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  1. Seattle Tribe Sea-tac Tribe
  2. According to Fanatics the replica jerseys use the old template and Premier use the new one. I own a Ravens color rush Premier and the fit is much different than the replicas. Sleeves are shorter and jersey is much snugger fit
  3. Numbers look white to me
  4. Huge upgrade when seeing them side by side
  5. Love the white on blue. Actually like all of them except the all gray option. Pair that gray jersey with blue pants and it might be okay
  6. Could this be the number font or is this just a generic tee?
  7. Assume the uniforms will have wordmarks similar to this-
  8. Kinda reminds me of this logo
  9. Jays sporting white panel caps AND helmets. Look great
  10. Next year
  11. Why 2 shades of Blue? Thought they were going with Green,Blue and Gray?
  12. Guessing it's a team that hasn't played at home yet. Seattle, KC, Toronto, Cleveland, Miami or Atlanta
  13. I'll show you intimidation
  14. Anyone have an image of Toronto stance socks?
  15. I saw a tweet reply from the Rockies last month regarding the new logo. They said it is only being used for print and advertising