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  1. Happy wife, happy life.
  2. Members here have been wishing for multiple NHL teams to move to other cities for years. It's pretty much acceptable behavior around here.
  3. Or....losing all those games, many of them not even competitive, and you're drafting 4th. Philadelphia goes from #13 to #2. At least Vegas has some cushy Expansion Draft roster decisions coming up, though I highly expect that Vegas won't be using the expansion draft to build this decent roster the NHL thinks they could. Vegas has farm teams to fill and a future to establish. While I get that they want there to be an aversion to tanking, there should be a limit on how high you can rise in the draft if you get the lottery balls to bounce your way, like the NHL used to have.
  4. That's every Boston fan, though. What is it...10 championships and 13 finals/Super Bowl appearances since 2000?.....and they still bring up their losing days of the 70's and 80's, etc. Why was it time to get rid of Mark Richt? Little-ass West Georgia had more players taken in the 2017 NFL Draft than the University of Georgia did.
  5. Once the fourth round ended today, that officially put an end to Deflategate. Also, this year's Mr. Irrelevant, Chad Kelly:
  6. I had these at one of my recent trips to a Predators game. They were ok. Don't really remember them being that outstanding. Don't really have any favorite stadium foods. I guess the closest would be that H&F burger the Braves sold at Turner Field (and I assume is also at SunTrust Park), but that's really an outside restaurant inside a stadium. The club section in Philips Arena had a Steak and Caesar sandwich that was good, but like $13. But again, outside restaurant served inside the venue. As far as unique goes, the Braves have (or had? Not sure if it made the move, either) what's called the Burgerizza: A pounder bacon cheeseburger with the top and bottom buns both being a personal-pan size pepperoni pizza. Of course I had to try this just to see how it tasted. It's a bit too thick to eat as a proper sandwich, so I ate the top bun first (the sandwich is quartered), then the beef and cheese and bacon, then the bottom bun. Got just over halfway through it before the beef started tasting like rubber. Finished off 3/4th's of it, plus the pizza of the final quarter (but not the crust).
  7. It's supposed to be in the mid-to-upper 80's in Atlanta tomorrow, and there's a 3pm game against DC United. It's also supposed to be muggy as hell. And we don't have the benefit of shade or any sort of roof at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Already sounds uncomfortable.
  8. Doubtful. Something like 9% of his passes that go 10+ yards downfield get intercepted. Not to mention, he had no real progression from his freshman year to his final season.
  9. While an ugly incident, this could be a big steal for the Bengals. He'll have a clean sheet with them. The Browns take Kizer. Not sure what to make of his ability to become a quality NFL QB. Always thought he was overhyped in college.
  10. Yep. So the article says the check resides in Memphis. I'll be in Memphis soon. Wonder if I can go see that check while we have some down time?
  11. The check does exist. I believe the check sits in someone's safe, as they wanted to keep that token of "We defeated the NFL".
  12. While I get the sentiment, seeing what the NFL is today....if you think that guy is your QB, you go get him and do so at whatever cost. If you think any player takes you to that next level, you go after him. There's no magic formula for success. The Redskins gave up a lot to the Rams for RG3 and that backfired. The Falcons gave the Browns four picks for Julio Jones and all those picks Cleveland used are no longer on their roster. The Texans have essentially given up two first round picks and two second round picks to get rid of Oswiler and put themselves in the position to get Watson. There are times where you have to be the aggressor. If you "wait for the draft to come to you", what you wanted won't always be there.
  13. Lone downside is that he's injured and likely misses some of the early part of the season, which isn't too bad. The upside? All the reviews on Twitter say this guy is a beast. And he's got a trash mouth...I like it. He's got an edge!
  14. Falcons trade with Seattle. Taco or Lamp? I like Taco!
  15. Either Cook or Foster for the Raiders? Lynch isn't the long-term answer at RB, they're a bit thin at LB.