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  1. HBO's Ghosts of Flatbush

    O'Malley's effort to build a new ballpark proceeded from a false assumption: that the Dodgers needed a new ballpark. Ebbets Field was not old - and if it were falling apart, that's O'Malley's fault. The Dodgers averaged a million and a half during this era and were profitable. Fenway Park opened the year before, and there's no longer any talk of its replacement. This reminds me of the "Top Five Reasons You Can't Blame Art Modell." Certainly you can't fault him for moving the Browns to Baltimore. Any businessman would've taken that offer in a second. You can however fault him for buying the team in the first place.
  2. Tampa Bay Rays and a new stadium.

    Damn right, Ebbets Field was in Flatbush, not Flushing.
  3. The D-League May Have Lost It

    No, more like the Edmonton Aviators. And if they're as successful, they should be folding about eighteen games into the season.
  4. Tampa Bay Rays and a new stadium.

    You know what, enough of these Ebbets Fakes. Why can't they build something original? And belly, you clearly know nothing. The Deviled Eggs finished fourth in 2004. Read it and weep.
  5. Nashville Predators Being Sold?

    Households, Nielson measures households, not viewers. Besides, half of the Los Angeles area doesn't get Versus. And since the Ducks were playing against thin air...
  6. If the Predators move to Hamilton....

    Markets that could care less? You mean like Chicago, New Jersey, and Long Island?
  7. New Islanders Logo / Uniforms?

    Man, to think that that's the best the Canucks have done. Pathetic. In my opinion, royal blue is a tired color. It always looks out of date; a prepetual throwback. And for some reason, it always looks dirty. The Bills were wearing a jersey in 2001 that looked like it belonged in 1988. To be fair, I'm kind of spoiled as a Boston fan. The Red Sox have the best uniforms in baseball. Strangely enough, the Bruins have the best uniforms in the NHL. By an incredible coincidence, the Celtics have the best uniforms in the NBA. And by an impossible coincidence, the Patriots have the best uniforms in the NFL. I know, I know, it's incredible.
  8. If the Predators move to Hamilton....

    They were one of the two vestiges of the independent City of Brooklyn, along with the Eagle. They unified Brooklynites, transcending ethnic and religious divisions. They only moved because O'Malley wanted to build a dome, as though Ebbets Field were obsolete - which it wasn't.
  9. New Islanders Logo / Uniforms?

    This is where we differ, I suppose. I loved the Isles' alternate. I thought it was outrageous and intense, for lack of a better description. And I'm not talking about making their logo edgier, I'm talking about using one's imagination. As for the Mets, they're one of those rare instances of a club that has never had a good uniform and compensated for it by never having a good logo; like the Nets, Knicks, Canucks, &c.
  10. New Islanders Logo / Uniforms?

    Well royal blue and orange is a difficult combination to pull off. In fact, I think that the Mets and Knicks have pretty well proved beyond a doubt that it can't be done. While we're on the Islanders, is there a logo anywhere in sports that demonstrates less creativity and invention than the Island? I mean, it's "NY," and the "Y" becomes a hockey stick, superimposed over Long Island, and just for good measure, it says "Islanders" on it. How in the hell has this logo stuck around for so long? Is it the four Cup titles?
  11. Columbus Blue Jackets new Uniforms

    All that they did was to make their alternate their primary, and in my opinion, it was long overdue.
  12. AOL's "Worst Jersey" List

    No. No, they weren't.
  13. Nashville Predators Being Sold?

    Well, like the Chinese say, you've got to take the long view. Hockey is like the cactus of sports; it can thrive in the desert. Consider the Laredo Bucks of the CHL, who draw fans from across the Rio Grande. I'm sure someone thought Los Angeles didn't belong in the NHL. I bet that, if given time, Nashville can become an integral part of the NHL. In ten years, you might not be able to imagine the league without Nashville, Florida, and Carolina.
  14. Oh noes! What has FOX done now?!

    It might simply be that, a remix. They might be using both. Case in point, I happened to get my hands on the CD case for the "ABC NHL Hockey" theme music. Couldn't get the CD, but oh well. There were 48 tracks on the disc. There was the full theme, the intro theme, the theme with no brass, &c. As for the graphics, I'm betting they change those in time for the post season. They did the same thing in 2004.
  15. Time for a new thread, I think. If the Red Devils hold on at the San Siro on Wednesday, they're in the CL Final. And then it comes down to (perhaps) three matches against Chelsea to sew up the three-fold triumph. Admittedly, I only have a passing interest in the Premier League and I'm no great fan of ManU. But I'd be fascinated to hear what the supporters would have to say about the Glazers if they do pull off the treble, especially with the protests and the effigies and the " you Glazer!" and whatnot. If only for that reason, I pulling for them to do it.