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  1. New College Football Playoff Trophy

    I'm ok with that. It looked like something your grandmother would have in a china cabinet. Not true. It'll still be awarded by one of the other deciding groups. Like the AP or something, I forgot who is doing it. I guess I am wrong, sorry. Per Wikipedia, "However, coaches were "adamant" that the AFCA trophy continue to be awarded.[6] Beginning in 2014, the trophy will be awarded to the team ranked No. 1 in the final Coaches' Poll of the season in a ceremony at that team's stadium sometime after the College Football Championship Game."
  2. New College Football Playoff Trophy

    The Crystal Ball is supposedly no more.
  3. College Basketball 2013-14

    2014 ACC Tournament Logo. It's really bad. http://platform-secure.silverchalice.co/v3/images/contents/52447a7ee4b06fb5749bf9a3?size=small&apiKey=5ecca13245515009be26f8c9241f2ea9
  4. Super Bowl XLVII Logo

    I've got the whole graphics package...it certainly IS that one - the "National" version of the logo. The "Regional" versions have the Superdome in them. There's a whole bunch of secondary graphics that utilize Mardi Gras-stylings - lots of Purple, Gold and Green. Can you post them?
  5. Defunct NHL team concepts

    Very nice job by this guy!! I really like the Cleveland Barons. http://pucktavie.blogspot.com/2011/02/stock-vole-vendre-6-refaire-les-morts.html
  6. Great Sports Posters

    This one is classic. I had it on my wall growing up.
  7. TCU's Rose Bowl Helmet

    If anyone can find or make a logo version of this, please post here!!
  8. New Gator Bowl Logo

    Here is a larger version.
  9. New AFC and NFC logos?

    Has anyone seen vectors for the new playoff logos and conference trophies?
  10. 2011 College Bowl Logos

    You can't link to files on your computer. Post the file to Photobucket, or another hosting site, then post the IMG link that it gives you. Try it now.
  11. 2011 College Bowl Logos

    New Orange Bowl logo since FedEx pulled out. I know it says "committee", but the official website has this as the logo, minus the "committee". http://orangebowlsurvey.com/images/2008Logo.jpg
  12. International Soccer logos

    how about Spain??
  13. The Arena Name Game

    That's what University Of San Diego's basketball arena should have been named but they went with Jenny Craig Pavilion Ah - the Slim Gym!