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  1. I like this project just on the geography itself since I am a geography buff myself. What this would do would give the WAC 6 pairs of 2 teams, similar to the Pac-12. This would make scheduling easier for basketball. On one weekend, you would have a pair of teams (Say... Seattle and Simon Fraser) host another pair (Omaha and UMKC) on a Thursday night and a Saturday night. In fact, the pairs would be really easy to know... -Northwest (Seattle and Simon Fraser) -California (CSU Bakersfield and Cal Baptist) -Mountain (Utah Valley and Denver) -Midwest (Omaha and UMKC) -Southwest (New Mexico State and UTRGV) -Southern Valley (UC San Diego and Grand Canyon)
  2. 1. Someone to tell me the rules of cricket... seriously. How anyone can understand that sport is beyond me when the rules are so damn complicated. 2. The Mariners winning the 2001 World Series... just to piss New York off. Yeah, I went there. 3. NFL teams being allowed to wear their throwback helmets. Why this one? Imagine Russell Wilson in the old school silver lids? Yeah... that's awesome.
  3. A moment 25 years in the making, baby! Tonight, I celebrate the end of an era... by saying what everyone would: DETROIT SUCKS!
  4. I wouldn't be too worried about the Dutch right now in terms of the qualifying picture. 3 points back of 2nd place Sweden at the half way point... and their next game is against cupcake Luxembourg. I wouldn't panic yet, but if they somehow don't win big, then you might want to start to panic. I noticed this wasn't mentioned, but the quarterfinal draw for the Champions League happened on the 17th. Here's the match ups... -Atletico Madrid vs. Leicester City -Borussia Dortmund vs. Monaco -Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid -Juventus vs. Barcelona
  5. I personally want South Carolina and Oregon because it would be really cool to somebody else win it all... and, most personal to me, GONZAGA!!!
  6. Are the Dead Things eliminated from postseason contention yet?
  7. Well... If you guys need me, I'll be in a seething rage after that little worthless POS school from Spokane finally broke through. I hope they get curb stomped in Glendale and then NEVER MAKE IT BACK!!!!!
  8. I knew the request would be a good one. I like the white Cougar for Chicago State on the green helmet... nice change of pace for a school that really doesn't have much for logos. As for UVU, I'd go with the gold as well... and your vision for Grand Canyon is nothing short of pure perfection.
  9. I think an upgrade is pretty much out of the question here. Football is what drives realignment and Gonzaga doesn't have a football program. There's only so much you can do with this school. I like to think that they're happy where they are because the entire WCC has similar ideals (all the members are private schools with religious ties)
  10. Be glad it was the original Godzilla. I hear that Zilla doesn't even give out autographs, just crates of rotten tomatoes to be throw at him.
  11. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 9. Giant Anthropomorphic Eggplant that s Grenades Come on, it's tacos! What more do you need to know? It's sure as hell far better then the Eggplant Wizard's cousin and his explosive diarrhea 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself 13. Harambe Harambe must be destroyed at all freaking costs!!!! 3. PBJ the Size of Maine 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship I like peanut butter and jelly... and I dislike the Hoodie. Simple choice, no? 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 7. Goro While you might be depressed now, I present to you a four armed half man, half dragon that would take on that depression... and then rip it's head off, crap down it's neck and then go to Burger King for lunch GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 9. Accidental Curly Fry While the fry is nice to have, nothing beats a moose leg... especially if there is a great story behind it's sacredness 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion 13. The TV Guide Channel A Bloomin' Onion + Cheese Fries + Steak = Stuffed Seadragon. TV Guide can't do that. 3. Nostalgia Boner 6. Breakfast for Dinner *Is having a nostalgia boner right now* 2. THX sound before movies 10. Tangled Slinky At least the sound is useful... A tangled Slinky? Not so much Sentinel Prime Memorial Region 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 9. Ancient Aliens' Robot Osiris Robot gods? Ha... Our true god is the Anti-Trump Bald Eagle... Why? 'Cause 'MERICA!! 4. Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot Israel is doing well in the WBC. The Sabres haven't done well in quite some time... easy choice here 3. Russell, MB Goalie Beer Thief 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue I hear that the goalie is a legend in those parts 2. OG Aaron Burr 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy You guys need to learn your history... Aaron Burr was the one of the first bad ass non-political people around. Plus... EW! I don't want Brady's sex toy anywhere near me.. it's infected with Cheater-Itis Bernie Kosar Knows What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 9. 1974 Winnebago 16. Kellyanne Conway's Next True Statement That Winnebago is going to break down before that statement happens 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 5. Detroit Even chimp bikers know what a total and complete hell hole Detroit is... and avoid it like the freaking plague 6. Real Life Sharknado 14. Russian Dash Cam Sharknado... that's all. 10. Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants A few minutes with those pants and even the most righteous of indignation is melted away
  12. But, it's still kind of sad that the best team left from England is doing barely good enough to avoid relegation in it's own league.
  13. Washington would of been a great gig... but now that the guy that should be the next coach (and his son, the number 1 recruit in the nation) are heading to Missouri, the cupboard is now probably bare. Hell, the only reason anyone gave a damn about the Huskies this season was so the NBA scouts could drool over Fultz.
  14. *looks at the Bill Paxton Memorial Region and sees He Who Shall Not Be Named beat Guile...* There better be a way to spam votes, because you know damn well I will do that to make sure He Who Shall Not Be Named gets spanked like the freaking monkey that he is!!