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  1. King Kong Bundy's not in the HOF, is he? He's the only Mania main eventer I can think of (other than Bam Bam and LT) Edit: Just remembered that Sid main evented two wrestlemanias as well.
  2. That was a solid tag only took WWE like three years to feature Xavier Woods' in ring ability.
  3. I debated buying tickets today, but I just don't feel like sitting in 76 traffic and spending $10 on a beer two days in a row (going to the Phillies game tomorrow)
  4. I didn't remember that there's a PPV this weekend, and it's taking place in my hometown.
  5. In this instance, it looks like Irving would be heading to New York. Eric Bledsoe would be the main piece from Phoenix. I honestly don't watch much NBA, but as a Suns fan, I had to look up this potential deal. Also, there's apparently a lot of buzz about Lebron going to Phoenix because they hired James Jones in the front office.
  6. But wait, there's more!
  7. He just had a match with and was praised by AJ Styles. I think Gable's got it pretty good right now. Also, I hope Jordan starts saying "Dubba Dubba E" since he's Kurt's kid now.
  8. Well, it wasn't Chad Gable, so I guess the Internet was wrong. Dear god, this is terrible.
  9. Pretty cool Rolling Stone mini-documentary on the Young Bucks.
  10. The AJ Styles US Championship Open Challenge should be even better than Cena's. I might need to find a way to start watching Smackdown. (I'm literally leaving the house in like 3 minutes, as I do every Tuesday)
  11. Looks like all signs point to Lio Rush signing with NXT. Did I mention he does the goddamn Lo Down? Seriously, he's great. He should flourish in NXT and 205 Live for sure...not sure where else, unfortunately.
  12. I wonder what the hell happened that they had to being out Hawkins and Slater for an impromptu match to fill time. Hopefully this thing runs late, and we're not in for a 2 minute squash for the title.
  13. I think so, but via the deal with ROH. With Cole and O'Reilly gone, I think AA could fill the top of the card in ROH.
  14. "Hey guys, Goldberg won the WWE title" **attempt to sign a nostalgia act to win NJPW title** "Great news, guys! We got one! He's a former King of the Ring!"
  15. The Padres also participated in the throwback celebration (although they wore their current alt helmets)
  16. From what I remember, he was supposed to be in WWF/E years before he did, but he got malaria (or something along those lines) while he was wrestling somewhere in Africa. Recovering and getting back in shape took him several years. This is at least what I remember his brother telling my dad.
  17. Even if it's just seasonal like the others. Fruit Brute can go to hell.
  18. The Axeman's got a new 'do, and he finally looks less bald.
  19. Yunel Escobar wore the stars & stripes socks as sleeves today...
  20. So, am I the only person here who wants Axel to eventually turn on the Miz and win the IC title? I feel like I am. Side note: today's Bret Hart's 60th birthday. Also, this is coming out in September. I might need to own it. (spoiler'd for size of image)
  21. Oh god, he's going to jump through it again.....
  22. Curtis Axel wasn't particularly pleased with the Lavar Ball segment:
  23. That's actually a decent point. I'm sure he was compensated in some form for appearing. Nothing a major university hasn't covered up before though.
  24. The Pontiac Silverdome
  25. Do you even need to ask? Actually, I think he did some commentating on Sunday Night Heat back in the day, and he wasn't bad.