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  1. NHL Tweaks - Canucks Added

    Canucks look nice. I feel like the logo on its own may or may not work. I'm torn, but maybe it needs to be within a shield, or roundel, I dunno. Love what you did on the away hem though. Balances the jersey well. Smaller detail, but I'd just use a regular block font like they used to. That one, to me, is associated with Chicago and NYI.
  2. NHL by Adidas 2.0 - NYI, NYR, OTT, and PHI (22/30)

    The red sens jersey looks cool. Simple but nice idea.
  3. Detroit and Edmonton look great. I wouldn't touch a thing. It reminds me of the old movie theater commercial "let's all go to the lobby!"
  4. NHL by CCM (Columbus Added)

    Buffalo looks great. Alt came out awesome. I think for the alt at least, if not the whole set, you should use the gold B-sword logo from the buffaslug era as well. That was a great shoulder logo.
  5. NHL Adidas TechFit

    Panthers look good, but logo looks a little too big. I'd also like blue numbers on the road.
  6. NHL Concepts - 2/30 - Calgary

    i agree about the shade of red. These look real nice!
  7. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    Since SJ is in the final, are they putting the Stanley Cup Final patch on the left chest? I think they should just swap it in for the 25th anniversary patch in the normal spot.
  8. NHL by Adidas 2.0 - NYI, NYR, OTT, and PHI (22/30)

    Canadiens look real interesting like that. Gorgeous looking design overall. Match the arm numbers to the back numbers on the road jersey though.
  9. Colorado's interesting. At first glance i didn't like it as much, but as i look at it more it's growing on me. The burgundy numbers on the home jersey would probably be very hard to see. Maybe reversing the colors there so they're white with burgundy outlining would be better?
  10. NHL Adidas TechFit

    Two suggestions for the flyers: 1. no contrasting nameplate on the road. In general I don't mind it as much as most people, just don't think it fits this set, which is great. 2. I'd have the black hem follow the contour of the hem rather than be straight. It clashes with the curves of the arms and loses some of the connection to the source uniform.
  11. NHL Adidas TechFit

    Nashville's home and road look nice and clean, but I do miss the fang design. Maybe keep that and just cut the piping? The third looks really good. I'd be interested in seeing that in real life.
  12. Totally stole the idea for the Canes hem from me! That's ok though. You executed it better. things are great as always.
  13. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    i feel like that would be a great start for a new home and road set, with their regular logo obviously.
  14. Caps are great. The only thing, and this is VERY minor, is the stars of the logo i feel should all be the same color, and probably blue on the home and red on the road to still have them stand out from the W. LOVE the updates you made to NYI. Really stepped up an already great looking set.
  15. Maybe for the Flyers if you just altered the hem stripes. I think that's what's messing with me. I'd like to see either the single stripe following the contour of the hem (like Arizona's) in black, which is also what they used to have, or double it up and have the colors like you do now.