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  1. Lol.. Far worse than any WCW PPV name. Good trolling job by Vince though, He already knows fans aren't going anywhere and will eat up any ol' garbage with the "WWE" logo on it.
  2. Yes. Legendary Cubs pitcher, UFC champion and fake pro wrestler, Phil Brooks.
  3. Ricky didn't exactly suck. New Orleans was a no-win situation back then.
  4. Because the 49ers could've been talking to other QB-needy teams who wanted the pick. Derp.
  5. Karma, bitch. Andy Katz has gotta land on CBS/Turner, right?
  6. in memoriam Ed Werder Trent Dilfer Jay Crawford Jayson Stark Dr. Jerry Punch Danny Kanell Chris Hassel Len Elmore Dallas Braden Doug Glanville Raul Ibanez Pierre LeBrun Jim Bowden Jane McManus Jaymee Sire Dana O’Neill Brendan Fitzgerald Calvin Watkins Paul Kuharsky Scott Burnside Melissa Isaacson Joe MacDonald Mike L. Goodman Dottie Pepper Ashley Fox Austin Ward Jesse Temple Eamonn Brennan Mark Saxon Jeremy Crabtree Jean-Jacques Taylor Johnette Howard Derek Tyson Doug Padilla Chanel Jennings Ted Miller Brian Bennett Ethan Strauss David Ching C.L. Brown Robin Lundberg Dave Tuley Justin Verrier Tom Farrey Rufus Peabody Marysol Castro Greg Ostendorf Reese Waters Jade McCarthy David Hirshey Roger Cossack
  7. Take your pick.
  8. Correct.
  9. Likely the 16th time this one's been posted.
  10. Holy shlt Stat of the Day.
  11. The "new" Browns tried the same with Al Lerner. Lasted five years before they remembered nobody cared.
  12. A ring players will never wear in public, especially since they blew 3-1. Such a waste.
  13. The Smackdown fist to RAW in exchange for "Thorn In Your Eye".
  14. So the Seattle Mariners logo had sex with the Phoenix Coyote. Gotcha.
  15. SCF PREDICTION: Somebody will blow 3-1.
  16. Sooo this was a real thing.
  17. Neck hurts from smh'ing thru this entire sh1t.