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  1. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    Oh I'm sure. And which rap song did the quotes "white power" and "kkk" come from?
  2. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    What a PR and clubhouse nightmare. This clown is gonna have "John Rocker stink" on him for the rest of his career. So it's gotta be asked... Brewers gotta cut him loose tomorrow, right?
  3. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    The n-word and then some. Opposing all-stars react:
  4. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    If you follow social media, you now know Josh Hader's career/livelihood is now on life support.
  5. Cujo

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    Disagree. Germany looked and played like ass today.
  6. Cujo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Germany deserved the exit for wearing this. (Yea, they're the one's in green.)
  7. Cujo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    The spanish announcer is either giving birth or it's the most burtal orgasm.....
  8. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    Cubs sure to rally then.
  9. Cujo

    Unpopular Opinions

    Germany: These >>> better than their primary white kits
  10. Cujo

    2018 MLB Season

    Just 4-game broomed by Cincy. LA's gotta like their chances.
  11. Cujo

    Unpopular Opinions

    Taking these anyday over their green kit
  12. Cujo

    Goodbye Go Daddy Guy

  13. Cujo

    Logos that Look Alike