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  1. Good news: Cleveland is beatable! Bad news: That was a pretty lucky bounce Bradley got. Worst news: The Cavaliers are like the Disney version of Hercules - You can hurt them, but they're much stronger then you are and will basically wipe the floor with you in the next two games just to show how strong they are.
  2. I just saw the final score of Game 2... how often do you see a 1 seed get manhandled like that?!?
  3. I'd be down with a Nashville-Ottawa finals or even an Anaheim-Ottawa finals. Nothing against Pittsburgh, but some new blood is always nice.
  4. It's been around for a long time up here that it's pretty much second nature. There are always going to be people who don't like it or don't exactly understand it, but hey... to each their own. I could also say the same about the Raptors and the 'We the North' marketing there.
  5. A casino? I thought that was Cornholio speak.
  6. It might just be a Blazers only thing.
  7. WTF is that?!? Can't they just name the team the 'Ontario Clippers' or 'Anaheim Clippers' instead?
  8. Same here... Might I add, wasn't it said that Cleveland can't play defense? I mean, 103 and 105 aren't great defensive showings. But, who needs defense when LeBron and company can shoot lights out for 40 minutes?
  9. If anything, get yourself PS Plus. It's $25 for three months or $60 for a whole year. You also get discounts and free games every month (two per month, this month's games being Tales from the Borderlands and Abzu).
  10. Oh, I know the hate isn't going away any time soon. I just need something for right now... a "Hating with Benefits" if you will.
  11. So much for cancelling the apocalypse, eh Ice Cap? OK, now since my usual whipping boy team (Detroit) is not in for the first time in what feels like eons, I need to hop on a bandwagon Give me a team to hate, people. Oh, and one I can like as well.
  12. That would be great, and to me, I hold high hopes for the planned FIFA game on the Switch. In the past, games in the sports genre had to be changed thanks to the hardware limitations on Nintendo's system. If the upcoming FIFA game can be brought to the Switch without any major sacrifices, that's a win in my book and it could open the doors to EA and 2K putting their sports games on the Switch. It's not Destiny, Titanfall or even GTA... but it's a start point for rebuilding the trust in third party games.
  13. Why can't the M's win on the road? 17 games to start the season outside of Safeco Field and only 1 win. I'm already starting to get a bad feeling about this.
  14. I think a potential SNES Classic would have the same issues as the NES Classic did: Nintendo would probably short change the creation of these systems and sell out their first initial batch of systems and then pull the plug when demand is high. Not to mention that anything put on this system you can get for free with an emulator.