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  1. Corporate Logos

    My pick is the old Erie Lackawanna Railroad logo it was a combo of a E an L ( I dont know how to post pics but if you google erie lackawanna railroad logo you'll see what I mean) Larry21
  2. 76ers going back to old logo and uniforms

    I agree with LMU those uniforms were good ! I cant recall the logo though. Oh it could be worse they could use the early '90's uniforms that charles barkley discribed as id hid daughter had made them with crayons.
  3. Hidden meanings in logos

    I know that the New Jersey Devils logo is a N and J but if you look at it you kinda see a D in the logo too! in the nymetro area the team is somtimes listed as NJD (box scores mostly) maybe im wrong but just look at it for your self. larry21
  4. Id say top 5 no order: Rams, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Bengals Bottom 5 no order: Titans, Falcons(old red hemlet ant black falcon was one of my favorites), Bills, (due to too much color) Chargers (white would be ok if the helmet had numbers on it and facemask was gray) Lions (black needs to go!)