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  1. Yeah, the return of Matt Facts! To this day, I remember that Matt Hardy doesn't like mustard.
  2. I'm not home on Tuesday nights, so I generally miss Smackdown, but haven't Breezango been really good as of late? That at least seems to be the internet consensus.
  3. A little late to the party, but I watched Rogue One this weekend and really enjoyed it. It won't ever be the best Star Wars movie, but it stands on its own pretty well. In a way, it sort of enhanced a New Hope by establishing the importance of the plans. I also absolutely loved Vader just mowing through people at the end.
  4. Not only his entrance, but Perkins in general. Mostly his character, but also kind of as a person. His Instagram post of himself playing hockey with a mirrored visor didn't help. Also, Rollins' new finisher looks like garbage.
  5. As an Angels' fan, Red vs. Blue looked great on television, but I really don't like the Angels' red jerseys. Strangely enough, I think they've worn them for just about every game this season.
  6. While I haven't seen Punk's first pitch, I feel like he has poor mechanics based on that picture.
  7. I also liked the cap that went along with these (the helmets didn't match)
  8. 1. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put Jake Roberts in Las Vegas? 2. Roberts, D'Lo and Kizarny is just a bit of a strange combination of people 3. *packs bags, practices head wobbles and frog splashes* Actually I just checked out the Fantasy Slam website, and it's a freaking wrestling fantasy camp.
  9. Tyrone Hill and that face in those uniforms (which I love, but I won't deny that they're ugly). Woof. Mike RIcci.
  10. Well, yeah, it had Dan Majerle.
  11. I don't know how this kind of stuff works in a legal way, but the original Tecmo Bowl didn't have an actual NFL (just the players association) license. The player names were included (and removed for the Classic), but the teams were just "Indianapolis" and "Chicago" and had generic logos. NBA Jam, on the other hand, actually used player likenesses and NBA logos...I doubt they'd go through the trouble of removing all of this to include the game. Hopefully, I'm wrong, but I feel like that's a lot of hoops (no pun intended) to jump through.
  12. Apparently the response to discontinuing the NES Classic is to introduce a SNES Classic. If I didn't have a working Super Nintendo in my house, this would really intrigue me, since SNES is easily my favorite system of all time. However, the lack of licensing (assuming that's the case) would deter me a little bit. Most of my childhood was spent playing NHL '93-'98, Ken Griffey Baseball and NBA Jam. I'd imagine these wouldn't be included.
  13. I also just realized that the patch on his jersey is in memory of the person he's responsible for killing. Yeesh.
  14. I feel like you're sitting on a balcony when you type this.
  15. Has anyone taken an offensive move from Hawkins yet?