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  1. ACC: FSU B1G: Penn St BIG XII: Oklahoma PAC: UCLA SEC: Georgia or Tennessee
  2. New Ducks jersey?
  3. Jays wearing white panel caps today! Glad they brought these back as an alternate
  4. Ucla story said UA has long wanted a true West coast power team. When they saw the opportunity to grab a school in Los Angeles it was a no brainer for them. They desperately wanted to plant there roots at West and this was there chance. Also said expect uniforms to stay traditional but to also expect at least 1 alternate. They plan to experiment a bit more with hats and hoodies while leaving uniforms traditional
  5. Ucla deal with UA is 15 yrs, 280M making it the largest supplier deal in ncaa history. As a die-hard fan I can't wait to move on from Adidas. Now I can finally buy some solid merch
  6. Love the logos and 3/4 jerseys. Not a fan of the sleeved jersey
  7. Yes. White Jersey will have red stripe outlined in gold
  8. While I do like the leaping Panther and the sun/stick shoulder logo they look dated. The new logo is a clear upgrade to me and I can't wait to see more
  9. Meant no disrespect towards you, I think you did a great job. I was referring to the logo itself
  10. Is this official or just a concept?
  11. Is it just me or do the eye and mouth look like they don't line-up properly. Something about the angle just seems to be a bit off
  12. Just came to post that. Looks good to me
  13. Primary logo looks much better on a dark background with a white outline. The crown doesn't look right without the outline
  14. I believe it was reported earlier today that the colors are purple, silver and white. No black
  15. I like all of them except the dribbling lion. Remove the ball from that logo and it would look much better. Favorite logo of the set has to be the lion head/ball, love it