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  1. Ravens in black today. Endzones painted black too
  2. What the hell is Ohio State doing? This rivalry needs traditional unis
  3. Now that I think about it I don't mind them just using Vegas. I live in California and when we go to sin city we refer to it as Vegas. Not sure I have ever called it Las Vegas
  4. Why does the gray look blue? Is that just my phone or is that the way the color really is?
  5. Give me the Night Owls!
  6. So far... Best white option goes to Saints Best color option goes to Ravens
  7. Royals look to be keeping gold numbers/wordmarks and making the championship jersey/hat a permanent alt. Announcement coming Thursday
  8. Field art for tonight. Also giving out purple and gold flags to make the stands looks like Boise state stripes
  9. New UCLA alternate this weekend for Armed Forces. Could only find a photo of the retail version but read that the game jersey will have proper shoulder stripes like current home/road
  10. Tampa looks ridiculous but I am loving the graphics package for NBC
  11. NHL jerseys are that price already. Go to NHL shop and lookup any jersey that has a name/number on it..$160-170
  12. Went to fanatics this morning and if you click NFL to see the drop down list of teams the rams logo appears in blue and white. Think this is the first time I have seen anyone outside of you team use the logo in just blue and white
  13. No photos but watching Pens at Habs is absolutely gorgeous! So much color
  14. Holy stripes
  15. Kansas looks just as bad as they play