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  1. Seadragon76

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    Could it be possible that the Northland either splits up into divisions or maybe another league forms from it? It's getting to be quite large in terms of what has been usually smaller leagues.
  2. First bowl game of the year and someone needs to tell the guys at CBS SN that it's Louisiana-Lafayette and not Lafayette on the down and yardage thingy.
  3. Seadragon76

    2018 NFL Season

    Either that or the Chiefs went Full Reid (TM) yet again... to think, they had a chance to nail home the top seed tonight. They still have a chance to do so, but the margin of error is starting to become razor thin at best.
  4. Seadragon76

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    LA Chargers Houston Cleveland Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Miami Tennessee Washington Baltimore Seattle New England (Just make sure Gronk isn't on defense, OK?) LA Rams New Orleans
  5. Seadragon76

    2018 NFL Season

    Other then the 99 yard run where he basically made a mockery out of that defense, I don't think he was that great.
  6. Seadragon76

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Tennessee (Last week was a fluke for the Jags) Buffalo Cleveland Atlanta Kansas City New Orleans NY Giants (The Walking Derp vs. the Buttfumble. This has 'epic' written all over it) Houston LA Chargers Denver Philadelphia Pittsburgh Detroit Chicago Seattle
  7. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    *sigh* Is it too much to ask for a winner right now?
  8. Here we go.... (4) Oklahoma vs. (1) Alabama - Orange Bowl (3) Notre Dame vs. (2) Clemson - Cotton Bowl Outside looking in: Ohio State, Georgia
  9. Hate to burst this bubble of self loathing here, but Notre Dame is in. They're 12-0 on the season. The only way they would of be knocked out of this picture is if all hell breaks loose... which didn't happen. Just stop with the shenanigans and prepare for the Orange Bowl or the Cotton Bowl.
  10. Wrong... In Division II, the semifinals will be (4) Notre Dame College at (1) Valdosta State and (3) Ferris State at (2) Minnesota State-Mankato.
  11. I feel like UCF's hope went down the drain the moment Oklahoma won the Big XII Championship. Don't get me wrong... The Group of 5 bid is good, but I'm sure the Knights had bigger aspirations then another G5 bid. Oh, and the SEC Championship is now over. Ohio State has to make a gigantic statement to get the 4th seed from Oklahoma... but there is a way both teams could get in: Pittsburgh taking down Clemson tonight.
  12. Seadragon76

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2549 Season

    Option D might be the best looking of the four.
  13. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    You're ruining the narrative I'm trying to create here with your facts. Anyhow... I would rather see them buy high end talent for them to win NOW. Not to be at the .500 mark... not to kick the can for two to three years only to see this plan possibly blow up in their faces... I want them to win NOW.
  14. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    None of them were saddled with a 10+ year playoff drought that looks like it could reach 20 years with this baloney.
  15. Seadragon76

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    I'm upset that he's basically giving up on trying to reach the postseason now and would rather play this dumb long game that isn't going to get any of the fans anything but more languish.