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  1. This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    Orlando Mice? Orlando SunShowers? Orlando Traffic?
  2. Packers 100 Seasons - Coming 2018

    Does anyone have a *.SVG of this 100th season logo for the Packers? Or maybe at least a *.PNG bigger than 1000x1000 ??? Would like to add it to my collection and make some wallpapers out of it. Thanks!
  3. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    It's sarcasm...but no worse than what the new proposal was. Not by much, anyway.....
  4. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    Admittedly, under an hour, but you get the idea.....
  5. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    I like the idea in the original post in this topic. But, it seems a lot like change for change's sake (like the Bucs recent blunder). I wonder if there is a way to do a Bronco head where the eye looks like a "D"?
  6. NFL Changes 2015

    OK - a few comments here (and I know I am in the minority)..... 1. I don't like the old Dolphins logo - I like the new one much better (but I still think it can be improved) 2. I HATE the stripes on the Dolphins throwbacks. IMHO, stripes only ever look good at the bottom of a sleeve and when they 100% encircle the sleeve. I HATE the no-sleeve stripe like some of the linemen wear, And I strongly dislike the half-wrap. It looks cheesy. There is absolutely no reason that all sleeves cannot be uniform in style, i.e., going down at least 1/3 to the elbow if not 1/2 way down. That's why it's called a UNIFORM. So everybody matches. 3. I like throwbacks/alts in general, but they better be done right. E.g., don't try to stick Bucco Bruce on a pewter helmet. That's just wrong. (But then, it is cheap and silly for the NFL to even have a 1 helmet rule. I mean seriously - issue 4 helmets a year to a player that are all identical in brand and size. Then they can't complain that the helmets are "different". Sheesh. How may helmets do the Oregon ducks were every year? 5? 6?) 4. Where does it say color vs color means monochrome vs monochrome? Could it not mean color jersey w/white pants? ================= OK - let's just say that by 2016, every team does have to have a "clash monochrome" kit, then here is what I think they should use (IMO): NFC East - Cowboys/silver // Eagles/charcoal // Giants/red // Redskins/mustard NFC South - Bucs/pewter // Falcons/black // Panthers/silver // Saints/gold NFC North - Bears/orange // Lions/silver // Packers/yellow // Vikings/gold NFC West - Rams/gold // 49ers/gold // Seahawks/grey // Cardinals/black AFC East - Dolphins/orange // Jets/black (hate this) // Bills/red (ewwwww) // Patriots/grey (unless they go throwback red) AFC South - Colts/white (no choice) // Texans/battle red // Titans/powder blue // Jaguars/leopard print (I'm making the exception here) AFC North - Steelers/gold (no bumblebee madness) // Browns/orange // Bengals/orange // Ravens/black (purple is the primary, right?) AFC West - Broncos/orange // Raiders/silver // Chiefs/yellow(!) // Chargers/powder blue
  7. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

  8. Funny NFL Fantasy League Concepts

    This one is scary
  9. Funny NFL Fantasy League Concepts

    Thanks Edge1 for your thoughts. I will take them into consideration. If you have a specific request please post again and give as much detail as you can. My initial thought when I saw "One Giant Leap" was to use the moon boot footprint as the logo. I assume we are talking about NY Giants team, right? Love the KC Chefs. I remembered the Snickers commercial when I saw this suggestion. Meat cleaver or maybe graphic of Chef Boyardee might work here. Google image search of "Flying Purple Eater" yielded these results. Select your favorite in a reply if you want me to do a request for the Vikings. No more initial thoughts to reply to at this time. Let me think on the others for a while. Thanks for following this topic. Nope - nothing I need. Let your imagination run wild. I was going stream-of-consciousness. I have not played FF for years due to the time, but I too like the creative names. Feel free to pursue in your own time for your own enrichment.
  10. Funny NFL Fantasy League Concepts

    Maybe "One Giant Leap" with a Red/White/Blue Apollo capsule ------------------------------------------ Maybe a $1 with a piece of corn on it for the "Buc-An-Ears" ------------------------------------------ How about the "Chefs" with a big meat cleaver ------------------------------------------ Maybe a coppertone gal for the "Oilers" ------------------------------------------ What about a green & yellow cheese grater for the "The Big Cheese" ------------------------------------------ How about a pair of curtains for "The Steel Curtain" ------------------------------------------ Or maybe some nebulous purple blobs for the "Purple People Eaters" Just a few thoughts that came to me...
  11. NFL Changes 2015

    Here's what I don't get....regardless of what level of football you play, the facemask itself is actually part of the helmet (or at least bolted to it). As such, it is an extension of the shell. I don't see why teams don't all make the facemask color match the helmet shell color. That would not only make it match what it's supposed to match in the first place, but it removes it from the possibility that it could be MORE noticable than any other part of the uniform. Problem solved. No more goofy facemask colors.
  12. NFL Changes 2015

    At this point, picking Nike to actually IMPROVE a uniform look is a lot like picking Wile E. Coyote vs The Roadrunner or vs Bugs Bunny. Somewhere, somehow, the anvil is gonna fall on him or the thing is gonna blow up in his face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STeVTzWelns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H41zbqrwVo
  13. NFL Changes 2015

    I would like to personally thank the 49ers for making the Bucs and Jags look better. Not great mind you, just better by comparison.
  14. NFL Changes 2015

    I hereby nominate this for "gold" post of the year..... LOL