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  1. Worst collar award goes to Chicago and it's not even close.
  2. Still waiting on Ottawa, Toronto, Nashville and Arizona
  3. Funny, I would argue that they look the worst out of the 3 pictured. That collar is butt
  4. Yes please. That would be an amazing alt
  5. Very odd. 2000s era striping with current third jersey logo. Also appears to be made by Majestic..
  6. Except for that collar. Thing is nasty looking and kinda kills the whole thing IMO
  7. Oilers did the right thing
  8. Oklahoma City will not have a ad patch on uniforms according to a team reporter. Hopefully more follow suit
  9. Utah adding a yellow uni to the mix. Wish they would have gone purple instead.. Guess they will have a white, blue, green and yellow
  10. This is incredibly cringe-worthy. Nike has taken corporate speak to a whole new level here. All I can do is laugh
  11. Ucla has been wearing white pants on the road for a few years now. I would expect to see them quite a bit
  12. As a Bruins fan I am in love
  13. Bring back Sparky and stop
  14. Pretty gross 20th anniv patch for Nashville