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  1. Logo ripoff?

    The new Charlotte Bobcat's orange cat looks very similar to the Arena Football 2 Florida Firecat's orange cat. I'm sorry I don't know how to post images, but can someone help me out. The Firecats would have a case IMO. In a somewhat related thought, I just wish the Jacksonville Jaguars could have kept their original logo and helmet. It would have been amongst the best in the NFL instead of the worst. ???
  2. The uniform experiment

    Wow!!!! Sorry Canis. I can see you've been busy. I do like your experiments better than the actual uniforms however. Your template rules. ::
  3. The uniform experiment

    The Uniform Experiment Relaunched with much fanfare, but little actual experiments. We have been teased with new Canis work but get nothing. I don't mean to be an ass, but if you are going to announce and host a website, please maintain it. Thanks!
  4. Devil rays uniforms

    I have a fitted version 7 1/2 that I'm willing to sell. Send me a message.