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  1. Binghamton Devils New Look

    I'm not a massive fan but I applaud them for trying something original and not just using a B version of the main clubs logo.
  2. Hello,

    I am interested in your drawings of casowary for a software 
    that I am trying to do for French teachers.
    Would it be possible to have the rights to use your images?
    Looking forward to your reply,






    1. chickenfish13


      Hi Laurent, thanks for reaching out. Sent you a message.

  3. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Quick update here
  4. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Sounds good, I'll revert back to the previous version for the jerseys, which I'm working on right now. Can't get them to where I want them. In the meantime, I've got the next team's logo ready to go. Here's the Kings. It's an edit of an old Lion logo. I'm not sure how the containing shape will be received, obviously it isn't the typical Lion's hair outline. I thought it might be interesting to combine the Lion with a shield, and I'm happy enough with it to stick to it, unless there is any major backlash. Would love to hear thoughts!
  5. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Are any updates here a significant improvement over the last version? I've been fiddling with it a lot, but I think maybe I got a bit too cute with making the curves line up. If nothing stands out as being better, or if anything stands out as being worse, I think I'll just go back to the last version for the jerseys.
  6. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Interesting. My biggest worry before posting it was that it had too much of a beaver/muskrat vibe. So when someone mentioned it I figured that's how most would see it. I'm glad that isn't everyone's first thought though, and that it's being well received. Thanks all for commenting!
  7. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Damn you know that's something I was worried about. I went through about a dozen variations of ways to depict the snout area, which I think is the biggest contributor to the muskrat look. I'll have to go back and change up the snout I think.
  8. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Hi all, it's been awhile, but I've been working on a slightly different version of the previous Predators logo. I've scrapped the perspective of the previous one, and gone with a strictly profile view, keeping true to their past logos. I've also switched up the colours a bit to keep in line with their actual brand, but I'd like to hear which colour way you guys prefer. Let me know what you think, whether or not this one is an improvement, etc. Thanks for checking back in!
  9. Norwich City F.C. Redesign

    This is really well done. I'm not wild on the NCFC square mark, if only because the slight asymmetrical nature of the N draws a lot of attention, when the rest of the mark is very uniform. I do really like the typeface itself though and the fully spelt out Norwich City F.C. That main shield logo is excellent, and I like how you've used the uniqueness of the shield's shape and extended it to other elements like the app icon.
  10. Laval Rocket

    I really dig this for the most part. Would be interesting to see the back 'notch' in the main R raised to line up with the hole of the R, to have that act as a rocket as well. I quite like the shield logo, however it certainly isn't something I would see elsewhere and assume is for a sports team. I like the flame underneath the numbers on the back, but it looks sort of out of place on the socks. Don't like the #9 at all, I think there definitely could've been a better way to incorporate it. Maybe as the O in the shield logo, or even just in a shield itself. Overall though a classy identity that has some nice modern touches.
  11. New Juventus logo

    Pretty interesting. I sort of dig it, certainly unique as a soccer mark, makes them stand out.
  12. Point1's OHL Rebrand (6/20: Kitchener Rangers)

    Really nice start to the series so far. The Colts' logo is very well done, and the tertiary in particular is quite strong. I think as a mark overall it would work better if you kept the bold white stroke from the tertiary, and added the thinner yellow outline to that. As it is now there are some line weight inconsistencies among the three marks. I'm not sure if you're using a vector program, and if not I can understand how it might be a challenge to replicate the exact same line weights. Conceptually though, nicely done. The Otter's logo is again quite well done. I think you've rendered the face in a way that eliminates any cuteness that you mentioned. The Otter certainly looks tough. I find the way the light blue body shape ends slightly jarring. Might be helpful to extend it further up the leg, or in the body, and follow the shape of the O. Again there are some line inconsistencies, particularly with the yellow stroke around the feet, but that's just an aside. Conceptually again I really like what you're doing. The jerseys are very nice, and I'm a fan of the colour scheme, without the red. I look forward to seeing a few more teams!
  13. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Appreciate the continued feedback Greg. I'm likely going to explore a strictly 2D version, and then also try and tweak the current to keep the energy that 3D allows. Will probably post it along with the rest of the identity once it is all finished.
  14. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Yeah I think you may be right on that, the perspective could be a little skewed. Looked at it so long I can't really tell anymore.
  15. / Rebranding the NHL / LA Kings logo

    Been a year and some change, but never too late to get back into it right? My life has gotten much busier over this time off, and I haven't had too much spare time to dedicate to concept work. However, I've had some rough ideas just sitting in some illustrator files for awhile, for 4 or 5 teams. This Predators concept started sometime shortly after the Canucks was done. It's been in the wings for awhile, but I never had anything solid that I felt was good enough to post until just recently. I've revisited it again and again, and think I've gotten it to a point where I'm happy with it. So here it is: For something that has been in the works for so long, I don't have a whole lot to say about this one. Most notable change is obviously the color palette. I'm a huge fan of the Predators yellow that they currently use, and they've truly made the colour their own. I worked with a number of different palette options, and thought this one was an interesting look. I don't have much of a justification for it, I just think the colours work quite well together. Beyond the primary I haven't changed much. The secondary is just the guitar pick logo updated with the new colours. It's probably one of my favourite graphic marks in the league, and I didn't feel it needed any changing. The wordmark remains the same as well. Jerseys aren't finished yet, I've been messing around with a few different templates, and haven't settled on anything finite yet. But I've had the logo so long that I wanted to get it out there and get some comments on it. I hope to have the jerseys up by the end of the weekend, but nothing certain. Like I mentioned I've been staring at some iteration of this for over a year, and so I can't really look at it objectively anymore. There may be a glaring problem that I just don't see, and if so please point it out/any other graphic problems it may have. I'm excited to hear what people think. Cheers!