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  1. Have you not seen this documentary? It's clearly possible.
  2. Finally got around to watching Moana and I really enjoyed it. How Far I'll Go is definitely up there in my list of favourite Disney songs.
  3. Favourite fictional (you know, movies, TV, video games etc.) team identity/logo? What former football player would you most like to see pull a Tebow and play minor league baseball? If five Kurt Rambis's (Rambi? Rambises?) with LeBron's brain played five Kurt Rambis's with MJ's brain, which team would win?
  4. I think the Flames and CSEC (the name of the ownership) might be one of the most, if not the most, tone deaf sports groups around. Fans want to get rid of the flags and go retro, Flames don't go retro and keep the flags. Fans don't want the black away helmets, Stampeders keep wearing the black helmets. The Roughnecks drop their fan favourite mascot Derrick, the guy on their logo, in favour of Howie the Honey Badger. This change happening the same time the "Honey badger don't give a " video being viral, though no official connection has been made. The Roughnecks also switched from some great uniforms to templated garbage much like the Flames. The Hitmen switched from good uniforms to templated garbage (Ottawa with sleeve stripes) to better templated garbage (Buffalo but with the chest piping only on the white jersey for some reason). They also had the stupidest ad campaign/promotion motto last year called "Pure Hockey" which was basically "hockey bro". There was a commercial where a couple players were trying to go "bardownski" and you could buy shirts that said "Dangle Snipe Celly" and "Dangle Pylons".
  5. I had a similar experience on Thunder Mountain. The ride was going well but then i went into a shed that was filled with dynamite and the fuses started lighting up! My first thought was this could not be safe and it's got to be expensive for Disney to rebuild that section of the ride numerous times a day every time it blows up. And don't get me started on Splash Mountain, they just throw you off the face of a mountain in a log!
  6. My thinking is that spicy chicken was some sort of fast food chicken sandwich, a breaded chicken strip one of those precooked breast strips from Walmart. Asian never crossed my mind.
  7. I mean look at the Ducks. Located in a vacation hotspot with lots of transplants and they haven't blocked ticket sales, to my knowledge. The organization and fans (for the most part from what I can tell, someone can tell me different) seem to welcome the visiting fans.
  8. Interesting. I'm in phone so that might be the issue, but I thought we could embed tweets now.
  9. That and that's not really how sports, and life, work. It changes the whole dynamic of the game. You can't assume the rest of the game will end the same way. Okay so that goal counts, but who's to say Pittsburgh doesn't come back and score six goals and run the Perds out of the building. On the same token, who's to say Nashville doesn't score six more. To go further back, the Perds aren't in this position if Rinne doesn't forget how to goalie in Pittsburgh.
  10. Holy, that took me back. There was a whole bunch of Post brand computer games I would always play.
  11. Stamps still keep deciding to wear the black away helmets.
  12. Crying Subban has been used like the crying Jordan. They just put it on sad Giguere.
  13. I audibly groaned at this one.