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  1. As an Angels' fan, Red vs. Blue looked great on television, but I really don't like the Angels' red jerseys. Strangely enough, I think they've worn them for just about every game this season.
  2. While I haven't seen Punk's first pitch, I feel like he has poor mechanics based on that picture.
  3. I also liked the cap that went along with these (the helmets didn't match)
  4. 1. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put Jake Roberts in Las Vegas? 2. Roberts, D'Lo and Kizarny is just a bit of a strange combination of people 3. *packs bags, practices head wobbles and frog splashes* Actually I just checked out the Fantasy Slam website, and it's a freaking wrestling fantasy camp.
  5. Tyrone Hill and that face in those uniforms (which I love, but I won't deny that they're ugly). Woof. Mike RIcci.
  6. Well, yeah, it had Dan Majerle.
  7. I don't know how this kind of stuff works in a legal way, but the original Tecmo Bowl didn't have an actual NFL (just the players association) license. The player names were included (and removed for the Classic), but the teams were just "Indianapolis" and "Chicago" and had generic logos. NBA Jam, on the other hand, actually used player likenesses and NBA logos...I doubt they'd go through the trouble of removing all of this to include the game. Hopefully, I'm wrong, but I feel like that's a lot of hoops (no pun intended) to jump through.
  8. Apparently the response to discontinuing the NES Classic is to introduce a SNES Classic. If I didn't have a working Super Nintendo in my house, this would really intrigue me, since SNES is easily my favorite system of all time. However, the lack of licensing (assuming that's the case) would deter me a little bit. Most of my childhood was spent playing NHL '93-'98, Ken Griffey Baseball and NBA Jam. I'd imagine these wouldn't be included.
  9. I also just realized that the patch on his jersey is in memory of the person he's responsible for killing. Yeesh.
  10. I feel like you're sitting on a balcony when you type this.
  11. Has anyone taken an offensive move from Hawkins yet?
  12. After watching last night's NXT, I noticed that Jack Gallagher referred to Tyler Bate as "Master Tyler". I really hope it's Gallagher making a stupud joke, and they're not going to actually make "Master Bate" his new name. I mean, I fully expect them to, but I hope they don't.
  13. It's really an amazing experience. I never thought my rec roller hockey league would give me such a rush until I did the same thing. We were the bottom seed, playing a team that should've absolutely murdered us, but I scored 4 goals, including the OT winner to knock them out of the playoffs. I had also arrived just in time for our 9am game after a bachelor party the night before (this was before hangovers were something I actually experienced, although I might've still been drunk). It's my Al Bundy Polk High 4-Touchdown game, and I'm honestly pretty proud of it....strangely enough, I think I was working in a shoe store at the time.
  14. Sticking with the Baltimore trend, this one always stands out to me. Somewhere, this game is on a VHS at my parents house. This game was really special to me as a kid, mostly because I grew up going to Orioles games (well, I still do), but I'm an Angels fan. It seemed perfect (to me, anyway) that my two favorite teams played each other on Cal's 2131 game. Kind of related, but I remember going to a game a few weeks prior to this and seeing the big banners change. Really cool.
  15. It's really incredible to hear Camden Yards that loud.
  16. Worse #1 contender: Jinder Mahal, Vladimir Kozlov, Great Khali or that one time Bob Holly challenged for the title at Royal Rumble?
  17. I wonder if Matt remembers the time he fell over the ropes doing his V1 pose.
  18. But they just released (or maybe not yet) an awesome retro Monday Night Revival t-shirt. Edit: now that I'm not in phone....spoiler'd because it's a large photo
  19. Now that I see the full view, I'm digging these a bit more than I was initially. I'd still prefer a complete throwback to the Barry Sanders look, but these look solid as a whole. Changes I'd make: - Actual silver, rather than gray, pants. Also, silver pants on the road (I don't mind the blue, but as an alternate) - Add white in between the blue stripes on the jersey, helmet and pants. It'd match the logo and numbers better - Lose the wordmarks on the sleeve stripes...this is the only thing I actually strongly dislike about the set - Blue facemask Other than that, I'm not a huge fan of the color rush, but I can live with it for a game or two.
  20. Not a fan of the wordmark/MCF on the sleeves, but otherwise, I can live with these. Probably not replacing the Stafford jersey I just bought this past season, but these are better than I was expecting.
  21. While I love watching Owens and Zayn fight, I wish they'd keep them apart for a little. (Same with Sasha and Charlotte, who I'm assuming are both going to end up on Smackdown, too)
  22. This popped up in my instagram feed the other week...really fantastic stuff all around. I really dig your use of unique and vibrant colors (and your Kid Cudi illustration). Also, thanks for the templates link.
  23. If Dean is headed to Raw, does this all but move KO to Smackdown (or lose the US Title tonight)?
  24. I assume he's going to be featured as a "local smokeshow". I'm not entirely familiar with Barstool either honestly, but one dude I played softball with the past few years does their podcasts (or something).
  25. Same, except substitute "deal with at work" with "hear my boss call and yell at the help desk because she doesn't know how to use a computer"