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  1. From to looks of his last hashtag, Bryce Harper has plans to play with Kris Bryant someday -- and KB isn't leaving Chicago anytime soon.
  2. As old folks like us like to say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  3. And the Capitals continue to have the worst uniform in National Hockey League history. (Yes. Worse than the Buffaslug)
  4. As long as it remains at 140 characters and uneditable, idgaf what Twitter does.
  5. Best part, THE BIGFOOT IS BACK. Edit. Nevermind. I'm blind af.
  6. Some classic station logos from the Albuquerque circuit.
  7. Come join the team! (please?)
  8. Great summary. IMO this list is nearly spot on. The few modifications I'd make: Replace the 2011 Pats with the 2005 Colts, bump the 1990 49ers up to #2 and throw the 2012 Broncos somewhere into the mix. And yes, the Steve Bono-led Chiefs were never a threat, even in the weaker AFC. Would've been dismantled by Dallas had they even made the Super Bowl.
  9. DJ LeMahieu - Chicago Cubs
  10. If/when this happens, does their undefeated postseason redeem last year's 73-9 / 3-1 chokejob?
  11. Props on the one NBA title, the October collapse and the Browns winning that #1 overall pick. 👏 👏 👏
  12. Should Cleveland win, they'll attempt to dub themselves Titletown, as they did last year after the Indians went up 3-1 in the World Series.