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  1. With teal pants these actually look damn good
  2. What we really need is to see some shots of these in sunshine. That teal should really pop in the Florida sun
  3. Going to have to admit that after seeing that video these arent as bad as I originally thought. The all white sucks but the Black with Teal elements looks really good and the Teal top and bottom both look vibrant. If they pair the Teal pants with the white top these might turn out to be just fine. Also, the helmet is top 10 in league
  4. I like this but it looks like you took the Oregon State numbers and just flipped a few corners around. The 0,2,3,4,5,7,8,9 look to be the same with just opposite corners cut off
  5. NFL 2018 changes

    I love these. I am so tired of the ones they wear now
  6. NFL 2018 changes

  7. Anyone find images of them pairing the black or white jersey with teal pants?
  8. My last comment on these and I am moving on... How in god's name can you claim how much the fans love teal and then go essentially black/white on home and road primaries?? I really hope they decide to wear the Teal pants a bunch this year.
  9. Think I will need to see the full thing on the field, in sunshine to get a final opinion.
  10. he already said it would be fixed before season
  11. If only this was the primary home uni-
  12. Teal over black should be the primary. Its not hard
  13. Helmet is only good thing from this set
  14. Poor Jags. They were all excited for this reveal and their neighbor in Miami just blew them out of the water