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  1. Anything on Oregon yet? I assumed that leaked yellow Mariota jersey I found a few months back would be the new set but haven't been able to find anything else. Strange given that the season is a week away
  2. CC just tweeted that the following names were recently trademarked.. Desert Knights Silver Knights Golden Knights
  3. Can't tell if serious
  4. Give me one of these and be done with it.. Aces Vipers Night Owls Lions (because MGM) Lancers Sphinx
  5. Pretty sure one of our board members here designed that look this year for the Dolphins
  6. Las Vegas pretty much is Nevada. Without Vegas nobody in their right mind would ever visit that state
  7. Black wings?
  8. As much as I dislike Nighthawks it's a hell of a lot better than Desert Hawks. And there is no chance they will be called the Red Hawks when we already have a blackhawks and a red wings in the league
  9. Maybe officially but Sin City doesnt stop either
  10. Told my wife the team name might have the word Night in it and they are also talking about a bird. No joke, without even thinking she says.. Why would a pro team call themselves the Nightingale's. Lets hope she isnt on to something here...
  11. Which is why I prefer Night it plays off the Vegas scene better
  12. That would work as well...although we already have the Blackhawks and Jets so maybe not
  13. ^ Great minds think alike. I for one would love the name as Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Also, colors of black (night sky) and gold (stars) would still work with this name.
  14. Looks as if Eastern Michigan has taken all of the old 2000-2013 scraps and combined them to make their uniform. Those shoulder wings and diamond plated numbers...
  15. According to a story on rotoworld Foley wants to use the name Night somewhere in the team name. He cannot use Knight however as he got push back from Army and London. He also said they are considering a particular bird name... First thing that came to my mind when I read "night" was the Las Vegas Night Owls as it could work on multiple fronts