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  1. Huge difference in color. Never noticed the old jersey and had didn't match
  2. Maybe the texture will be used in the numbers like Seattle and Tampa
  3. I expect to see a Gray jersey as the Alt. Nike is obsessed with dressing teams in gray/anthricate
  4. Love those teal shorts. Good work
  5. Nope and I am a die hard Canucks fan.. awesome find
  6. That's hot
  7. Did the Clippers officially ditch their red road's or do they just not wear them anymore? I just looked up every road game they played this season and they have worn the Black alt for every single game
  8. Could it be that Red is used for AFC teams and blue for NFC? Red in Houston followed by Blue in Minnesota
  9. Will these hats ever be sold without the spring training patch on the side?
  10. Now we wait to see if the Rams change uniforms this year or not. I assume all of the team gear and fan merchandise will be blue/white now
  11. Nike is obsessed with Anthricate and seems to make a gray uniform combo for all of their teams. I wonder if on top of Silver they will have a darker shade of Gray
  12. LOL @ Brewers needing 3 different training tops/hats. Pick a logo, pick a color scheme and be done with it. Also, why is San Diego's blue/yellow? I thought they were done with yellow and just going with blue/white/grey this year?
  13. I didnt even realize the Lions changed the shade of Blue until I read that link. Old shade on left, new on right. HUGE upgrade
  14. Didn't realize the shade of Blue was changing as well as them dropping Black.. Old Blue on left, new Blue on right--
  15. Are the Titans changing this year, or next? As for the color change..I am leaning towards it being the Chargers. Fanatics already has an updated banner for the Lions using the new logo/colors. Clicked on all the teams and the Chargers are the only team that currently doesnt have a banner up at all...might be nothing but just my guess