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  1. Shumway

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    And what a mess it is. Save us, Stevie!
  2. Shumway

    2018 NFL Season

    Football. - A Lions Fan
  3. Shumway

    Philly Eagles Add Super Bowl Champs Patch for Tonight

    When she was asking about which player to buy, it wasn't for a Superbowl specific jersey, just which player would be better between Wentz or Foles.
  4. Shumway

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    As a Lions fan, I love the home set. Comparing that to the third jersey, it really shows how much white helps make the numbers and striping stand out. I do. however, prefer the third helmet (if you were to add a white outline to the logo and a white stripe in the middle) to the primary one. I'm curious on the road jersey how it'd look if you made the whole sleeve blue and matched the striping pattern to the home. Overall, good stuff.
  5. Shumway

    Philly Eagles Add Super Bowl Champs Patch for Tonight

    My boss walked into work in a Nick Foles jersey with this patch on it yesterday. So to answer your question, yes. (Well, that and my boss is dumb. She asked us which player she should order, and her argument against getting a Wentz jersey, like we suggested, was that she thinks Foles is good, and he used to be our spokesperson...before he got traded, likely not for the last time)
  6. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    The latter at the very least. I think most people credit the McGwire/Sosa PED-aided Homerun Race for saving baseball. Long story short: Steroids saved baseball.
  7. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    Apparently, the doctors are saying that Ohtani, who hit 2 HOMERUNS WITH A TORN UCL LAST NIGHT, could DH next season while recovering from Tommy John surgery, then return to pitch in 2020. Once again, I'm thrilled, but I'm also terrified. Give 'em hell, Shohei. Edit: Today also marks the anniversary of the one and only baseball game I have on a VHS tape.
  8. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

  9. Shumway

    NFL 2018 changes

    I feel like I might've known this already, but you went to Downingtown? (or at least I think that's the logo I'm seeing on #3's helmet)
  10. Shumway

    Hershey Bears chocolate-themed uniforms

    The uniforms they had when I had Bears' season tickets (2004), their brown color was referred to as chocolate. I'd imagine that's still the case.
  11. Not a fan of the gradients (I do love the raglan sleeves though, just not the color), but otherwise, this looks really solid.
  12. Shumway

    Favorite jersey number?

    9 or 25 for me, due to Dan Majerle, Jim Edmonds (Angels) and Darren McCarty.
  13. Shumway

    When Baseball Teams Wear the Same Colour

    Angels/Twins from last year? 2 years ago? Either way, it sucked. Also, Angels vs. Rangers (this seems like it's happened a few times, since the Angels wear the red all the time)
  14. Shumway

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    The Pirates have so many good (or so bad, it's good) throwbacks that I think these seem to get overlooked.
  15. Lions: Packers. They're always good, but they also don't have anyone who I've really disliked. Angels: Astros. New-ish to the division, and I loved Bagwell and Biggio as a kid. Red Wings: Senators. They're not a real rival, and they're not good. Suns: Clippers. See Senators.