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  1. New(?) Logos on NBA "Mash Up" hats

    These are mostly great but the Bulls hat looks like some Cronenbergian creature.
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    The Padres don't wear pinstripes or use the cap logo on the jersey. And most Padres fans would say they're trying to be like the Dodgers. This seems like a fine line. Are the Marlins trying to be like the Giants? Were the Nationals trying to be like the Cardinals? Where's the cutoff?
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    There's a handful of teams out there who should consider switching to white numbers, based on these ST jerseys.
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Again, not a Twins fan but I'm very here for the Twins going with a red cap full time. It'd help them stand apart from the Indians and there's a history there for them:
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm not a Twins fan but I love their look. I wasn't about the navy road wordmark at first but now that they've added a navy wordmark at home, I think it works and they get bonus points for being the only navy/red team to not use a red wordmark at home. I also think they look much better without pinstripes. Old videos of Mauer now make the jerseys look bland. But yeah, lose the gold.
  6. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

    That Twitter account has tons of concepts btw, and in all sorts of different color combinations. Also, I think you've hit on why the brown/yellow/orange look doesn't work as well for the Padres. The orange dulls the yellow and gives the whole look an autumnal feel, that is both inappropriate for a San Diego team and also kind of drab.
  7. Why does no team use earth tone colors? 

  8. I got the California Angels hat and don't have any problem with the design, largely because New Era has been putting out a terrible version already for years, but it was too big. Luckily, it's wool so I just have to take it in the shower and I'll be good to go, right?
  9. What was the best logo in your team's history?

    Deceptively simple. It improves on a classic logo - the orange had a tendency to blend in with the navy while the yellow pops off the blue and white. It's probably the best the Padres are ever going to look in blue and it's also probably gone forever.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    It's strange that the top of the F goes over the S. Seems backwards.
  11. Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    A new one:
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    I actually like the new D. Seems more dynamic.
  13. NBA Changes 2017-18

    If the Spurs try something out with the fiesta colors, and they should, they could always recreate the old warmup jackets:
  14. Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    No pictures of him in uniform yet but Darvish has gone from this: to this: to this:
  15. MLB changes 2018?

    But it's not a general rule of thumb that the anniversary logo reflects the original look. The Angels' 50th anniversary logo was done up in the current style as was the Astros' 45th logo (the 50th one seemed to be a precursor to their uniform change). And the Mariners had their 40th in both styles but both predominantly featured the current logo.