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  1. Cujo

    Papa John(')s new logo

    RIP and GFY
  2. Cujo

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    It's just a matter of time before the Indians change their name altogether. I give it another 12 years or so.
  3. Guys. It's yellow. Not gold.
  4. To save you a click: Army Ants Sound off! The Army’s Redstone Arsenal serves as a center for missile and national defense programs and employs more than 40,000 members of our community. Comet Jockeys “Rocket City” was put on the map for its cutting-edge aerospace development. Comet Jockeys is a celebration of our brave astronauts who explore outer space. GloWorms GloWorms are rare tiny bioluminescent creatures that call the caves at Dismals Canyon in North Alabama home, one of few places in North America! Lunartics We are home to some of the wildest mad scientists facing today’s challenges in space and technology. You’d have to be a “Lunartic” to do that! Moon Possums A scavenger at heart, these local critters are known for hanging around and having a good time with their family – just like going to ballgame! Puffy Head Bird Legs No joke! It’s lingo coined by our astronauts for body fluid moving from feet to head in outer space due to the lack of gravity! Space Chimps A tribute to Miss Baker, one of the first animals safely launched into space. She is buried on the grounds at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Space Sloths A nod to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the Space Sloths is up there with classic Minor League Baseball names like IronPigs, Flying Squirrels, Chihuahuas and Jumbo Shrimp. ThunderSharks Mix the powerful thunder of North Alabama’s storms with the ultra-strong, sleek determination of the shark and you end up with the personality of our community: willing to attack any problem. Visiting teams won’t mess with our ThunderSharks. Trash Pandas (Slang for raccoon) Our community is known for engineering, and no creature in our galaxy is as smart, creative, determined and ingenious a problem solver – dedicated to the challenge at hand – as our local raccoons!
  5. Cujo

    the admiral

    Now legalized, will be firing up my own dupe/troll account in 3... 2... Also, WELCOME BACK NJTANK!
  6. Cujo


    He admitted to this 5 years ago in the AA forum -- however, a super-mod (who shall remain unnamed) fluffled it all to hell. How did we nab CevinRichardwos anyhow?
  7. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    Oh I'm sure. And which rap song did the quotes "white power" and "kkk" come from?
  8. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    What a PR and clubhouse nightmare. This clown is gonna have "John Rocker stink" on him for the rest of his career. So it's gotta be asked... Brewers gotta cut him loose tomorrow, right?
  9. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    The n-word and then some. Opposing all-stars react:
  10. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    If you follow social media, you now know Josh Hader's career/livelihood is now on life support.
  11. Aaaand the audio ads are back. You win, Chris. You win. ?
  12. Cujo

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    Disagree. Germany looked and played like ass today.
  13. Cujo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Germany deserved the exit for wearing this. (Yea, they're the one's in green.)