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  1. monkeypower

    NHL 2018-19

    Turns out the Pens helmets are like that, only with no yellow stripe.
  2. monkeypower

    NHL 2018-19

    If you look at the Flyers helmet, it reminds me of the Eagles helmet. Or at least the logo placement is similar. I understand Adidas wanted to have a consistent look for both teams, but I kind of wish the Pens only had the logo on one side with the yellow stripe down the middle.
  3. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I don't know how to really post this while keeping with the board's no politics rules, but I feel it's relevant as there's a lot of internet talk/support for the AAF and people, me included, have used posts from the subreddit r/AAF_Football. There was another subreddit, r/AAFB, created in response to the posting history and actions of one of the mods of /r/AAF_Football. Here's the link to the discussion about the story and I won't go any further than that here. (Mods, do what you want with this post. I admit this may be against the rules, but I think it's another, however small, layer to the AAF on the internet)
  4. monkeypower

    2018-19 NHL Season

    I find a lot of hockey fans on the internet live in some weird headspace about hockey and there's a lot of walking contradictions. I've seen a lot of people in a twist over the Hurricanes because they can't make up their mind if it's "Good for the Game"TM. They like when players show their personality and want players to have fun, but deep down I think there is a fear of straying too far away from The Good Canadian Boy and "being classy". (For the record, I think the Hurricanes celebrations are dumb and sophomoric, but they really aren't hurting anyone. I also think people talking about the celebrations are saving the Hurricanes and putting butts in seats are very, extremely hyperbolic). Many understand hockey is in fourth place out of the Big 4 and scream "grow the game!", but many still want to keep hockey a niche sport that not everybody is allowed to be a fan of while others scream bloody murder about Bettman and the Sun Belt, telling us why it would be a good thing if every team south of Denver relocated to Saskatchewan. Heaven forbid a pitcher gets put on the DL for a blister or "LeBitch" gets cramps because hockey fans are out in full force about how Gregory Campbell broke his leg and finished his shift, or how Rich Peverley DiEd on the bench but still wanted to play and other general "hockey tough" stories. That and how the comparisons to NBA and NFL players often straddle the casual racism line. Hockey fans on the internet can be an insufferable bunch.
  5. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I think it's because it's caught in a weird limbo in people's minds. It is essentially a minor league for the NFL as it is where future NFL players marinate because the NFL doesn't have a formal minor league. In saying that however, the NCAA is still it's own entity with multiple different sports where not everyone is going to be a professional in what ever sport they are playing and the NCAA is the highest they will ever play.
  6. monkeypower

    Reimagining all 30 MLB teams

    I don't think I've ever heard of Columbus referred to as Cowtown. Calgary is Cowtown.
  7. monkeypower

    Reimagining all 30 MLB teams

    Wildly unfunny.
  8. monkeypower

    2019 CFL Uniforms

    I never liked how the logo was on the shoulders with the numbers on the sleeves. It should be the other way around like the Stampeders there.
  9. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    As seen on /r/AAF_Football (what did the guy who started the subreddit think the F in AAF stood for? Probably also calls it an ATM machine) Forget the fact a hockey owner just prolonged the league by paying less money for the entire league than his hockey team and another guy just had to pay $500 million for an expansion team, just look at how many profitable minor league football leagues there are right now. (It only has three upvotes and the only two comments responding to it are not agreeing with him) (I also do think there are people in places in the States which would watch minor league football over the NHL, I would rather watch the WHL over the AAF, but to think it could be more profitable than one of the big 4 is crazy)
  10. monkeypower

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Murray for Jack Adams?
  11. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Like Gothamite already said, everything could be fine and dandy and whatever but right now, at the very least, the optics of the situation don't look good. As far as I'm aware, and anybody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, the league has been silent on all this outside of announcing the Dundon money.
  12. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I might have to wade back into the NHL Anti-Thread because I don’t remember, but is Dundon a good NHL owner? Like is this some savvy move by a shrewd business and sports mind, or a rich dude throwing his money around and taking down a team along with a league?
  13. monkeypower

    NLL Expansion 2018

  14. monkeypower

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Did we just find Gronk's burner?
  15. Maybe Definitely if Disney hadn't made the Mighty Ducks, this franchise doesn't exist.