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  1. Brian Bedford will be missed

    Sometimes ups outnumber the downs, but not in Nottingham.
  2. 2016 WWE Predictions

    I predict I'll stop watching this inferior product. And spend my time doing something other than watching my childhood die. ?
  3. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    Started Forte out of necessity. Luckily Gano had a great day for me.
  4. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    Traded Gurley, Dion Lewis got injured. So did Forte. Running Backs left on roster: LeSean McCoy, Ronnie Hillman, Shane Vereen and Jay Ajayi Ouch
  5. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    What a finish!
  6. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    Already paying dividends
  7. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    Team is 1-6 Lost last game by 1.4 points. (Travis Benjamin had a fumble that cost me 2 points) But... Just traded Russell Wilson, Latavius Murray and Victor Cruz for Tom Brady, Dion Lewis and Ronnie Hillman
  8. Flip Saunders is dead

    RIP Flip
  9. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    I should have gone with STL ?
  10. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

  11. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    STL d/st vs. sack prone CLE Or ATL d/st vs. backup QB for TEN (with wet weather)
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I see 18. Not counting the top right corner logo.
  13. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    Sark fired from USC
  14. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    OMFG! We get it, you like FSU. We don't need weekly reminders if they won or lost. Shut the hell up.