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  1. No photos but watching Pens at Habs is absolutely gorgeous! So much color
  2. Holy stripes
  3. Kansas looks just as bad as they play
  4. Coyotes new uniforms have really grown on me.Really like the template they used,especially the roads
  5. Nevada is known as the Silver State so that option makes some sense I guess
  6. ESPN reported this morning that Daley has narrowed the list down to 3 finalists. It's going to be one of... Golden Knights Silver Knights Desert Knights
  7. Current jersey with throwback digits
  8. IMO, you can only have a weekly fashion show when winning. Nobody is going to care what the uniforms look like when they are getting beat down. I understand that Oregon has become a brand and I usually love everything they do. That being said..if they arent putting a competitive team on the field nobody will pay attention anymore and the uniforms/gear wont matter
  9. For what it's worth I have had numerous road gray jerseys over the past decade and have always noticed a different shade of gray depending on team
  10. Your teacher wears jersey's to work?
  11. Right there with you. Gold pants are much better option. They also need to ditch the toilet seat collar
  12. Suck
  13. Ducks need to bring back the satin green helmet. One of my favorite helmets, it was perfect
  14. Fits same way as my new Ravens color rush. Shorter sleeves and slimmer fit