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  1. Welcome to the 90's

    Don't get me wrong, these are ugly., but I kinda love them. I wanted a Dan Majerle jersey in the worst way. Also, the 1994 Kentucky Uniforms (well, shorts, mostly). Woof.
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The stadium is really nice, but it's in an absolute dump of a town. Chester, PA was and may still be the town with the highest crime rate in the state. As soon as you get off the exit, it's pretty sketchy with boarded up buildings...I definitely wouldn't want to walk anywhere around there. Luckily the parking lots and stadium are kind of contained in one area by the water, which isn't too bad. The view inside the stadium is really nice with the river and bridges in the background, and the concourse was clean. I'd definitely recommend checking out a Union game, but I'd also recommend staying somewhere (literally anywhere) other than Chester.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Nothing much to add to MLS discussion, but I went to my first ever game today (Union vs. Crew). It was a 0-0 tie, but it was a pretty cool experience.
  4. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    2009 - Angels vs. Phillies....mostly for personal reasons, being an Angels fan living in the Philly area.
  5. 2018 NFL Offseason

    I love it. I said during this year's Superbowl that I really wanted "Mr. Money in the Bank" Matt Stafford to show up, throwing around money, then Matt Patricia officially joins the Lions and turns heel, smacking Belichick with a steel chair and taking the Lombardi trophy to Detroit. Of course, this didn't happen. I just got to do extra work because the Eagles won.
  6. The Battle of Seattle

    This color set looks awesome. Only gripe is the logo color on the dark jersey...I think keeping the same colors as the white jersey and including a keystroke or utilizing the white shield shape would help.
  7. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Suns vs. Hornets game last night was pretty.
  8. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    I mentioned the Tortugas earlier but forgot about yet another Studio Simon identity: The Hillsboro Hops.
  9. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    Despite the cartoony logo, this is an incredible look.
  10. Colorado Rapids Rebrand

    Love it. The only thing that's slightly bothering me is the thick black outline on the shield. I'm curious how it'd look if you changed it to white and thinned it out just a little bit.
  11. NFL fan stereotypes by team

    Philly fans not obnoxious? C'mon, Vet
  12. Team Color Changes

    The Canucks were the first to come to mind. Thank god these posters exist...saved me some googlin'.
  13. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    At the very least, Cashner and Tillman make the rotation look respectable 1-4.
  14. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    The Angels have traded 1B C.J. Cron to Tampa for PTBNL. In a surprising move, Tampa DFA'd All-star OF Corey Dickerson to make space. Edit: and now Jake Odirizzi's headed to Minnesota. Not going to be a fun year as a baseball fan in Florida.
  15. Shoney's has an updated logo

    141 and 2/3 percent chance of being delicious.