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  1. Hate all you want. These will sell like crazy here in So Cal
  2. Looks like a horrible shopped version to me
  3. bowld

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    At least they aren't a Sooners clone anymore
  4. The wincraft leak is just a photoshopped cavs Jersey. I think the collar striping will end up being different
  5. bowld

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    UPGRADE if you ask me. This is classic Tenn
  6. No it doesnt, the only set with side panels was the Kobe/Shaq era
  7. Purple digits on white and gold. Gold digits on purple Love it
  8. Drop shadow and rounded collar are pretty much a given
  9. bowld

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Get rid of black collar on red jersey and it's fine
  10. That's from the city jersey which already had drop shadow. I imagine that's the one Jersey they don't change
  11. Still sounds and looks weird to see LBJ as a Laker. Going to take some time to get used to for sure
  12. Based on latest mockup by Conrad this set is about to be pure sex
  13. I really think they are going with a Showtime era refresh. They will sell like hot cakes
  14. Interesting word mark on those practice jerseys. Matches the logo as the S no longer sits inside the R
  15. How did this slip by Conrad? Or did he just remain silent? Not much bigger news than a team like the Lakers getting a complete uni rebranding
  16. All of them have the wordmark, not just LBJ
  17. I expect to see a showtime era style with current wordmark. Not sure what they will do with numbers but kinda hoping they go back to drop shadow
  18. Talk about a perfect time to redesign. Now Kobe and James will have different Lakers uniforms to represent different era
  19. Lakers online store is now word marking all the jerseys with a "subject to change" tag. Looks like a full makeover in the works
  20. If Lakers are re-designing the Gold uni you have to assume they will also do the Purple and White too. Right?
  21. Nike site using this image as the place holder. Could be nothing but the round neck reminds me of the classic showtime lakers jersey- Also confirms what we already know about the colors- Shown: Amarillo/Field Purple/White Style: AA7099-741
  22. bowld

    Memphis Grizzlies Appear to be Tweaking Logos

    Assume new uniforms are coming at some point?