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  1. 2018 NBA Post Season

  2. 49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    Understatement. Should've gone red tho. Ball dropped.
  3. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    So if the Auburn Tigers started ripping off Cincinnati Bengals the you'd be cool with it? Gotcha.
  4. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    Eh. I'm thinking most outside the state of Georgia would agree with me on this one.
  5. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    Time to do something original -- like NOT rip off the Green Bay Packers.
  6. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Educated guess without thinking too deep: It's likely a star-shaped pickaxe strike. Basic filler for the roundel. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  7. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I live in Denver. Palmer Lake is 50 miles away, actually closer to Colorado Springs. I guess what I'm saying is Palmer Lake is not a "Denver thing" whatsoever.
  8. Unpopular Opinions

    They gave it a hell of a shot. My only real qualm is that Chicago and NY/NJ's identities were much too similar.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    100% correct.
  10. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Perhaps is signifies a sparkle because gold sparkles ?? Yea, I'm clueless too.
  11. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Just caught this on the updated page. I suppose I can live with the wonky star -- afterall, it beats Honey Comb. So now we just wait for uniforms....
  12. 2018 MLB Season

    Aaaand with today's loss vs the "home team" Chicago Cubs, the 2018 Reds have been mathematically eliminated.
  13. Logos that really need to be updated.

    I will give NBC credit for not being 100% boring (ABC, FOX), just have never loved the current peacock. Pretty sure if NBC were a cable/premium channel, with all the constant rebranding, it'd have been modified and updated long ago.