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  1. Sure, there's no guarantee in getting a championship if you land that generational talent. But, it's a bigger guarantee that you won't win a championship if you don't have that generational talent. When the best example of "You don't need a superstar player to win an NBA title!" is a team that won 13 years ago, it's a pretty clear assumption that you do need to have a superstar, Hall of Fame, generational player to get an NBA championship. If you're content with 50-55 wins, being an annual 3-6 seed in the playoffs, and topping out at the conference finals...feel free to settle for really good players.
  2. Sun Devils. Close, though!
  3. These players may need time, but that's part of the problem...once they start rounding into form, their contracts are up and they start looking to team up, or they start eating more cap space and their teams can't do as much in free agency. And that's if there aren't coaching or front office changes within those first few seasons. Very rarely do you see franchises granting time to coaches, GM's, and players in the NBA today. And, this also gives some validity to "The Process". Great, generational talents don't go hitless when it comes to making All-Star teams or All-NBA teams in their first three seasons. The Sixers, and rightly so, aren't going to stink and collect first round picks just to draft good-to-really-good players. Those guys won't get you past the conference finals. They're wanting those game-changing great players that'll get them to the NBA Finals and win championships. #1 overall picks are supposed to be those franchise-changing guys. Lottery picks are supposed to be really good players. What the last few drafts have shown is that a vast majority of these 180 first round selections are players that are dime-a-dozen. 5% of all the first round picks in the previous six drafts have made an All-Star appearance (Or 7% of all the lottery picks the last six drafts). 0% of the lottery picks from the 2013-2016 drafts have made an All-Star team. This should be an indictment on the lack of quality coming out of these last few drafts, and why the Sixers have been smart enough to see that they'd just be wasting their assets for what's been coming out lately.
  4. Clearest sign that the NBA has issues....a team that was a conference finalist is saying they need two seasons to try to make it to the NBA Finals.
  5. Well, it's also worth mentioning that the previous two offseasons also had expansion drafts, and established teams were losing four players in three seasons.
  6. You know what? I'm agreeing more with BBTV than the other side of the coin. We'll never know how The Process finishes because Hinkie wasn't able to see his plan all the way through. He did the dirty work but wasn't allowed to see his project conclude. The NBA just doesn't work like other sports leagues. For one, they have so many loopholes in their salary cap, so many distinctions, etc. that make it nearly impossible to fully understand a team's financial situation. Secondly, you have to find that once-a-while superstar player in the draft. We have the Warriors, then a gap to the Cavs and Spurs, then a sizable gap to the Rockets and Bulls, and then there's 25 teams that are in some sort of rebuild or just looking to get future assets until the Warriors and LeBron start to get old. Destination cities have such an advantage today because these players don't want to spend their winters in Milwaukee or Salt Lake City unless you're getting grossly overpaid. Players simply don't have that "Gotta beat the other guy" mentality where they stick with their teams throughout. The Hawks are 2 years removed from a 60-win, top-seed, home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference Finals....and come next month, all five of those starters will be gone. Just last offseason, they couldn't even get big names like Durant to even talk with them, much less sign them, so they threw a bunch of money at an old Dwight Howard and $18 million at something called Bazemore. They are staring down a rebuild. They've realized that being in 6-seed, 44-win territory doesn't really get you anywhere. Heard something earlier in the week....of the last six drafts, 180 guys have been drafted in the first round, and only 9 have made an All-Star team (6 of which were drafted in lottery spots). Nine have been named to one of the All-NBA first, second, or third teams. Zero players from the last four drafts in the lottery spots (Picks 1-14) have made an All-Star game appearance or made an All-NBA team. None. Take out Giannis and Gobert, and the last four drafts have no players getting All-Star Game selections or All-NBA team selections. There just hasn't been much in the way of great basketball talent coming out lately. If you're in the Philadelphia front office with all these draft picks, would you have blown them on these players in the last four drafts that haven't done anything, or would you be better served trading picks and waiting for a deeper draft or a superior talent to cash them in? (Which may look like the case with this Fultz guy)
  7. Howard was pretty good early on. Huge on the Hawks biggest need: securing rebounds. But, and for whatever reason (has to be more than just poor free throw shooting), he wasn't being played in the 4th quarter of playoff games. Howard has that stigma of being a cancer on teams lately....maybe he got mouthy towards the end of the year. Guess the pick exchange (not that I put much stock in 2nd round draft picks...a lot of teams seem to toss these picks away on projects and Europeans, or both) is due to the money on Howard's contract. No idea about what the return means, or if the Hawks are going to full-on rebuild or try to tread water with Millsap and whomever for another season (it should be the former).
  8. My god...how did the Giants get 20 below .500?
  9. Not sure if they're still around, but Atlanta had this place called "Whirlyball", which was Jai-Alai played while driving bumper cars....
  10. That's the game plan for Atlanta, I believe. Roof open, but A/C still keeping things at 72 or thereabout.
  11. I think the way it works out is....Vegas can start negotiating (or maybe even signing) UFA's now. But if they do sign that player, that's the player they take from that team's exposed list. So if they have a contract agreement with Oshie, Oshie will be the player Vegas takes from the Capitals.
  12. Oshie is a free agent, I believe. And it doesn't really make much sense to protect a player that's about to hit free agency unless you're absolutely sure that you can trade his rights before July 1 or can re-sign them. Now don't put too much stock in all these exposed players being 100% free for the taking. There's going to be a lot of side deals and wink-wink arrangements between Vegas and these teams. Vegas needs to fill out not just an NHL roster, but two minor league teams and a pool of prospects that'll be playing in Europe or Canada or college this season. They have to turn these 30 gift players into about 50-55 players, if not more. For example, Columbus seems to have an agreement in place where they'll send their first round pick for 2017, a prospect, and for Vegas to take one of three players in exchange for not taking one of their exposed players. That's turning one player into three. There's going to be other side deals before the expansion draft, as well as teams making trades with Vegas if they take one of these exposed players....like, say Winnipeg wants the exposed Eric Staal. Vegas selects Staal from Minnesota's pool, then trades him to Winnipeg for picks or prospects. Vegas needs players, and more specifically, younger players. I remember the Thrashers acquiring a ton of picks from their expansion draft season. Vegas isn't looking to compete in '17-'18....they're five years down the road. Except the lone difference is that they have to reach their established salary basement (and can't do so in the way of buyouts until next summer). That's what will make this week so fascinating, I think. Folks think Fleury is going to be Vegas's opening night goalie....I think he gets flipped while his value is at its highest. There's a team that's on the verge of Cup contention or wanting to break through to make the playoffs that'll send quite a haul to Vegas if they can get Fleury and/or another key asset.
  13. Kaepernick has been on a bit of a roll on Twitter ever since this Castille verdict came out late last week. So Kaepernick's reasoning behind kneeling was that he was going to do so until he felt things "got better" for black people and minorities in regards to how they got treated by police officers, which I always thought was rather difficult to quantify. Ok, cool, protest however you wish as long as there's no physical harm being done to others (or their property) by said protest. Fast-forward to February or March, when he announced that he would no longer be kneeling during the anthem. Either he felt things "got better"....or he felt "Oh crap, I may not be on an NFL roster soon". For those that feel that Kaepernick isn't on an NFL roster because he's too much of a distraction, Colin isn't making things any easier on himself in terms of shaking off that distinction.
  14. Tnak would kill to pork a woman as skinny as Mama Cass.