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  1. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    The honeycomb gradient is a neat idea for Delaware State... I just wish the hornet logo is on the helmet instead of the 'State' logo.
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Is he even worth that kind of money? I know that they went 5-0 with him as the starter, but that much money is going to cripple the Niners if they bungle this.
  3. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    So, now that Nick Foles is the MVP, doesn't he get a new car or something? Also... Nick Foles is the MVP and the Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. Let this sink in... There are fans in Dallas, New York and Washington probably cursing up a storm right now.
  4. Hmm... that could be either Louisville or San Francisco there.
  5. I like how nice and simple they look. Being a brand new league and all, you don't want your teams to look extremely gaudy to begin with.
  6. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Exactly. Miami has been planned to join for at least a few years. So it's down to Sacramento, Cincinnati and Detroit and I think that Cincinnati would be the favorite here.
  7. That makes sense. In fact, you could name the leagues after famous people who founded the Space UN and explored the system.
  8. Hmm... How about Inner System and Outer System? You can can easily shorten them to IS and OS.
  9. I like where this is going... here's a few ideas from me... As for teams, I'm thinking of these six cities: Boston, New York City, Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Why these six cities? Well, you have two out east, two in the central region and two out west. This works in even way to assure that everyone can get a chance to see these teams. Nickname and colors for each team: -Boston Crimson (Crimson, Black and White) -New York Blues (Blue and White) -Chicago Wind (Sky Blue, Red and White) -Kansas City Bulls (Brown, Red and White -San Francisco Dragons (Old Gold, Red and White) -Los Angeles Stars (Yellow, Midnight Blue and White)
  10. Ooh, an alternate universe where the NFL doesn't exist... color me interested. Do you have an idea of where the first six teams will be located?
  11. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    If I was any one of the four bids that lost out (you forgot Kansas City there), I'd keep my eyes and ears open for an opportunity to take a franchise and relocate it. Each team that lost on the expansion bidding have their own strengths and weaknesses... -New York City probably has the best plan in terms of stadium and finances. They came awfully close to being the other expansion team, so in my mind, they're number one with a bullet on the list of locations for teams that would relocate. The only issue here is with Philadelphia and New Jersey. Fans of the Generals may love the idea of an NYC based rival, but I have to think the owners don't. Probably the same with the Stars. -Miami is technically a brand new market, so having a team there would be great since it's not known how well the Marlins and Panthers are doing in this alternate universe. The only bad thing is that Florida is a hit or miss for the USFL. Tampa Bay and Jacksonville have survived, but Orlando faltered. -Kansas City is also a new market, so there isn't much to fear in terms of stepping into someone else's territory. But, since it is a new market it might be a challenge. Unlike Miami, the Heartland hasn't really experienced the brand of football the USFL brings. -Orlando is at the bottom for a reason. They tried once with the Renegades and the Great Recession pretty much ruined them.
  12. Beginning of the end of Arena Football League? (again)

    The Arena League got too big for it's own good and it kind of blew up on itself. Now, it's a regional league with all four members in the east. In fact, more regional leagues seem to be the way to go for indoor football, if you ask me. It keeps costs down when you don't have long cross country trips to pay for. There are exceptions in certain leagues (The IFL, for example, is concentrated in the Midwest, but they do have the Arizona Rattlers, who are far outside of the region). Still, I don't see the Arena League lasting too far longer until they can find a way to make it into a regional league that can help keep costs down.
  13. Beginning of the end of Arena Football League? (again)

    Uh, technically they don't. They're taking a "break" from the IFL (read: not coming back)
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I'm wondering if all the magic from the walk off touchdown sapped everything from the Vikings, because they're getting hammered hard here. Oh, and if it ends up being New England vs. Philadelphia in the Super Bowl... it works out. It's the best two teams overall facing off. Granted, Wentz won't be playing, but you want the best teams in the biggest game, am I right?
  15. Beginning of the end of Arena Football League? (again)

    It's not going to be Firebirds, so I don't really care.