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  1. Rumble Ponies to play game as Binghamton Spiedies

    Correct - it's pronounced "SPEE-dee".
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yes, agreed! You can see the red crown clearly, just above Mauer's ears (below the "censored" part).
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    I like your uni concepts, but I tend to think the words "DIAMONDBACKS" and "ARIZONA" will be in the new font:
  4. The Rochester Red Wings (AAA Minnesota Twins affiliate) unveiled their new 2014 uniforms today: http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20140328&content_id=70312384&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_t534&sid=t534&tcid=fb_article_70312384 The road jersey (with block "ROCHESTER") remains unchanged, and has been used since 2008. The home uni (white) and Sunday/BP jersey (black) are new. Although I'm not really sold on the new black jersey, I love the new home uni. Simple, modern, classic. A definite upgrade from their last set! As an aside, myself and other members of the Rochester Baseball Historical Society (RochesterBaseballHistory.org) contributed the historical jerseys for the backdrop.
  5. The Rochester Red Wings (AAA Minnesota Twins affiliate) will be unveiling their new uniforms this Friday (3/28).
  6. As a Rochesterian and huge Red Wings fan, I, as well as many others, judging by the team's Facebook page, was incredibly disappointed in this new logo set. Rochester's baseball roots date to 1825, with professional baseball dating to 1877, the oldest franchise in minor league baseball. The team is terrible at embracing that history, and this is just the latest sad chapter. The character ("Spikes") is fine as a mascot, but why does he have to be the basis of the team's entire identity system? I, for one, was so glad to hear of a logo update - I figured it would be the end of "Spikes", who has befouled our hats for 17 years. Unfortunately that was not the case. Such a missed opportunity. The Wings' Facebook page is lighting up with negative comments. The fans aren't embracing this new look. There are a lot of traditionalists here. As an aside, the only of these three caps that I would consider buying, the BP, wasn't available for purchase at the unveiling event, and I was told that it would not be until March.
  7. Today at 4:00 the Rochester Red Wings (AAA / Minnesota) will unveil their new logo. <link>
  8. Rochester Red Wings (AAA affiliate / Minnesota Twins) will be unveiling a new logo (and merchandise) at a fan event on 11/1/13 at 3:30 PM.
  9. @Grubstreet - they had a version of the "FC" hats available this past season in the team store. They're currently selling them online (click here). It's New Era's "29Twenty" model, which is cotton, like a 47 hat. If it's the 5950 you're looking for, they do show up (used) on ebay occasionally. Hope that helps...
  10. I suspect the Rochester Red Wings (AAA Minnesota Twins affiliate) are ditching the solid black jerseys. All of last year's black jerseys were recently put up for auction, including team-issued / non-player worn, which would indicate to me that they're liquidating them. The black jersey was their primary home jersey from 1997-2000 and again from 2005-2010. They were worn as alternate jerseys in '11, '12 and '13, although they were worn more often than the supposed "home" jersey, which is white with black raglan sleeves. I suspect the latter will be their primary home jersey in '14, and they might perhaps add a new alternate jersey, or wear their red BPs as alternate game jerseys, which they've done in the past.
  11. DIY sports jerseys/gear

    I've done some Rochester Red Wings items: 1932 home jersey 1981 Cal Ripken jersey 1988 Steve Finley jersey (signed) 1970 Bobby Grich jersey Early 1990s jacket
  12. Rochester Red Wings July 4th Jerseys

    Is there any schedule as to how / when they do all these jersey auctions? Perhaps I should call the team store? I guess I don't care too much about the pink ones, but they're supposed to auction off some of the black ones "at the end of this season" and I'd like to be around for that. They're supposed to be auctioning the orange ones too. Bulldog - I agree with you on much of what you said, but I personally like Naomi. I think she's done a lot for the team and they definitely treat the fans with respect - see my earlier post on the topic.
  13. Rochester Red Wings July 4th Jerseys

    Gold jerseys, huh? That I've gotta see. Am definitely looking forward to pictures. I wonder if they'll be like the bright orange jerseys they wore last year? I won two of those at auction. They were relatively cheap. Any idea when all these auctions will be? Is there some sort of schedule? You might be right about the Wings being the CCSLC AAA team. Or at least there are enough of us here from Rochester to keep the topic(s) going!
  14. Rochester Red Wings July 4th Jerseys

    I have an update. In a previous post I expressed my concerns with the Red Wings current black jerseys and questioned whether they might be returning to home whites or going to new uni's completely for next season. I actually contacted the team and was responded to by none other than Naomi Silver, the Chairman of the Board/COO. Her reply was prompt, courteous and respectful. It's fun to joke on their uniforms a little, but Rochester Community Baseball is truly a class act and treats their fans with respect. Have a read and see for yourself: From the email: "...a logo change is probably not something we are considering for the very near future... ...When changing the primary logo, we must go through an extensive approval process and it is extremely expensive, so I would say that we probably have a fair number of years before we can do that. Ideally, a team does not change its primary logo very often, in hopes of creating a strong recognition for the mark. As you probably have noticed, in the last 10-15 years, most teams did create new marks, trying to capitalize on the fact that Minor League logos and associated sales have skyrocketed. Most of these teams with large fan bases and strong sales have not changed their logos. The color of our uniform went back to black (although we do try to use other jerseys a fair amount) as a result of fan input. We had a lot of favorable feedback on the black jerseys, which is generally our impetus for making this type of change. I will certainly make note of your thoughts, though, so when we are discussing this again in the fall, we will have the benefit of your input along with others. Again, thanks for your feedback. Sincerely, Naomi Silver I wonder how they gathered the fan feedback that was in favor of the black jerseys. It's funny how she noted that they do use other jerseys "a fair amount". Regardless of my own tastes and style preferences, her mail made me feel better about the uniform situation, and proud to be a wings fan. Am I making too big a deal of this? I guess I'm just suprised to receive a reply that's not a form letter. Thoughts?
  15. Florida Marlins Uniform Question (1993-2002)

    All teal was home, teal with a black brim was away and all black was alternate. I couldn't say exactly what year they switched to black underneath but if I had to guess I'd say late 90's Looks like I was beaten to the punch!