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  1. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

  2. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    Needs some orange . Seriously
  3. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    This is the best Jets concept I've seen on this board. Modern while still paying respects to the past. Nice Job. HOWEVER, I think you should extend the Jet striping, as on the sleeves, to the pants and helmet. For example, instead of having to straight lines as a helmet stripe, keep the back the same but have two jets reflect in the front and at the bottom of the pants. Colts is perfect too. I'd probably make the helmet logo bigger.
  4. jus2damcrazey219

    San Diego Padres focus-grouping new uniforms for 2020

    This is what I would tell the Padres people: Do the reverse. There is only one way to fit-out or stand out #brownandyellow
  5. jus2damcrazey219

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    You can thank the NBA for that with that dubious suspension of Draymond
  6. jus2damcrazey219

    Nigeria football uniforms by Jordan

    As a resident Nigeria, I completely agree with @KRZYBDGRZ. This are pretty good, especially the Lime Green one (I love the patterned yoke) but they're mot as flashy as the ones they're donning at the World Cup
  7. jus2damcrazey219

    American Premier League

    It's not that difficult to do so. Just keep what you have and turn the outer purple circle into a C. It would keep what you've made while capturing the essence of the Colorado flag C (you may also have to thicken/widen the outer circle also).
  8. jus2damcrazey219

    Buccaneers Concept Revision (Cannon Ball Set Update 5/12/18)

    Totally disagree. Bring the orange back. Needs some color balance.
  9. jus2damcrazey219

    Buccaneers Concept Revision (Cannon Ball Set Update 5/12/18)

    I sorta second this motion. This only applies to the away jersey. The home and alt ones are good as is. The away one seems to have extra and unecessary outlines necessary number outlines. I'd say emulate it off the same thing you did for the home ones (i.e. red number, with pewter inner outline and orange outer ones). Mayne some white (a little) in the panta piping as well.
  10. jus2damcrazey219

    Welcome to the 90's

  11. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    These are both great. Maybe a combo of both? Keeping the beam and the stencil/hole effect
  12. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

  13. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I have to disagree. The one-colored dolphin makes the sun seems separate, incohesive. At least with the two tone dolphin, there is a connection with the sun. Would love to see it in orange. Other thoights: Great job on the eagles update. The yellow and white on the chiefs logo would look better flipped.
  14. jus2damcrazey219

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE