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  1. Without a doubt, the UNC/Kentucky winner is winning the whole damn thing. It's the NCAA Tournament, where tradition and one-and-dones trump all else.
  2. Hell freezes over if the final is Gonzaga-Oregon. Would love to see the West Coast get that kinda love, but ZERO chance.
  3. Affirmative.
  4. The "Gold Collection" from MLB Shop
  5. This entire thread. Carry on.
  6. I firmly believe Mark Few (finally) takes the Indiana job if Gonzaga tanks vs Xavier -- assuming Indiana still wants him after turning them down the last two times.
  7. Vomit your drink every time the announce team ruins a WrestleMania moment by declaring it a "WrestleMania moment"
  8. The moment that Wiscy player did Aaron Rodgers' championship belt maneuver, I knew the Badgers were taking an L. Incase you didn't hear him on-air the first 367 times, we have an all-SEC Elite Eight game.
  9. The team leading in the final seconds won all those games. Pedestrian "madness" in comparison to previous tourneys. Wiscy just filpped the game with 2.5 to go.
  10. Finally we have a great finish, to what has been a pretty forgettable tournament up to this point.