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  1. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Well, the least-exciting portion of the NBA calendar did begin yesterday....
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Well, to steer the discussion away from the advocating of lynching somebody.... Atlanta is being awarded the 2018 MLS All-Star Game and subsequent festivities. It'd be more awesome if Manchester United gets the invite to participate!
  3. 2017 NFL Season

    It may be hard to win games with a bad defense, but the defense can only allow 7 points a drive (well, 8, but I digress). At some point, you've got to move the ball on offense...not just to keep up, but to give your defense a rest. If the offense isn't doing that, the QB is going to get the deserved blame for the offense sputtering. Now it's great if he's not turning the ball over on the first three downs...but if the offense keeps getting to fourth down, that's not really much better than not throwing a pick. You're still giving the ball to the other team. What do you think is a QB's job...put up stats or put his team in a position to win games? 6th lowest INT% obviously wasn't too beneficial to a 1-10 record. Having pretty-ish stats sure meant a lot to a QB winning 9% of his starts. And how much of those stats got piled up due to garbage time and prevent defense? Other than the Chicago game, where he got pulled in the 3rd quarter where he completed like 1-2 passes for 10 yards. If I told you a QB went 1-10 last season and 3-nearly 20 the past two seasons, would you want him? About the only chance Kaepernick has of getting signed in-season is if there's a 2016 Browns-like scenario where their first 4 QB's get hurt. If Kaepernick struggled with new offenses he was under for 2015 and 2016 with the benefit of having OTA's, mini-camps, and training camp....how do you seriously think he'll succeed getting picked up in Week 8 with an offense he likely has no familiarity with? No coach just picks up a helmet, tosses it to a guy and says "Go get you some". Hundley's been with the Packers for three seasons now, and the other guy has been there for two. It's not a stretch to feel they've got the better odds to play better and get wins than a guy sitting on his couch. I never said they were better. All I've said is that these individual teams feel these guys fit best with what they're doing. Reading comprehension is key. So here's what we do know: -There's an admission that Kaepernick is not as good as he was when he last made the playoffs back in 2013. -Kaepernick needs a specific offense and good talent around him to succeed in. -NFL teams will sign players (of any race) with off-field issues if their play is worth the distraction. -NFL teams will employ those that openly show they're protesting. To keep insisting that he's being blackballed when others are doing the same thing and are still employed means you're just moving the target and don't want to admit that, well, he just might not be good enough.
  4. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I dunno, I don't watch preseason basketball.
  5. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    So LAFC begins next season, and Austin would move to the Western Conference in 2019, I'd assume. Does this mean the next round of expansion goes East for two teams? I think Houston (or Chicago) would keep switching back and forth between East and West over the years when a new team came on, but Chicago's already East and highly doubt they'd put Houston back in the East with Austin staying West.
  6. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Didn't the league just switch to a new jersey supplier? Not exactly a ringing endorsement for folks to spend $100 (or whatever they cost) on a jersey.
  7. Tank in the news

    It surely wouldn't be a surprise to you, but more and more folks are realizing you can be a badass when you can hide behind the computer/phone. Folks are forgetting what these social media outlets are for. Facebook was meant to be able to catch up with old classmates and such. Twitter was a way for news headlines to reach the people instantaneously. Both have spiraled into hotbeds for memes, broadcasting your wraps business, etc. Best course of action is to reduce the number of follows you have.
  8. 2017 NFL Season

    2016 Browns: Had released what they thought would be their franchise QB (Manziel), drafted Kessler for depth/training camp arm/future backup duty, had McCown (I think) but wasn't sold on him, took low-risk, high-reward chance on RG3. Unless they struck gold on RG3, they weren't really expecting to compete in 2016. 2017 Browns: Acquired future draft picks if they take on veteran QB's contract (Oswiler), put themselves in position to select their next franchise QB (should have been Watson, but is Kizer), acquired Hogan for training camp depth. Wasn't expecting both to out-perform Oswiler. Thought the best plan of action is to let the rookie get his feet wet. We know what Kaepernick is. Super Bowl in 2012, NFC Championship in 2013, 8-8 2014, 3 wins and two demotions in 2015-2016. The only folks that want Kaepernick to play are fans that seemingly care more about character than content, and whomever in media that's looking to get articles/shows read/watched because using the race card is more sexy than following normal training camp battles, making season predictions, and following a team during the year. Seattle, who's got about as liberal an owner/team/fan base as any in the NFL, didn't think he was good enough to be signed to their squad...and they actually met with Kaepernick. I can only point out facts and logic and the rationale behind them. The NFL has long shown that they'll deal with whatever off-field issues a player has if his performance can outweigh it. And, there's still plenty of other players that have openly protested and talked about protesting in interviews, and they still have jobs. If you insist on sticking to a conspiracy theory, I can't help but accept that you choose to wander aimlessly in the woods when reason says "here's a trail!". Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, and there were reasons for that. How's that worked out? It was his first pressure-filled game. Like I said earlier...he's been doing only mop-up duty and preseason games before this past Sunday. There's no pressure that equates to being handed the reigns to regular season games for a first place team.
  9. Roads

    All-caps is harder for folks with sight issues (I always confuse near- and far-sighted, but I guess it could go for both) because the letters on the sign, as you're moving, look like a rectangle because there's no altering of height in the letters. With lower-case, there's at least some variation of height and there's less confusion.
  10. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Nah, you were more honest the first time....
  11. 2017 NFL Season

    Sure. Gotta find out if Hundley can do more than just play mop-up duty. You don't get better if you don't play. "Continues to struggle"....he's never gotten a real chance to play! We don't know anything about Hundley. Hundley has more experience playing under Green Bay's system than Kaepernick. He knows the terminology. He's thrown to his current corps of receivers. And apparently the Packers feel the same way. If Hundley fails? Packers have a fairly young core....it wouldn't be a bad thing if they got some higher draft picks to take advantage of the rest of Rodgers' prime. Yet, a team, a front office that gets paid to make these decisions, felt he's good enough to be competent in case anything happens to Ryan. You're arguing about what-if's when I'm just pointing out the rationale behind what moves are being made. Where was all this clamoring for Kaepernick as a QB back in October 2015?
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    If the Packers want a guy that's really adept at throwing the ball to the guys wearing green and yellow, they should swing a trade for Cutler....
  13. Tank in the news

    It's one helluva endorsement for that recliner, though.....
  14. 2017 NFL Season

    Which guy has a better understanding of what the Packers are doing and has some sort of rapport with the receivers/team? That would be my answer. Even though Kaepernick has taken a team to a Super Bowl, he wouldn't be the better option for the 2017 Falcons than Matt Schaub.
  15. 2017 NFL Season

    You can't just "move the target" on the reason why one protesting player can't get a job and others can. While Kaepernick may be the head of the movement, just about all the fans complaining about those not standing are putting all the protestors under the same umbrella. Let's look at things strictly from the football side of things. Just on the standpoint of "What's he doing to get his team to victory?", Kaepernick took a Super Bowl contender and spiraled to an 8-8 record, won a total of three games in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, and twice lost his starting job to a guy that got released from the Jaguars, a team that's not exactly had a solid QB the last few years. Those that make money from scouting/assessing talent (and I'm not limiting that to NFL front offices) have seen a decline in skills from Kaepernick. His game got figured out. And with a QB that needs a specific system to play in instead of being taylor-made for any system, that eliminates like 75% of the teams that could suit him. Plus, you're expecting him to be picked up in Week 7 (at the earliest) and be game-ready for a team and an offensive philosophy that he's likely never played under, for an OC and/or QB coach he likely has no history with. How's that going to turn out? And, we haven't even factored in whatever money situations these teams have. Now off the field....the last thing coaches and players want and need for the heart of the season is being asked over and over and over and over and over about Kaepernick. There's only 3-6 days during the week for these staffs...known for working 25-hour days....to get ready for Sunday. Being men of routines, they don't want any sort of deviations to normalcy as much as possible. Being nagged about Kaepernick, for good or bad or whatever, goes against that.