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  1. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    It's sarcasm...but no worse than what the new proposal was. Not by much, anyway.....
  2. Unannounced NFL Week 1 Uniform Surprises

    I think the 49ers All-Blacks will be a big surprise to their fans (not to us, of course, who realize how bad they are gonna look). But my take is most of the casual fans in SF have no idea its coming. They are too worried about the field and the new black end zone paint scheme. Somebody line up the eye doctor visits now......
  3. Columbia Fireflies

    I think the jar logo was like a second alternate. Of these logos, I like the circle, the firefly and the CF (that looks like an FF). I don't care for the other 2 or the jar logo (I have seen that one).
  4. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    Admittedly, under an hour, but you get the idea.....
  5. NFL 50th Logo

    OK - so I missed the mark a bit.... [Flat / Metallic 2D, Flat / Metallic 3D (for comparison]
  6. ColorWerx.NET Site Launch - 02/11/2015

    No offense, but I don't trust colors.arc90.com to even be accurate with respect to team media guides.....just sayin' And yes, I am happy the Cwx site is back in business....
  7. Columbia Fireflies

    Well, I am wondering how this flew under the radar. But we (in Columbia, SC) are getting the team previously known as the Savannah Sand Gnats. I just can't wait to see what the official color palate will be (not to mention the color-optimized workup by Colorwerx should he choose to do one....). The story behind them is here: http://www.columbiabusinessreport.com/news/55290-fireflies-anyone-columbia-baseball-club-unveils-team-logos Midnight Blue, Neon Yellow/Green, and Grey (or Silver) has to be the most unique combo I think I have ever heard of. And word has it that the caps will be glow-in-the dark.
  8. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    I like the idea in the original post in this topic. But, it seems a lot like change for change's sake (like the Bucs recent blunder). I wonder if there is a way to do a Bronco head where the eye looks like a "D"?
  9. ColorWerx.NET Site Launch - 02/11/2015

    Here's the thing...I can tell you from experience in the past few months that the Color-Optimized versions of the colors Cwx did DO NOT match team media guides, and I think this is by design. I think there is some calculated factor based on the "official" color that's supposed to make it right for the internet. I don't know what that is, exactly. But I can tell you that if you take Cwx Atlanta Falcons Red (for example) and then look up the NFL team media guide for Falcons Red, they are definitely 2 different colors. Soooo...while there will never be another Colorwerx (the man), I hope someone is able to "crack the code" for how the color-optimized versions came to be.....
  10. Phone Wallpapers! (Soccer teams Updated)

    Definitely should do the NFL next
  11. Argyle Wallpapers - Suitable for anything

    OK - here we go - more new stuff. but but but....it's not sports-related, unless of course you count quiddich! So with that in mind, thought I would link to the page of these kiddo-friendly walls: http://erikbarlik.atspace.cc/hpwallpaper.html (P.S. - I signed up for FREE!)
  12. Yeah - that's already been covered - and responded to. All I can do is combine them next time I do something like this. Can't change what is.....
  13. Argyle Wallpapers - Suitable for anything

    Hmmmm. No reference point. Hmmmmm. Very tricky. Lots of 1996 logos have already been replaced on the net. Hmmmmmm. Not at all sure I got this one right, but I took my best shot. Memory from the recent olympics is that the colors for Team Canada are red, white, and black. I found a few logos on the net under "team canada", and pretty sure they are not all what you wanted. But I figured...post em all. One of them is bound to be something somebody will want. So here I go....best guess on the red based on a logo I saw on the net. Let me know if it's not what you were looking for. The third one down is the correct one...they all look stellar, though! Sorry for the non-reference point, I couldn't find a suitable one. I didn't even see this post so my response is late, but it's awesome! thanks....I appreciate the complement
  14. NFL Changes 2015

    OK - a few comments here (and I know I am in the minority)..... 1. I don't like the old Dolphins logo - I like the new one much better (but I still think it can be improved) 2. I HATE the stripes on the Dolphins throwbacks. IMHO, stripes only ever look good at the bottom of a sleeve and when they 100% encircle the sleeve. I HATE the no-sleeve stripe like some of the linemen wear, And I strongly dislike the half-wrap. It looks cheesy. There is absolutely no reason that all sleeves cannot be uniform in style, i.e., going down at least 1/3 to the elbow if not 1/2 way down. That's why it's called a UNIFORM. So everybody matches. 3. I like throwbacks/alts in general, but they better be done right. E.g., don't try to stick Bucco Bruce on a pewter helmet. That's just wrong. (But then, it is cheap and silly for the NFL to even have a 1 helmet rule. I mean seriously - issue 4 helmets a year to a player that are all identical in brand and size. Then they can't complain that the helmets are "different". Sheesh. How may helmets do the Oregon ducks were every year? 5? 6?) 4. Where does it say color vs color means monochrome vs monochrome? Could it not mean color jersey w/white pants? ================= OK - let's just say that by 2016, every team does have to have a "clash monochrome" kit, then here is what I think they should use (IMO): NFC East - Cowboys/silver // Eagles/charcoal // Giants/red // Redskins/mustard NFC South - Bucs/pewter // Falcons/black // Panthers/silver // Saints/gold NFC North - Bears/orange // Lions/silver // Packers/yellow // Vikings/gold NFC West - Rams/gold // 49ers/gold // Seahawks/grey // Cardinals/black AFC East - Dolphins/orange // Jets/black (hate this) // Bills/red (ewwwww) // Patriots/grey (unless they go throwback red) AFC South - Colts/white (no choice) // Texans/battle red // Titans/powder blue // Jaguars/leopard print (I'm making the exception here) AFC North - Steelers/gold (no bumblebee madness) // Browns/orange // Bengals/orange // Ravens/black (purple is the primary, right?) AFC West - Broncos/orange // Raiders/silver // Chiefs/yellow(!) // Chargers/powder blue