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  1. Seadragon76

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    My question is here is 'Where did he want to go?" and "Why didn't he talk to the GM or Pop and tell them that 'Hey, these are the places that I am willing to be traded to and these are the places that I will not go to. Toronto is one of the places I will NOT go to, under any circumstances' so that this mess doesn't happen?"
  2. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the West Coast League (summer college league) will be adding a franchise in Clark County, Washington starting next season. They'll play in Ridgefield (a rising community just north of Vancouver) at the Outdoor Recreation Complex there. It's a brand new stadium with seating at 1800 people. They're going to announce the nickname at the end of summer, but I have one idea that should work: Clark County Taters. Clark County since the team will represent the entire county (and adding 'county' to the name helps separate it from Cowlitz) and Taters since the team is playing in Ridgefield (whose high school teams are the Spudders) AND is used in baseball lingo.
  3. Seadragon76

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Is there any way the own goal can get the Golden Boot? Because there's 12 of them in this tournament alone (you can add the latest, that being a header off of a Croatian defender) which is double the total of Harry Kane, who has 6 goals.
  4. Seadragon76

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Are these teams going to have nicknames and color schemes or are they just going to be 'Alliance Orlando' and 'Alliance Atlanta'?
  5. Seadragon76

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Eh... I don't think that extra game is really that necessary @tigers. It could be used if all other tiebreakers have been exhausted, but I don't think it's needed.
  6. Seadragon76

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Exactly. If they don't, then the World League would choose the highest ranking non-champion to fill in that slot
  7. It's more confusing then anything. Do they play on Pluto? Brass Knuckles is the capital city, yet the nickname... it sounds confusing.
  8. Seadragon76

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    It might be high time to re work the playoff system... I suggest you go with the route that the junior hockey does in Canada. You have six teams in each conference in the playoffs. 6 at 3 and 5 at 4 in the first round, 1 and 2 get byes. Winner of each conference advance to the World League Final Four. In the Final Four, you have the semifinals and then the Grey Cup. As for the fourth team... that would be the host team for the Grey Cup (For example, the 2003 season would be Los Angeles). The only caveat is that the host city must make the postseason to be eligible to earn the host slot. If they do not, the World League has the right to choose the best ranking team to not win their conference championship. Let's use this year's playoff teams as an example... European Conference Playoffs 1st Round (6) Dublin at (3) Milan (5) Paris at (4) Rhein Semifinals Paris/Rhein winner at (1) Stockholm Dublin/Milan winner at (2) London European Conference Championship Lower seed at Higher seed Canadian Conference Playoffs 1st Round (6) British Columbia at (3) Ottawa (5) Toronto at (4) Hamilton Semifinals Toronto/Hamilton winner at (1) Winnipeg BC/Ottawa winner at (2) Edmonton Canadian Conference Championship Lower seed at Higher seed American Conference Playoffs 1st Round (6) San Antonio at (3) Raleigh-Durham (5) Orlando at (4) Sacramento Semifinals Orlando/Sacramento winner at (1) Las Vegas San Antonio/Raleigh-Durham winner at (2) Oklahoma American Conference Championship Lower seed at Higher Seed World League Final Four Semifinals European Champion vs. Host/Highest Ranked Non-Winner Canadian Champion vs. American Champion Grey Cup Game Semifinal #1 winner vs. Semifinal #2 winner
  9. Used to live in Iowa. I'm originally from (and currently living) in Washington state.
  10. This could be fun... Io: Since this moon is so geologically active, something like Volcanoes or Flames or Heat would be a great idea. Also with this idea: Underground stadium. Have the lava flows be in the background similar to how the Capital is in the background at Nationals Park. Neptune: I feel that the name is going to depend on where the team is located. If it's in Neptune Station, then Lakers is my choice since it is home to the largest land made lake in the entire system. If the team is on Triton, then the name should be ice related (Chill, Blizzard, etc.) to connect with how cold that moon is. Uranus: Since Titania is the main base for most of the major mining operations that deliver water to other reaches of the solar system, I think Miners would work here. Pluto: The team is in Brass Knuckles... it is screaming for a nickname like Brawlers. It also works in the way that life of Pluto requires one to be able to brawl at a minute's notice, kind of the Wild West.
  11. Seadragon76

    NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms (COMMENTS NEEDED)

    I like the idea of the patch being red white and blue... these latest concepts coming out around the 4th helps, but it creates a unifying feel to the league.
  12. Seadragon76

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Not a bad idea... I would trade out Nagoya for Bangkok though.
  13. Seadragon76

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Hmm... Piggybacking onto the Asia plan... I think the best way to go is to make it an 18 team league. Half of the current WLAF members would have affiliates in this league while the other half will have their affiliates in another 18 team league that is made up of cities in the Middle East, Africa and South America.
  14. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Season

    17 years?!? The dude is got to be rolling in money like freaking Scrooge McDuck.
  15. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Season

    This has to be the most... Mets thing ever. How long has it been since he played his last game?