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  1. 1. The unbalanced schedule doesn't make that big of a deal. source 2a. Ranking by record is fine, but there's nothing wrong with rewarding those who won their division. Yeah, it's a bummer the Cubs and Pirates happened to be in the same division as the Cardinals, but that happens. 2b. For the best team to finish with the best record 90% percent of the time, we'd need a 10,000 game season and I don't think daily tripleheaders are going to happen. source 3. It seems to me you long for the days pre-1969 when there was just a single table and the pennant winner went straight to the World Series. No muss, no fuss. Bring on the tripleheaders, I guess.
  2. I disagree with that logic. If you are arguing that Papelbon should come back for the 9th if the game was tied, then you definitely should argue that he should come back when you're down by one. You need to keep the margin as small as possible and if a second inning from Papelbon is what does it, then so be it.
  3. Bringing in Papbelbon for two innings was perfectly fine. After Storen walked the tying run in who else are you going to bring in? The bullpen management was fine this game. It's not his fault Treinen, Rivero, Storen couldn't throw strikes. And if you're going to say that the bullpen management last night would've been fine for Game 7 of the World Series then it's good enough for last night. Last night was the definition of a must-win game. Williams's bigger flaw was having Rendon continue bunt after the count got to 3-1. I'm not on the "fire Matt Williams" bandwagon, but I'm okay with it because managers are a dime a dozen. Rizzo is a great GM though and there is no way this disappointing season is his fault.
  4. October's Over: The 2014-15 MLB off-season thread.

    The Nationals aren't giving up on Strasburg. Rizzo simply has the philosophy that no player is "untouchable". If Rizzo got a good return for trading Strasburg that made the Nationals better, why shouldn't he do it? IN RIZZO WE TRUST!
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    I've been listening to this song constantly the past few days. "Impossible" by Anberlin
  6. October's Over: The 2014-15 MLB off-season thread.

    According to the Marlins website, the depth chart at 1B is Garrett Jones, Justin Bour, and Jeff Baker. LaRoche is a better hitter and fielder than Jones and is just a year older. Bour is still an unproven rookie. Baker is essentially Garrett Jones with a better glove (but not as good as LaRoche). Signing LaRoche is an unequivocal upgrade for the Marlins. Teams can't spend eleventy billion dollars on every position.
  7. This is October: 2014 MLB Postseason Thread

    For what it's worth, the effect of the unbalanced schedule is about 1 game in the standings for the worst teams. In the case of the M's, maybe they finish in the playoffs with a balanced schedule, but maybe they still finish a game out. Source
  8. This is October: 2014 MLB Postseason Thread

    1. It is an overstatement to say that the Giants defeated the Nationals "relatively easily". Yes the series was 3-1, but both teams scored the same amount of runs over the course of the series. Furthermore, San Francisco's three wins were by one run each. That series could have just as easily been a 3-0 or 3-1 Nationals series victory. That particular series was extremely close and San Francisco did enough to come out on top. 2. I disagree with this statement for a couple of reasons. First, this isn't "Highlander" where there can only be one. The Nationals, Angles, or any of the other playoff participants would've been just as deserving World Series participants. Second, it presupposes that October baseball (or playoff games in any sport) is fundamentally different than the regular season. Which isn't true. Any playoff system means that the most talented team doesn't necessarily win. That doesn't mean that the eventual champion isn't deserving, but it also doesn't mean that the non-champions were undeserving. Sometimes luck smiles the other way.

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  11. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    I actually laughed at the Strasburg joke. Well played. Roark is likely to be the odd man out. He's something like 40 innings over his career high of innings pitched in a season so they may want to ease his workload. He's definitely pitched well enough to be in the rotation though. It's a good problem to have.
  12. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    Doug Fister tosses a 3 hit, 9K, complete game shutout to help the Nationals clinch the best record in the National League for the second time in three years. He also pitched enough innings to qualify for the ERA leaderboard and now stands 4th in the league.
  13. New United Kingdom flag proposals

    Assuming it does change if Scotland votes yes, the simplest and most obvious answer is to eliminate the blue and re-center St. Patrick's cross for Ireland. Essentially this: You can add an outline around St. George's cross like the current Union Jack has to show it being in front of St. Patrick's cross (and to make it more aesthetically pleasing).

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