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  1. 300 days of sunshine per year.
  2. I guess I'll throw a few of my pieces up here. I started painting two years ago as a way to relax and haven't stopped since. I use oil paint on canvas. I have no training/classes to my name and struggle doing any kind of detail so my style is very abstract and erratic. Basically just shapes and colors. "Underpaid" 48x36 "Self-Titled" 40x30 "Julius Swerving Pt. III" 24x30 "I Wanna Get Killed By The Government" 40x30
  3. A very lackluster SD so far. But an Uso heel turn and Heath's 7 kids in the front row more than makeup for the rest of the show's shortcomings.
  4. What font do the Colorado Rapids use in their logo?
  5. I'll second this. My favorite off that album is "The Blacker The Berry," but "King Kunta" is definitely more summer-jammy. To Pimp A Butterfly is definitely a must listen. It's easily one of the best albums of the year. As far as traditional summer jams go, I've been jamming out to this all summer:
  6. Yes, yes it is. John Cena, Peter Forsberg, Rupert Grint, and myself welcome you to the fan base.
  7. Can anyone tell me the font that this comes from? Or something that is pretty close, I really just need the 5.
  8. Band, or Morrissey song title? Band.
  9. It's the fad epidemic as of late. Let's not bother waiting for evidence. Hell, let's just ignore evidence. If it doesn't fit the narrative or the Twitter hashtag, f*** it! While all cops are certainly not evil, there is a serious problem with police brutality and institutionalized racism within police departments in this country that needs to be addressed.
  10. It's a shame that his attitude and legal problems tanked his trade value. I was hoping they could get at least something for him other than role players and a protected 1st. I think Ty will turn it around in Houston, though. His biggest problem here in Denver is that he didn't really want to embrace the leader role, and everyone in Denver was demanding that he be the leader. With Harden and Howard in Houston, it will give him some breathing room and give them a much needed point guard.
  11. Attalus - Into The Sea I really love this album. If you like The Receiving End Of Sirens, you should definitely give these guys a listen. "Man O'Shipwreck", "Sirens", and "The Ship Is Going Down" are the stand outs of the album.
  12. Bird Rights. Anyone who was on the team to end the season, they can resign, even if they are over the salary cap to begin with. Is it that simple? The Heat won't have Bird Rights for Hassan Whiteside at the end of next year. No idea why not.Anyway, LeBron, Wade, Carmelo, and Chris Paul are apparently all on vacation together. Can't wait to find out what scheme comes out of that. Pretty sure the Cavs can just trade Love for Melo with only a little extra salary filler. WHO SAYS NO? Hassan hasn't played three seasons with the Heat, that is why. Yeah, it's stupid. Neither has Kevin Love or Iman Shumpert. It may have to do with minimum service time as well. As far as LeBron and them on Vacation... for the first time, I'm being optimistic as a Cleveland sports fan: There may be a shot Wade comes to Cleveland. I'm not sure how (I would assume Brendan Haywood's contract), but I could see something like LeBron expecting $22-25 million next year, but instead, him and Wade split, $14 & $11 and both come to the Cavs. Again, no idea how it would work with trading for D-Wade and what not... but I could see it happening in another city, so why not Cleveland? Bird Rights have to do with the contract, not the team. While those two changed teams, the contracts stayed the same. Love and Shumpert's last contracts were 3 years or longer and qualified for Bird Rights, therefore they are able to be re-signed with minimal impact on the cap. The NBA really needs to make some wholesale changes to the way their salary cap system works, because it is unnecessarily complicated.
  13. FWIW, I think it's less that and more trying to be short and pithy. "TRUMP," "Bernie!" and "O'Malley/O'M" are the same idea. Also, you don't get "Jeb" without his surname -- Jeb is actually a shortened "John Ellis Bush."
  14. My guess is that it's because the Rockies stunk. It was a combination of a lot of things. Hockey just wasn't that popular in Colorado back then, the Nuggets were pretty good and really popular at the time, the team was awful, and there was a revolving door of owners who didn't really care about the on ice product. Plus, they were originally supposed to move to NJ in 1978, but the arena wasn't ready yet. So, they had to wait until 1982. That pretty much killed any interest the city had in the following 3 seasons.