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  1. I like the update you made to your previous Blue Jackets concept for this, but opposite for the Caps. Small detail but I like it without the shoulder yoke piping. Panthers set is fan-freakin-tastic
  2. Love the concept of the game itself. I'm seeing a combo of original cbj and barons.
  3. that's stupid, unnecessary placement.
  4. Even if the Sens just clean up their current look like this it'd be a vast improvement. Though of course a greater change would be welcomed
  5. I really like the top right helmet too. That's a great second option compared to the top left.
  6. I like you're first one. Just make the red collar triangle copper and it's pretty much perfect update.
  7. kinda looks like a chain-mail effect that maybe we'll see on Vegas's jerseys?
  8. Very nice. I'm having trouble seeing red get included into the jersey and having it look really good. This does a pretty good job, but I wish they'd have used a brighter gold.
  9. Some interesting things there. The one that stood out the most to me is the Kings. An interesting shade of purple that has a great contrast with the gold. The logo needs some work but that'd be a nice set in general.
  10. after reading that and looking at the word mark, it definitely looks like Vega5.
  11. How about the Canucks with their pre-edge scheme of navy, maroon, silver, blue.
  12. taking a quick look as i scrolled from the first version i had an interesting idea. What if the swoosh coming down was a swiping arm of a yeti, with the little snow at the top its other hand, and it's coming out the top side of the "mountain" with a roar... any way, update looks better.
  13. It's not bad at all. Probably one of the better edits to remove black. Some of the notches in the snow swoosh are kind of making it look like a fluffy cat tail to me though.
  14. I just wish we saw a real jersey made of the Stars set with gold and the darker green that were leaked with the different versions they went through. That looked amazing.