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  1. Is the New Era flag gold as well?
  2. They won the Central by 17 games. I don't think Chapman was worth that much.
  3. How's that?
  4. Won't the memory of his Cubs stint be almost blowing it?
  5. I always liked the way Vlad tucked his pant legs into his shoes:
  6. I wonder how long until hitters start complaining that it's obstructing their vision.
  7. I would only be on board with this if players were also required to wear low top cleats. I really hate the look of high socks with big sneaker cleats.
  8. One thing about the Giants' cream look is that the pants look terrible when paired with the orange jerseys.
  9. It doesn't look much better with purple undershirts:
  10. Baseball needs more non-letter logos on jerseys.
  11. It seems like public favor for vests is cyclical. I actually wonder if the WBC jerseys mean it might be coming back around.
  12. As someone who defended Fernandez, I'm not going to apologize for it and I hope that it'll help me to keep things in perspective the next time I hear about something like this. I hope I can recognize that no one is simply their worst moment, no matter how terrible it was.
  13. Why didn't he deserve the benefit of the doubt?
  14. I think it's good for teams like the Sixers or Astros, who downgraded, but it becomes a problem with a team like the Mariners, who look the best they've ever looked but still let themselves get infected by nostalgia.
  15. It's interesting that the Marlins went from a fishy aesthetic to a city aesthetic. I suppose that does come down to personal preference but I think switching teal for orange is a clear downgrade.