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  1. edge1

    Defunct Football League Logos

    Yeah, that was a stupid mistake I made.....
  2. edge1

    Defunct Football League Logos

    Gotta love the USFL Orlando Thunder - Lime Green, Dark Blue, Columbia Blue, White (the Yellow was only a supporting color, I believe).
  3. edge1

    This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    So far, for every uniform mockup we have seen, we have matching Helmet/Jersey/Pants. So with that, I will just add the number colors (or expected number colors) based on what we have seen in internet photos: 1. Red (royal blue shoulder) - Royal Blue numbers/White outline 2. Royal Blue (red shoulder) - Red numbers/White outline 3. White (dark blue shoulder) - [guess] Dark Blue or Black numbers/White Outline 4. Black (powder blue shoulder) - [guess] Powder Blue numbers/White outline 5. Grey (dark grey/black shoulder) - Red numbers/White outline 6. Light Green (dark green shoulder) - [guess] Dark Green numbers/White Since we know there are 8 teams, that leaves 2 more base colors. We could easily guess powder blue and dark green, but that's too easy, so I will guess orange w/purple, and yellow w/green. And also, we now know 3 cities: Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, 2 of which were former USFL cities. So that leaves 5 more. Since we are going from Southeast to Northwest, and logically we need at least 1 Northeast city, I will put in my speculations: DC/Philly/Columbus OH, Austin TX, Omaha NE, Portland OR, Vegas/San Jose/Sacramento.
  4. edge1

    This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    "The A11FL had some pretty sweet logos...and the league never even took the field!" What's your point?
  5. edge1

    This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    Orlando Mice? Orlando SunShowers? Orlando Traffic?
  6. edge1

    Packers 100 Seasons - Coming 2018

    Does anyone have a *.SVG of this 100th season logo for the Packers? Or maybe at least a *.PNG bigger than 1000x1000 ??? Would like to add it to my collection and make some wallpapers out of it. Thanks!
  7. edge1

    U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    It's sarcasm...but no worse than what the new proposal was. Not by much, anyway.....
  8. edge1

    Unannounced NFL Week 1 Uniform Surprises

    I think the 49ers All-Blacks will be a big surprise to their fans (not to us, of course, who realize how bad they are gonna look). But my take is most of the casual fans in SF have no idea its coming. They are too worried about the field and the new black end zone paint scheme. Somebody line up the eye doctor visits now......
  9. edge1

    Columbia Fireflies

    I think the jar logo was like a second alternate. Of these logos, I like the circle, the firefly and the CF (that looks like an FF). I don't care for the other 2 or the jar logo (I have seen that one).
  10. edge1

    U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    Admittedly, under an hour, but you get the idea.....
  11. edge1

    NFL 50th Logo

    OK - so I missed the mark a bit.... [Flat / Metallic 2D, Flat / Metallic 3D (for comparison]
  12. edge1

    ColorWerx.NET Site Launch - 02/11/2015

    No offense, but I don't trust colors.arc90.com to even be accurate with respect to team media guides.....just sayin' And yes, I am happy the Cwx site is back in business....
  13. edge1

    Columbia Fireflies

    Well, I am wondering how this flew under the radar. But we (in Columbia, SC) are getting the team previously known as the Savannah Sand Gnats. I just can't wait to see what the official color palate will be (not to mention the color-optimized workup by Colorwerx should he choose to do one....). The story behind them is here: http://www.columbiabusinessreport.com/news/55290-fireflies-anyone-columbia-baseball-club-unveils-team-logos Midnight Blue, Neon Yellow/Green, and Grey (or Silver) has to be the most unique combo I think I have ever heard of. And word has it that the caps will be glow-in-the dark.
  14. edge1

    Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    I like the idea in the original post in this topic. But, it seems a lot like change for change's sake (like the Bucs recent blunder). I wonder if there is a way to do a Bronco head where the eye looks like a "D"?
  15. edge1

    ColorWerx.NET Site Launch - 02/11/2015

    Here's the thing...I can tell you from experience in the past few months that the Color-Optimized versions of the colors Cwx did DO NOT match team media guides, and I think this is by design. I think there is some calculated factor based on the "official" color that's supposed to make it right for the internet. I don't know what that is, exactly. But I can tell you that if you take Cwx Atlanta Falcons Red (for example) and then look up the NFL team media guide for Falcons Red, they are definitely 2 different colors. Soooo...while there will never be another Colorwerx (the man), I hope someone is able to "crack the code" for how the color-optimized versions came to be.....