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  1. I think it will be fun to see what the Jazz can do against the Warriors.
  2. Well at least the sweep's off the table.
  3. I'll wait to see what they plan to do with the Jungle Cruise, but I'm not really in favor of a huge wholescale change where it turns into Indiana Jones but with a Rock audio-animatronic. ---- Disney released the song list for Guardians of Terror. Only one song plays during a single ride and it appears there are six different "ride profiles", one for each song.
  4. I don't think "playoff division champ" is a thing nor should be a thing. Division champ is the team in the division with the most points at the end of the season.
  5. Well that's weird and wrong. I don't know of anybody else, in any sport or level for that matter, who does that. Maybe it's some sort of trial run. Have Adidas iron out the kinks during season one and come in with the new jerseys for season two.
  6. Maybe bland and generic were the wrong words, but I think there can be more to "Brewers" than two letters making up equipment. My personal difference between the BiG and the Yankees, Dodgers, Giants and others is that I feel those logos are just letters while the BiG is "to clever by a half" I guess. I'm not a fan of it being used on hats for that reason. I don't not like the BiG, I just prefer the current set.
  7. I can't speak for Mockba but I find it too bland and somewhat generic for all the praise heaped on it. It's just an M and a B making a piece of equipment. It's like Milton Bradley made a baseball board game.
  8. Line from an Edmonton newspaper article talking to Ducks GM Bob Murray. Changes coming to the Ducks a season after Adidas comes in? The writer of the article also doesn't know how division champions are awarded in a rough long sentence, but that's a different story.
  9. Tell that to Miss Columbia.
  10. I don't think it's necessarily a contradiction. Maybe I'm not phrasing it right, or maybe I'm just plain wrong, but it's fine to me if you or any other Canadian wants to see a Canadian team to do well in the playoffs. It's not wrong, like you said sports are irrational, but I just personally feel like team pride supersedes national pride when it comes to wins which is my point. Like if you're a Flames fan who actively roots against the Oilers for 82 games, there's probably not a lot of joy in celebrating a Oiler Stanley Cup win just because they happened to be the only Canadian team left and they ended up winning. If the Ducks get eliminated, I'm not going to cheer for a Canadian team just because they are Canadian. I might cheer for them for other reasons, but being Canadian isn't the number one priority for me personally.
  11. You can choose who you want to cheer for, that doesn't really matter to me nor what I was really going for. I was more meaning I personally don't believe there is one "Great Canadian Win" in the NHL or any other non-international, non-club competition. If the Oilers win the Stanley Cup this year it's not a win for Canada, it's a win for the Oilers. The gif was in response to the salty comment, don't really know why I'd be salty.
  12. You can cheer for whoever you want, but a Stanley Cup win for one of the seven Canadian teams isn't a win for the other six nor does it mean a win for all Canadians.
  13. Bought a new baseball glove yesterday and there's just something about getting and having a new glove.