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  1. Don't think it was ever teal. Maybe a greener shade of gray than what they ended up with. I for one love the charcoal gray they ended up with
  2. Still want to see Edmonton road jersey but assume it will be white with navy yoke outlined in orange. Unless they go with an orange yoke???
  3. Neon Knights should be the teams official name. Plays much better with Vegas than "Golden"
  4. According to coolhockey - We reached out to Adidas in regards to the on-ice (Made in Canada) Authentic jersey. They are only available to Equipment Managers and no one else. There was never any option to buy for any retailers (including official team stores) Looks like it's either fanatics replica or adidas indo authentic for us fans
  5. That white Vegas sweater has grown on me to the point I actually prefer it over the gray. Anyone else?
  6. Yes, but at least this is the only time you will ever see the home and road side by side like this. I just wish the warning flags were on both. Also, are the pants the new darker shade of red?? Looks odd if so since the road jersey doesn't have any of the darker red in it
  7. I could be wrong but swore I read that there are 3 versions. 1 branded by fanatics which is a replica 1 adidas authentic made in Indonesia 1 adidas on ice authentic made in Canada
  8. Adidas is selling 2 different kinds of authentic jerseys. A replica of the on ice Jersey and an authentic on ice version
  9. Need to see Nash and Edmonton
  10. Canes showing it off tonight at their draft party
  11. Could this be the font the Wolves go with this year? Shirt is on their official team shop pending number choice-
  12. Love the logo detail in this picture
  13. Someone else posted a photo yesterday where the underarm fabric looked REALLY purple
  14. Havent been shown yet