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  1. Stadium art/banners

    Sad that it went away. Added some flavor to the games. My only guess is that it was banned, not that fans lost interest.
  2. Best Almost Super Bowl Matchups

    would've been sweet
  3. The Eagles really gotta knock it off with all the black.
  4. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    so they made them play on a dirt infield long after the baseball season was over? cheap bastards.
  5. NFL 2017 changes?

    I'll make it very simple for you, Jerry.
  6. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    not a fan of this, but I hate the green pants more, so ...
  7. 2016 NFL Fields

    either they thought no one would notice the cut-and-paste or they didn't care
  8. 2016 NFL Fields

    the "square patch" wasn't your imagination
  9. Best Possible Super Bowl LI Matchups

    battle of the ugly green pants
  10. 2016 NFL Fields

    Saints have the cruddiest looking field turf
  11. well yeah, because the jersey matches the navy blue stripes and stars on the helmet, but the pants are a different story
  12. wut? neither the home or road pants match the metallic blue helmets.