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  1. monkeypower

    NHL 2018-19

    This from the Ducks website gives me a lot of hope the Ducks aren't going to screw up the Kariya number retirement by raising the banner in current Ducks colours.
  2. I'll start by saying I'm in favour of Anaheim being used as the geographical identifier and I think it can be after so many years of being used as one, but it is definitely a Disney creation. Last season the Ducks put a bunch of old newspaper articles on their website ahead of this year's 25th anniversary from back when the team was announced. A few of the articles talk about what this new team will be called, including one where "Anaheim" is discussed with an Angels spokesperson being asked about it. I crudely cut and pasted it together here. Another article (which I linked to them above, they're all very interesting) talks to Eisner and then a Disney spokesperson after the team was conditionally approved but before it was official. One of the conditions of the official approval being Disney needing to get a deal done with an arena in Orange County/Southern California with the now-Honda Center being built for reasons unrelated to the Disney expansion team. (I like how [Disneyland] is added in before Matterhorn. Was the writer worried readers would think you could see it from the actual Matterhorn?]
  3. Yeah, I don't think the Angels are going to move. They had either now or 2028 to opt out of the lease and with a local election on the way, why not opt out now and try to get something from a new mayor? They also just sunk a bunch of money into the stadium this previous season for new video boards, so kind of a weird move to do a major upgrade to the stadium and then want to leave. --- I don't know where I stand on what happens if they do move. I'd much rather have them stay in Anaheim, but I don't know if I would stop being a fan of the team if they were to move. The reason I became an Angels fan was because of the Ducks so I'm a fan of two local teams, but I'm not a local fan.
  4. As I noted earlier in the thread, the mockups for the retro jerseys the Hitmen are wearing for the Corral games this year are on the Adidas template, so maybe that's connected? Or it's just the Flames design team only having an Adidas template to work with.
  5. monkeypower

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Like Brian in Boston pointed out earlier, the owner of the USL Sounders wanted an MLS team. When he and his ownership group were awarded a MLS team, he folded the USL team and moved the Sounders name up the American soccer pyramid because he owned both teams. However, the Thunderbirds are an existing team that as far as I know, have no intention of ceasing to exist even with this NHL team on the way. You're assuming the owners of the WHL Thunderbirds are interested in a) being a part of the NHL ownership group and b) getting rid of the WHL team. There's no way this Seattle NHL team becomes the Thunderbirds if the WHL team is still in existence. It's a completely different situation. The Thunderbirds are an existing team in a completely different league (that isn't connected to the league the expansion team is joining), in a completely different age group owned by completely different people.
  6. monkeypower

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Kraken is too minor league sounding for me. I really don't like it as a potential name. And Thunderbirds has to be off the table. It's one thing if the WHL franchise folded in the 70s or whatever and the NHL team is resurrecting the name, it's another if they just take the name from an existing team.
  7. monkeypower

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    This is a throwback alternate and I'm of half a mind to want them to go to this full time.
  8. I've come to the realization the Prince Albert Raiders uniforms which were unveiled in 2013 are pretty much everything that was wrong with the initial Edge roll out in 2007 that had been fixed for the most in the six years in between. No hem striping, weird arm striping, a vertical side stripe and sock striping that is afraid of the back of the legs. The CHL switched to Edge for the 2009-10 season and then switched out the Reebok patches for CCM patches a few seasons ago.
  9. monkeypower

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Get settled in here because I have many thoughts on this, I think the Flames really screwed the pooch with their their jersey retirements Forever a Flame program. They retired Lanny McDonald's 9 in 1990 and Mike Vernon's 30 in 2007, though in good Flames fashion the Vernon banner was in the style of the then current uniforms, ones he never wore. That has since been fixed when they updated the McDonald one and matched the Vernon one, though both those banners don't have the correct number and NOB font. Then in 2012, they introduced the Forever a Flame program because "The Flames have established a tradition that permits Flames of the future, with an opportunity to proudly wear the numbers of some of the Flames all-time greats." (direct quote from the article in 2012 including the [sic] comma) and "didn't retire" Al MacInnis' 2 that year and "didn't retire" Joe Nieuwendyk's 25 in 2014. No one has worn 2 since 2004 and 25 has been worn for a total of 109 games by Brandon Bollig, Freddie Hamilton and Nick Shore since the 2014-2015 season. So now are they going to Forever a Flame Iginla? Because either way, nobody's going to wear 12 ever again for the Flames and he should really be retired. But if you go and retire 12, why not 2 and 25? I also don't know if anybody's going to wear 34 again, though I also don't know if Forever a Flame will come soon for Kiprusoff. (Nobody has also worn 14 for the Flames since Fleury was traded, though I also don't know how soon his Forever a Flame will come either). They also had the Hitmen and Roughnecks to start the "Forever a Hitmen" (which I just now realized is grammatically incorrect with the other two "Forever a ..." because it really should be Forever a Hitman) and "Forever a Roughneck" programs. I have less of a problem with those because the Roughnecks hadn't retired any numbers before the program started and the Hitmen had only retired one, but due to the nature of junior hockey, a lot of players aren't around for many years so numbers get recycled and you can take into account their NHL careers as well. The Hitmen retired Brad Moran's 20 in 2005(?) and then Ryan Getzlaf and Andrew Ladd got Forever a Hitmen banners in 2015 and 2017 respectively while Kaleb Toth and Tracey Kelusky got Forever a Roughneck banners in 2013 and 2017 respectively.
  10. monkeypower

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    In the QMJHL, the French names aren't translated to English for the rest of the CHL. For example, they're always the Gatineau Olympiques, Val-d'Or Foreurs and Victoriaville Tigres, not the Olympics, Drillers and Tigers respectively.
  11. Weird that they're being shown on Adidas templates with the collars in all their glory, but the CHL still uses CCM. And all the fonts are the same and wrong for all three jerseys. I hope those are just place holders mockups.
  12. The Calgary Hitmen are going to be playing three games in the first week of February in the old Stampede Corral and the email release says they're going to be wearing "commemorative jerseys" from the past including Calgary Centennials, the Calgary Wranglers and the Calgary Cowboys, who all played in the Corral. The Centennials and Wranglers being the previous WHL teams in Calgary and the Cowboys being the WHA team. It seems like with three games and three teams, they'd be wearing a jersey for each game but it could also be just an only warmup thing.
  13. monkeypower

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    I think there are only four banners (five including retired numbers) that teams should hang. Stanley Cup Champions - self explanatory Conference Champions - winning the Conference finals Presidents Trophy - also self explanatory Division Champions - most points in the division at the end of the regular season, so no hanging a division championship because you were the last division team standing in the playoffs
  14. monkeypower

    NHL 2018-19

    Ducks team store apparently going all out. I'm going to have to get down there for a game this year and hope everything's still in stock just to spend an exorbitant amount of money, unless they show up online for purchase somewhere. I desperately need that Wild Wing logo sweater and maybe the white shirt with the angry duck ripping through in the second picture (I swear I've seen that on Ebay before, so that's cool if they're bringing back old designs).
  15. monkeypower

    2018 NFL Season