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  1. Shumway

    First MLB Game Memories

    The first I remember was in Baltimore's Memorial Stadium to see the Orioles take on Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers. Based on what I'm seeing on baseball reference, I'm thinking it was April 20, 1991, but I'm honestly not sure.
  2. Shumway

    MLB changes 2018?

    Quick glance on Baseball Almanac... Average attendance dropped by about 8,000 between '97 and '98 and went up by about 5,000 per game between 2003 and '04. 2003 was the lowest average attendance out of any of these years, with about 16,000 per game. 2002 had an average a little over 10,000 per game. Last season, they averaged just over 20,000 per game.
  3. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    I loved Maicer. As a backup/utility guy, he was great. ...and this sits on my shelf right next to Jim Edmonds (Cardinals), Howie Kendrick (Dodgers) and Mike Trout bobbleheads. Chone was the man. Dude got MVP votes 2 years in a row.
  4. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    I forgot Casey Kotchman (who landed Teixeira, which got Trout. Thanks, Casey) and Hank Conger in this list. For a team who routinely had one of the best farm systems, for a few years, very few homegrown talents turned into anything outside of some starting pitchers (Weaver, Ervin, Richards, Joe Saunders was ok)
  5. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    PROSPECTS THAT AMOUNTED TO NOTHING *Brandon Wood (sorry for even mentioning his name) *Dallas McPherson *Trevor Reckling *Jose Arredondo...I'm pretty sure he played in York, Pennsylvania last year. Strangely enough, K-Rod, the guy he was supposed to replace, is now in that same league. *Does Jeff Mathis count? He's still in the league, but he still sucks.
  6. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    Shohei Ohtani is off the DL and DHing tonight. As an Angels fan, I'm thrilled. I'm also terrified.
  7. Shumway

    Carolina Hurricanes Unveil New Black Third Uniform

    Meh. It looks like a generic jersey a team in my old roller hockey league would have. I feel like either killing the white outline or adding some white or silver elsewhere in the jersey would go a long way.
  8. Shumway

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    My alma mater, West Chester University. Our logo sucks, and nothing matches.
  9. There's a sandwich known as the JYD that has both pork roll AND scrapple on a long roll with eggs and cheese that's absolutely delicious. I've been told it's a DelCo thing, but I have no real evidence to support this other than what my co-worker told me. I've eaten it twice and probably shaved a few years off my life. Worth it.
  10. It's nowhere close to being the same meat item, but as for being a regional favorite garbage meat, yes. There's also pork roll/taylor ham in the Mid-Atlantic (mostly Jersey). Depends where you live. (Both are delicious, for the record....pork roll especially)
  11. Shumway

    Unusual Team Branding Ideas

    Kinda cool (I guess?) that they kinda matched the Rapa packaging...
  12. Shumway

    Your favorite color combinations

    I've mentioned it about 1,000 times on here before, but dark green and light blue.
  13. On top of this, the "L" and "E" have 90° angle corners, but "O" and "W" have rounded corners. It's just a mess.
  14. Adding to the Wings/Hawks.... - Paul Coffey (10 games with the Hawks still counts, right?) - Dan Cleary - Wendel Clark - Dominik Hasek - Stu Grimson
  15. Shumway

    2018 MLB Season

    Howie Kendrick is done for the year with a ruptured achilles.