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  1. If the Braves ever decided to move away from the Native American theme and towards the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" thing, olive green could work for them. But I think the Rangers and Twins both have top 10 looks.
  2. Some team really needs to adopt olive green and black as their colors. The reason for them was ridiculous (selling jerseys) but some of thise jerseys looked really nice.
  3. It's not a bad look. The Padres absolutely need to change but if an acceptably monochromatic team adopted something like the Padres home and alt jerseys (the bowtie's a bit specific), they'd be welcome additions. Detroit, in particular, would do well to steal the Padres' blue alt.
  4. The thing about this, which has caused a lot of problems in the NBA, is that alts are special. It doesn't make sense for the Padres, for instance, to only wear brown and camo on the road when those are supposed to be treats for the fans.
  5. Don't forget: And speaking of the Angels and Tim Salmon in particular, I'll add:
  6. I think the Brewers' current aesthetic gets unfairly maligned because the jerseys they are are incredibly plain. The shade of gold that they used gets washed out from even a slight distance, making things hard to read, especially "Milwaukee." Stronger colors and probably a better jersey design would go a long way and wouldn't necessitate a full makeover.
  7. Personally, I hate the BiG logo.
  8. I'm waiting for these to get popular again:
  9. Allow teams to designate colored jerseys as their primaries, home and away, but don't let them wear the same jersey 162 times, Cleveland can wear dark blue at home or on the road but not both.
  10. There needs to be a rule about wearing clashing uniforms.
  11. Except Seattle Freeze actually is something. As far as I know, Minnesota Freeze isn't.
  12. It's a little punny and probably better served for a minor league team but I've always thought Seattle Freeze would be a good name.
  13. Great stuff. I'd like to see the black hat at home but that's just personal preference. Otherwise, you did a much better job of sticking out than the Dbacks actually did.
  14. This is why I support their wordmark changes. They look better in red but I'm pretty sure they're the only navy and red team with navy wordmarks.
  15. The gold on the Twins' jersey is unnecessary but pretty inoffensive considering that you can barely see it from a slight distance.