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  1. Very well done. I'd say the original or draft #1 works the best as far as the colours go. Just to nitpick, I'm not sure I see the point of the shadow on the ball, it's a bit of an eye-draw. As well, the font may work better without some of the little quirks, like the L and E having slants. However, those are probably just my preferences. No real flaws design-wise, like usual, all your work is super crisp and well designed.
  2. The K-Sword is very well done, nice work. The primary has a decent amount going on, but I'd say it achieves some solid balance. Custom font?
  3. Very well done. Only nitpick would be that I find it a bit odd having the secondary hawk head facing the opposite direction as the primary. Everything is well rendered though, and those custom sticks are great. Was that just part of the presentation, or is the school actually planning on getting some?
  4. Pretty well done, nice to see Studio Simon's work in hockey.
  5. Certainly an improvement over the one from a couple years back. I like the idea of tweaking a concept every year, acts as a good measuring stick. Everything here is very clean, no lines are really out of place, and the whole logo has a strong composition. I'm not sure the shading in the face works any better than the symmetrical version. I think what's out of place right now is that the way you've laid out the tiger, with the paws coming at you, is very aggressive, but the expression is very calm. A tiger probably wouldn't leap like that and keep a neutral facial expression. Take the head on its own and it works, but mix it with the paws and it looks a little disjointed. If you intend on keeping the leaping tiger, you may want to tweak the face so it matches the aggression of the action. Just what I'm seeing.
  6. I think you've done a nice job here, it's cleaned up but still has some minor league charm to it. I really like the turtle's expression. I might look at cleaning up the foot(flipper?) a little, and the 2 little white bits above the E catch my eye, but that's about all. Well done.
  7. +1 The Canucks current colour scheme is the best part of the identity hands down. That be said, I am a big fan of the logo. Good to hear from Canucks fans, fans of the team always bring a different perspective, and I definitely understand having attachments to your current identity. I fiddled with colours a lot more for this concept than I have with any of the previous 3. Looked at the Black/Yellow/Red, the Blue/Burgundy/Silver, tried out the Maroon/White they've used in heritage situations recently, and was considering adding light blue in. The version posted was very close to having a light blue outline. I settled on Blue and Green because it fits the Vancouver area really well, but I tweaked the blue to give the green a little more, I hate to use this word, but pop. The green itself is the same colour. Cheers to everyone else as well for commenting.
  8. You got it, Canucks are up next. I have no problem with the current logo/identity, but I'm a bigger fan of all the Johnny Canuck pieces they have, and so I based the primary off of that. Very simple, lumberjack head with the V. I came super close to working maroon in there rather than green, and also toyed with the black/red/yellow, but I couldn't bring myself to do that as a Flames fan. Secondary is based off of their recent heritage V logo, which I quite like. I did find it odd that it had 'Vancouver' in it rather than 'Canucks', so I changed that here. Jerseys are again, very simple. I'm not really one to go wild with jerseys, but I might bring out some experimentation with alternates. The arm stripes are based off of the classic Flying V jerseys. I wasn't sure if the NHL allows number placement on the arms like shown anymore, but placed them there for cleanliness' sake. Not much else to say, thanks for checking it out. I'm uploading this pretty late/early so please call out any errors if you catch any.
  9. Alright so I've been having some technical issues for awhile, but got them sorted recently, and I've been working on a fourth team. I'm also considering making some tweaks to previous teams, but the largest change will probably come in the Sens home jersey. Fourth team should be up soon.
  10. Thanks for posting this. Draplin is the man. Had the pleasure of meeting him in person and listening to him give a talk, super nice dude.
  11. Glad you guys are enjoying everything so far. @dgnmrwrw thanks again for the solid feedback. This point, "Right now, the only place in the entire identity where the red and gold touch at all is on the black uniform", is definitely something I didn't even pick up on, although I should have. Seems like the biggest problem with this one is the disconnect of the colours across the whole identity, and is certainly something I'll look into.
  12. Very good concept, I appreciate the cleanliness and clear thought behind the work. I echo the thoughts on the oval highlighting shape, it does appear a little disconnected. You could probably get away with just some simple silver shapes for the gills. The cap mark is very nicely drawn, and is something you would expect to see on an actual baseball team cap. The shoulder patch is well rendered, and while I don't mind the red, it is very random when taken into context with the entire identity. I would definitely rather see the Jupiter script than the font on the grey jersey as well, it's very nicely done. I also don't think you really need the navy stroke on the script for the teal set, but it doesn't hurt at all. Overall very well done, and again it's nice to see some originality and simple cleanliness.
  13. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. I'll think about some of the suggestions, and If I go back and edit anything I'll be sure to post it. Next up are the Ottawa Senators. A jump from the alphabetical order, but I had a concept almost fully fleshed out, and so this is the result of that. The primary is a modernized version of the 2D Senator logo that, in my opinion, is their best mark, and much stronger than the 3/4 one they use. I wanted to try and do something a little different then simply using the 2D mark however, and so I worked out my own version. Hopefully it is at least on the same level as the current one. Only nitpick is if the eye is needed or not. The shoulder patch is simply the O logo, it's very clean, minimalistic, and fits the team. Can't ask for much more than that. The uniforms are a bit tricky. The home is the exact alternate they used in the early 2000's, which I really enjoy as it's very unique. I added in a shoulder yoke to balance it out more, but I'm 50/50 as to whether it's working. Only other change made was the addition of the wreath pattern in the collar. The away jersey is where things get slightly tricky. It's simply a reverse of the home, however it clearly heavily favours black, and very little red is used. It follows the logo much better than the home, but I feel like red is such a big part of their identity, and compared to the home the red is very scarcely used. So I'm not sure if the away is simply too different - in terms of colours - from the home, and if it should be changed. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that, as well as anything else you notice. Cheers!
  14. Just trying to trick people into viewing the thread haha. (great work on the new website by the way, not sure how recent the update is but I just checked it out a few days ago, looks really nice). Glad you like it. I've seen a few other "sand" based concepts, and thought it was an excellent idea for the 'yotes. Would love to see it actually happen.
  15. / Arizona Coyotes / And here are the Coyotes. The primary is heavily influenced by the old school "picasso" branding that they had when they first came into the league. I had some pretty heavily patterned/stylized options, reflecting the desert motifs, but I ended up settling on a sort of mix between that and something more modern. I've kept the brick red that has become their signature, and paired it with the sandy off-white, as well as a burnt orange tone. I dropped black because I feel like these colours work better together, and black doesn't really need a spot here. Uniforms are very simple. I don't know what the NHL's policy would be on an off-white jersey as the designated away, but I would love to see it, and it fits Arizona quite well. Shoulder patch is a stylized cactus silhouette in front of the moon. Again, feel free to share your thoughts, I think this concept is a bit more risky than the Ducks one, and will probably give more varied opinions. Cheers!