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  1. I live in Long Beach.. About 30 mins from LA and I can tell you that I haven't talked to a single person that wants the Chargers here. LA and SD have always had a rivalry of sorts and I just don't see many LA locals becoming Charger fans. I also don't see many SD locals traveling north for the games. This should be interesting
  2. Vegas Silver Raiders
  3. Soooo... Rams in Navy/White Chargers in Powder/Yellow/White ????
  4. So does this LA logo replace the curved bolt, or will they be using both? Very curious to see if the helmet changes or not
  5. Looks Amazing! Make it happen LAC
  6. Rams also have an LA logo but not sure if it is official or just a Zypher production--
  7. I have to admit, being in So Cal I will definitely attend a game at Stub Hub just to experience the smaller venue. Will likely wait until 2018 though when my Ravens are in town
  8. Wonder if it will go on the helmet....something like this-
  9. Good. I love their colors but there template is dated and their number font is the worst in the league
  10. As a Raven fan I hate that they ditched the shield logo on the 50 but am loving the ability to change endzone designs based on what uniforms they wear. Really dig the color Rush field with purple/gold Endzones
  11. Wonder what colors they would consider- Cant use any of the following for obvious reasons- Red/Yellow Blue/Orange Black Silver Blue/Yellow I had read an article stating that the Rams would have HQ in Los Angeles so maybe the blue/white is to go the Dodgers route? Also it said Chargers would be based in Orange County and tackle that side of the market. Wonder if they would go Red like the Angels or Orange for Ducks
  12. Ravens have had 4 different fields this year. Black backing with white lettering Purple backing with gold lettering Green backing with white lettering Green backing with no lettering
  13. Anyone else think the Rams are going blue/white to differentiate themselves from the Chargers? Two teams sharing a stadium with same color scheme would be a bit strange
  14. That is one goofy looking dude. He may actually have worse hair than Trump