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  1. Dijak's seemed like a future WWE guy since he debuted for ROH. I wouldn't be shocked if he's signed within the next few months.
  2. Word around the internet is that the Wrestlemania stage is going to include an actual roller coaster.
  3. I don't think I heard anyone yell that, probably because of the dork behind me trying (and failing) to start a chant out of literally anything, but I'd imagine that was Patrick Clark. If I recall, the only other black dudes were Montez Ford (Red Shoes) and Angelo Dawkins.
  4. He was pretty good at the Philly show I was at as well (he had a match with Kassius Ohno). Not much as far as a wrestling move arsenal, but the dude's like 21-22 years old and really athletic. He's got a pretty good heel gimmick going (kinda Tyler Breeze meets Prince?), and should continue to impress, especially if they're pairing him with veterans like Ohno and the like on a regular basis.
  5. My brother texted me and told me that someone he works with hired Howard Finkel to do the introductions at his wedding. This is an idea I've literally had in my head for whenever the hell it is that I get married, and now I know it's possible.
  6. I'll never forgive Budnick for ruining Diff'rent Strokes. Annette Chavez was so hot.
  7. I thought the shape looked roughly like a keystone, but I wasn't entirely sure if that was intended. The script is nice. Love the update.
  8. Well, for one, I hope your city choice turns out to be correct. As for the design, I think the bell could be worked into the logo a little better. Right now, it looks like it's an afterthought, just kinda there. Maybe try using the bell as the background shape, rather than the title belt (that's what I'm reading it as, anyway) shape.
  9. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I really don't want the Hardys back in WWE, and it's not because I think the WWE'll do the broken gimmick poorly.
  11. I'd imagine most of the employees of that Secret Granny Factory are dead by now, so that might explain the dip in production.
  12. She was awful at first, and gradually improved (not much, but she did). Ultimately, she ended up as Emma's lackey. I'm not positive if Emma was initially intended to team up with Charlotte, but when she got hurt, Dana got called up for that role.
  13. The end of Sausage Party caught me by surprise. I mean, I expected some sort of sex joke or something along those lines, but good lord, I did not expect all of that. (I'm positive I can't post a video of it here, even if it is an animated film about cartoon foods.)