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  1. I want to dislike Vegas and the expansion, but I just can’t muster the same amount of hate that some people here have. Yeah, the expansion rules were stacked in Vegas’ favour, but everybody thought they were going to suck. I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never did. They’re playing insanely above expectations and have a great goalie. I do however, extremely dislike the people on Twitter (#pleaselikemysport) and Reddit fawning over parity and how this couldn’t happen in other sports... which might be true because the protection rules would probably be different.
  2. Canadian Premier League

    Well that’s just me misspelling the name. I do think it’s a clean look, I’m just not sure how I feel about three different logos, with each logo ignoring two of the colours.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly.
  4. NFL 2018 changes

    Darron Lee and Jamal Adams on Twitter. Lee was on a #jetsnewunis campaign on Twitter for a period of time and Adams had a couple tweets and reposted a decent (imo) concept that was posted in this thread a while ago. This got people into a frenzy on the internet assuming the Jets were sure to change their jerseys. Lee also tweeted that something was going to happen/be announced tonight at the Taste of the Jets fundraiser, but nothing did, leading people to assume that an announcement was postponed. Chris and seem to be in the know and people here also seem to be in the know or know where to look for uniform news and I don't remember any Jets jersey or logo change news at all. So was this a case of the Jets postponing a concrete jersey change announcement after somehow keeping it a secret from everybody, or people conjecturing and creating a confirmed jersey change based on the tweets from two players and the internet building rumors based on other rumors? (I'm leaning to the latter).
  5. Canadian Premier League

    I don't mind the Cavalry logo (er, crest), but I feel it's a bit boring just being one colour and I think they could have fit all three colours in there somewhere. However, the logo on Twitter is white with green writing but the logo on their website is green with white writing (both seen in Steve61's post above) and the logo shown in the stadium render is red with white writing, so I could see it being the case where the logo changes colour depending on the background it is on. From their website about the colours of "Army Green", "Calgary Red" and "Black on Black". (I understand all these sports teams want their colours to be named something, but Black on Black is pretty dumb). (For the unaware, Spruce Meadows is horse jumping/equestrian facility in Calgary, or technically just outside of city limits I believe, which is relatively world renown in the equestrian world from what I understand and it's where the stadium is going to be. The Spruce Meadows owners are the people owning the team.) Calgary Cavalry is a mouthful to say. I think they might made the choice to go with one of those names and not both for that reason. Though I do feel the name Cavalry FC is going to lead to the inevitable calling of the team "Calgary FC" by people who mishear the name or just plain think the team's name is "Calgary FC"
  6. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    If you look closely, the Wizards don't use that logo anymore and haven't for a few years... as referenced by B-Rich in the OP. --- There's the Kootenay ICE (real dumb name and the team apparently decided a couple seasons ago, from what I can tell, that the name is supposed to be capitalized) who have used a Abominable Snowman/Yeti. I'm not sure what category these would fit under because they're not the nickname nor the location and definitely not the workmark/intials. I also don't think it's abstract enough, so maybe there's another category for "animal-type logos that don't really tie into the nickname" because I'm pretty sure there's more of those to be found.
  7. NFL 2018 changes

    So with a couple of the younger Jets players continuing to push for new uniforms and the Jets having their shiny, new Darnold, I could really see the Jets thinking about changing their jerseys and logos in the coming years in some sort of "new era" movement thing. It's also got a decent amount of fan support and traction on Twitter due to Darron Lee and Jamal Adams, so maybe it's something that the Jets are going to take a look at. Lee has brought up the Taste of the Jets fundraiser on the 17th in relation to the #JetsNewUnis, so maybe something is going to happen there. I wouldn't hate a Jets change and would like to see some sort of jet as the logo, but I also don't hate the current jerseys and logo enough to the point where I feel they need a change, so I guess I'm fine either way.
  8. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    And then 14 years later. He did play 18 seasons, but the Mayday goal and the Ducks Stanley Cup still seem like ages apart in terms of a single players career. Like I wouldn't think anybody who deked out Ray Bourque to score a goal in 1993 would win a Stanley Cup as a player in 2007.
  9. 2018 NBA Post Season

    3-1 and a rowdy night in Utah. The OKC "Big 3" of Russ, Carmelo and Playoff Pushoff P not looking too hot and getting Jingled.
  10. Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019

    Las Vegas Kings with cartoon Elvis swinging a mic stand like a bat? Las Vegas Wayne Newtons?
  11. Minor League Baseball News

    I'd always heard the stories and comments about how MLB teams don't like having Las Vegas as the farm team, but I never entirely knew why. So what's the deal with Las Vegas?
  12. NFL 2018 changes

    I don't mind the inversion of the stripes, it's not consistent in its application on the green in that concept.
  13. NFL 2018 changes

    These are alright, but the striping is off. The green jersey keeps the double stripe design of the white (jersey, pants and socks), but the helmet and green pants have a single stripe like it's the exact same green-white-green striping of the white, only on a green base, so only the white is showing. I'd prefer if the helmet and green pants kept the double striping or if the green jersey kept the single stripe.
  14. NFL 2018 changes

    Lee seems to have taken it upon himself to spearhead the Twitter grassroots campaign for new jerseys. I don't think I have heard anything else besides from him on Twitter, so I don't know if there really is any indication the Jets might do something. If they do, I don't know where they go. I'd like to see an actual jet incorporated somewhere and I wouldn't hate the retro one in that concept or the even more retro plane, but I'm unsure of going straight throwback with no modernization.