. Overall these look a little better. I only had a couple evenings to work on mine. Also important to repeat that the designs being voted on are just concepts. UN1TUS and the club are going to clean things up. They may decide to go with a different number font, or to watermark certain design elements. I did bounce my designs around a few of my friends in the supporter group, and they were well-received.
  5. They got 64 entries that will be voted on over the next month in head to head elimination rounds. Since UN1TUS does their kits and has sublimation capabilities, fans were able to go all out on their designs. Fans are technically only voting on the concepts (which UN1TUS will clean up after the winner is chosen). This is half the first round. I spent a little time on designs and so I have some entries in both this round and the next. I'm a little disappointed they're only showing the fronts of the home kits because all of mine are home/away pairs and nearly all have elements on the back. Oh well. Glad I didn't spend too much time on this. I'm no designer, but some of these are really, really bad C&P jobs. To be fair, I ripped off Norwich City's 92-93 shirt and recolored it for Fort Worth. It was the first concept I made, and only because my wife triple dog dared me. I tried not to overdo the sponsor box, unlike NCFC this season... I also did one using the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Ever see Logan's Run? It's the tidal energy generator Michael York dives into near the end of the flick. I also tweaked UN1TUS' badge to look like an overhead of the Gardens. The WTWB on the back is for "Where the West Begins," and I got lazy with a barbed wire font for the numbers. Most of my other designs are the same, using other popular elements found around Fort Worth (Stockyards, Sundance Square, etc)...
  6. HELP with Flag Football Team Name

    Or Cossacks?
  7. Teams named for Brands

    IHL Muskegon Zephyrs come to mind. Their logo is the same as that for the chain of gas stations. Forgot about the ABA Denver Rockets - *facepalm* Not sure we can count the National Industrial Basketball League or not. With company sponsored teams like the Akron Goodyears, Bartlesville Phillips 66s, Peoria Caterpillars, and Wichita Vickers.
  8. Teams named for Brands

    Was he the original owner? I thought they were named after the curious Kentucky social group. The Flint Generals have a similar relationship with Oshawa, though I don't think they ever used the GM logo or ownership. As for the Colonels, it's was a traditional name for Louisville clubs, having been used by baseball teams there for nearly a century. A USHL ownership group I was associated with explored Louisville with some interest, going so far as to have some concepts developed for a team. My suggestion was to give the Colonels name a promotion and call them the Generals. I still have the commissioned concepts from Keith Flynn.
  9. Pics where the players look cool

    Eric Hosmer's 14th inning sac fly bat flip in WS Game 1 was the Royals' answer to Bautista...
  10. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    They won't at Carrow Road...
  11. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    Here are some Arena League oddballs I mined... I only have the locations, the venues can probably be reasonably inferred... Sat Jul 15 1989 at Mar Detroit 39, Maryland 7 at Baltimore, MD Fri Jul 28 1989 at PiG Detroit 61, Pit Gladiators 34 at Richfield, OH Sat Jul 29 1989 at Mar Chi Bruisers 61, Maryland 27 at Cincinnati, OH Fri Aug 04 1989 at Den Denver 41, Chi Bruisers 40 at Atlanta, GA Sat Aug 03 1996 at Mem Minnesota 50, Memphis 25 at Tupelo, MS Sat May 17 1997 at Flo Florida 44, NJ Red Dogs 28 at Kanata, ON Sat May 31 1997 at Flo Arizona 48, Florida 25 at Los Angeles, CA Sat Jul 12 1997 at Flo Florida 52, NY CityHawks 12 at Boston, MA Sun Jul 05 1998 at Flo Orlando 53, Florida 44 at Lakeland, FL Sat Jul 25 1998 at Flo Nas Kats 57, Florida 39 at Kansas City, MO Sat Apr 28 2001 at Hou San Jose 62, Houston 57 at Charleston, WV Sat May 12 2001 at Hou Houston 62, Toronto 43 at Madison, WI Sat May 26 2001 at Hou Nas Kats 49, Houston 46 at Bismarck, ND Sat Jun 09 2001 at Hou Det Fury 48, Houston 45 at Fresno, CA Sat Jun 16 2001 at Hou Oklahoma 78, Houston 52 at Lubbock, TX Sat Jun 30 2001 at Hou Arizona 77, Houston 67 at West Valley City, UT Sat Jun 08 2013 at Chi Chicago 67, Utah 43 at Rockford, IL Sat Jun 15 2013 at Chi San Antonio 61, Chicago 54 at Rockford, IL Sat Jul 13 2013 at Chi Chicago 68, Cleveland 32 at Rockford, IL Sat May 30 2015 at Phi Philadelphia 51, Las Vegas 43 at Atlantic City, NJ Sat Aug 22 2015 at SJ San Jose 70, Arizona 67 at Stockton, CA
  12. Perfect name if you know your Red River history. I'm lukewarm about their badge though...
  13. NHL Baseball Crossover - Update: Atlanta Flames

    Love the Scouts look. There was a full wordmark for the club using that angular font for the KC, you can see it on their second season media guide (along with Wilf Paiement and Eddie Gilbert celebrating the first Scouts goal scored at Kemper Arena). I'm guessing it was unofficial and didn't see much use. So there could be potential for an arched road jersey, similar to what the Royals had on their powder blue roads during that time. Similarly, the Scouts lettering could go on the homes...
  14. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    Which has hosted NFL preseason games as recently at 1976. 8/29/1953 Chicago Cardinals v Green Bay Packers 13-7 8/21/1954 New York Giants v Chicago Cardinals 26-0 8/13/1955 Green Bay Packers v New York Giants 31-24 8/19/1961 Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders 48-21 8/28/1971 San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos 33-17 8/31/1974 Denver Broncos v New England Patriots 27-21 8/07/1976 Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks 27-16 Some of these have already been listed, but here are the oddballs since the Texans played in the Rubber Bowl (excluding the well-documented games in London and Toronto). Designated home team is listed first. Detroit, MI Ford Field 12/13/10 Mon Minnesota Vikings New York Giants L 21-3 Minneapolis, MN TCF Bank Stadium 12/20/10 Mon Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears L 40-14 East Rutherford, NJ Giants Stadium 9/19/05 Mon New Orleans Saints New York Giants L 27-10 Mexico City, Mexico Aztec Stadium 10/2/2005 Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers W 31-14 Tempe, AZ Sun Devil Stadium 10/27/03 Mon San Diego Chargers Miami Dolphins L 26-10 Stanford, CA Stanford Stadium 10/22/1989 San Francisco 49ers New England Patriots W 37-20 East Rutherford, NJ Giants Stadium 9/25/1977 New York Jets Baltimore Colts L 20-12 Berkeley, CA Memorial Stadium 9/23/1973 Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins W 12-7 Evanston, IL Ryan Field 9/27/1970 Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles W 20-16 Tampa, FL Tampa Stadium 11/30/1969 Miami Dolphins Boston Patriots L 38-23 Atlanta, GA Grant Field 10/5/1969 Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Colts L 21-14 Minneapolis, MN Memorial Stadium 10/5/1969 Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers W 19-7 Birmingham, AL Legion Field 9/22/1968 Boston Patriots New York Jets L 47-31 Chestnut Hill, MA Alumni Stadium 10/15/1967 Boston Patriots Miami Dolphins W 41-10 Chestnut Hill, MA Alumni Stadium 9/27/1964 Boston Patriots New York Jets W 26-10 Denver, CO Denver U. Stadium 9/7/63 Sat Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs L 59-7 Chestnut Hill, MA Alumni Stadium 9/8/1963 Boston Patriots New York Jets W 38-14 Denver, CO Denver U. Stadium 9/7/62 Fri Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers W 30-21 Boston, MA Harvard Stadium 9/16/1962 Boston Patriots Houston Oilers W 34-21 Pittsburgh, PA Pitt Stadium 9/24/1961 Pittsburgh Steelers New York Giants L 17-14 Pittsburgh, PA Pitt Stadium 10/9/1960 Pittsburgh Steelers New York Giants L 19-17 Buffalo, NY War Memorial Stadium 9/28/1958 Chicago Cardinals New York Giants L 37-7 Philadelphia, PA Phila. Municipal Stadium 1954 9/26/1954 Philadelphia Eagles Cleveland Browns W 28-10 Akron, OH Rubber Bowl 11/27/52 Thu Dallas Texans Chicago Bears W 27-23 There's a more complete list at, though it hasn't been updated in a few years. It also has neutral exhibitions at
  15. Footy as Football - EPL Crossover Series

    I really need to get into the concepts forum more often... and of course you started with my team!!! I love the look for Norwich, but I can't disagree that the helmet needs more green. Perhaps making the helmet base green with a yellow facemask. Also, and I know Mockba can speak to this as he's done some redesigns of the Norwich City badge in the last few years, there's not a lot of uniformity with club's use of the green tone. Sometimes it is lighter, sometimes darker. Mockba's redesigns went darker, and the club's green shirts over the years (including this season) tend to trend darker. I personally prefer a darker green to increase the contrast with the yellow. One simple suggestion... put "OTBC" on the back of the helmet. Other than that, I'm cool with it... except perhaps the Aviva patch should be about 20x larger.