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  1. Mauro and Nigel should be a pretty good pair, assuming this is the route they're going. Percy's there too, I guess.
  2. I really hope pairing Miz with the outcasts eventually leads to Curtis Axel turning face and beating Miz for the title.
  3. Honest question, since I'm not around Tuesdays to watch Smackdown: Is American Alpha still around? This is the third tag match of the night, and they haven't been in any of them. That said, I'm a little happy that Breezango and the Ascension are doing something.
  4. At least Randy's only pretend murdering the one Singh brother this month. ...and as soon as I type that, he RKOs the hell out of one on a table.
  5. Well, now she shows up.
  6. So much for that "surprise" 6th entrant in the ladies MitB match, I guess.
  7. Royal Blood released their second album on Friday. On top of that, they're touring with Queens of the Stone Age, who also have a new album coming out, this summer. I'm so excited.
  8. I'm an Angels fan, and I legitimately don't remember him playing in Anaheim. Weird. Since we're talking about Edgardo, this is the only team I've ever seen him play for in person. I think John Rocker played in the same game.
  9. Today marks 4 years for one of the best things ever....
  10. Since we're throwing out our ideal PPV schedules, I'll throw this one out's a little different. January: Royal Rumble (co-branded PPV) February: Saturday Night's Main Event + Roadblock (2-hour Network Specials) March: Wrestlemania (co-branded PPV) + NXT Takeover April: Spring Stampede (Smackdown PPV) May: Backlash (Raw PPV) June: King of the Ring (2-day Network Special) + NXT Takeover July: Great American Bash (Smackdown PPV) + Saturday Night's Main Event (Raw 2-hour Network Special) August: Summerslam (co-branded PPV) September: Fall Brawl (Raw PPV) + Clash of the Champions (Smackdown 2-hour Network Special) + NXT Takeover October: Halloween Havoc (Smackdown PPV) November: Survivor Series (co-branded PPV) December: Battleground (Raw) + NXT Takeover I actually removed regular PPVs in favor of 2-hour Network Specials. SNME and Roadblock to bridge Rumble and Mania, KOTR as a UK-tourney style event and another SNME and Clash of the Champions to counter an opposing brand-specific month. I figure it adds purpose to the Network and can advance and build storylines. I limited NXT to 4 quarterly Takeovers, with 'Mania weekend being the only one bundled with a major PPV. I may be in the minority, but I preferred the original setup for Takeovers, even having them on Wednesday nights. Edit: Forgot to mention that I removed Money in the Bank as its own show in favor of moving the match back to Mania.
  11. I had no idea Mark Andrews was in a band, but having Pete Dunne attack him while he's doing a concert is awesome. Dunne is the best.
  12. I could only wish my namesake was pog form.
  13. My complete collection of Bobby's World pogs from Cookie Crisp begs to differ.
  14. There's a rumor that TJ Perkins has been going by just TJP lately because of Vince's hatred of Perkins restaurants. Even though TJP has said it's simply what he wants to be called, I really hope the Vince rumor is true. I wonder if private jet owning billionaire Vince McMahon has ever even been to a Perkins.
  15. Battleground is in Philly, too, which could make Cena defeating Mahal even more fun to watch. Throw in the possibility of a MitB cash-in, and it could be a really interesting night.