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  1. NFL teams have shown over the years that you can kill someone, rape someone, abuse someone, etc., and still land work if you're good at something. Don't think his political views will matter if a team is looking for someone that might help them win games. Kaepernick's biggest problem is that he got figured out. Part of it was that the 49ers 2016 roster was dreadful (when 51 of your 53 positions are filled by players that are easily replaceable, that's an issue), but part of it was he got exposed for what he is: Bad at throwing the ball and worse at decision-making when running with the ball isn't an option. To put it in other words: Kaepernick lost his QB job to a guy that the Jaguars deemed unworthy of playing for them, a team that's been desperately looking for an answer at QB since Garrard left. Being 40th or 32nd in whatever categories are nice and all, but if you can't beat out Blaine Gabbert, who I assume isn't 39th or 31st in those same categories...you've got issues. By my count, there's five teams that, as of today, have an opening (or big uncertainty) for their starting job: Cleveland, Denver, Houston, NY Jets, and San Francisco. The Broncos and Texans are going to wait out the Cowboys until Romo is cut. The 49ers likely aren't going to bring Kaepernick back. The Jets and Browns likely draft and play their QB this season. And Kaepernick doesn't seem to be the mentoring type.
  2. Sounds about right. Also moussing up their mullets and getting the finest jorts money can buy.
  3. Granted, Minnesota United seems overmatched and I think Chicago was last place in the East last year, but those two getting smoked 6-1 and 4-0 is pretty impressive. Now Atlanta United just has to weather this west coast and lengthy road trip.
  4. So I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back to sleep right away, so I went to the living room to watch a little television (we don't keep a TV in the bedroom...one of my 'wins') to try and get sleepy. Stumbled upon this movie with Steve Buscemi, who I feel is always underrated and tends to always have the role of a guy that tends to be a bit of a backhanded jerk, so I started watching. The movie is "Ghost World". Steve plays this 40-or-over single guy that has an ad in some singles website/magazine, and these two high school kids think it would be funny to respond and mock this guy as they bag the date. The girl winds up being fascinated with this guy, they start hanging out, etc. (Or so I surmised....missed the first half of the movie.) Anyway, Steve is feeling down because he had already broken up with a woman he was seeing for a while, and the high school girl he had befriended wasn't answering his calls. So this is where this scene comes in: Now I'm firmly in the camp of "There ain't nothing funnier than a fart noise", but this randomly-placed cheek-flapper had me rolling. No real way to expect it or prepare for it, just....there it is. Got any examples of "Well, that totally came out of left field" from any movies or television shows? Something that doesn't really add to the storyline, something that....if it weren't in the final production....doesn't change the outcome or the ending. So I'm not looking for "This guy died in Walking Dead when I didn't think he would", because that's part of the story.
  5. Indiana gave up home-court to Georgia Tech in the NIT because Indiana folks were concerned about the reception the NIT would get. That had to be the death-knell for Crean.
  6. Wasn't Middle the favorite in this game?
  7. Or, you know, rape women....
  8. The adage "You get what you pay for" fits Frontier perfectly. The plane got there, which is usually a good thing. The seats are small, aren't very comfortable, and they don't recline. Their seats reminded me of those old hard-plastic chairs back in high school. Should you want a snack or drink, they only accept cards. Now I'm not sure if it's Frontier employees or airport folks, but my two flights with Frontier experienced them taking their sweet time with the checked baggage. I found I had slightly more room with the window seat than the aisle. I also found out that since everyone used Frontier because of their cheapness, carry-on space becomes a bit of a premium. If you're not at the front of the line when your group gets called, your carry-on likely gets placed a few rows away from your row.
  9. For what it's worth, PK Subban is the most popular Predators player, and by far. Just walking around the arena last night, there's more Subban jerseys/shirts than any other player, he got the loudest cheer in the announcement of the starting lineup, and he gets the loudest cheers and "ooohs" whenever he has the puck.
  10. Woo! History!
  11. The thing is.....we all seem to pine for the older days of SportsCenter, but I don't really know how we can make that version watchable today. Back when we all seemingly watched SC, there was no MLB Network, NFL Network, NBA TV, or NHL Network. There was no social media that showed the big highlights as soon as that play happened. ESPN was the monopoly. Now ESPN has all this competition, there's all these specialized channels dedicated for each sport, for college sports, specific conferences, etc., that ESPN has to now do more than just air highlights and live games.
  12. Yeah, was gonna say....it's a flea market, not a Nike outlet. Flea markets are glorified garage sales.
  13. Updating this: Mercer/Kennesaw State/Savannah State - All lost, all done. Georgia Southern - Lost to Troy yesterday. They gone. Georgia State - When UT Arlington lost earlier today, GSU became the highest-seeded team left in the Fun Belt, had a 15 point lead. They lost to Troy. Last state school with chance to earn automatic bid. Maybe gets one of those CIT or whatever tournament bids, however those work out. Georgia Tech - Very borderline coming into the ACC tourney, and they came out and lost to the 14-seed Pitt Panthers. Likely NIT-bound. Georgia - Considered the 5th-team out entering today. Lost to Kentucky yesterday, ending their tournament run. Will have to hope a lot of bubble teams crap the bed. Vanderbilt likely took the SEC's 5th and final bid by playing well down the stretch and beating Florida twice. Highly doubtful they get in. The state has so much basketball talent. I just don't know why these schools don't have the balls to hire one of these top-flight coaches. (Well, I know why Tech couldn't, but they'll have ACC Network money to help out soon.) There shouldn't be any reason why Georgia can't be on level terms with the likes of Florida as far as regularly making the tournament. Hell, South Carolina when from hot-garbage to tourney-bound in short time.
  14. The Patriots hardly outbid and/or outspend other teams in free agency, though. Now maybe they'll spend a little more to try and get a ring or two more before Brady retires, but that hasn't been their M.O. since Belichick took the helm. Their deal is to acquire draft picks, pick out guys that fit their mold after free agency slows down, and get rid of guys a year before their performance dips and/or they become UFA's.
  15. Atlanta's slated to play at Minnesota on Sunday, with cold weather and snow expected. Break out the orange ball!