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  1. B-mer

    NHL Double Series (Panthers added)

    Nice job on the New Look Panthers. Would love to see that in real life to get a good feel of how the sleeves translate. Only change i would make is keep their number font the same, and return to the gold strokes on the home. Leaping logo is definitely the way to go though. another smaller detail i thought of is on the gloves. If you did something like the Hurricane's gloves where the outer sides of the index and pinky fingers are accented, in this case doing a navy glove with gold accents, it would be a small nod to the claws they had originally planned on using when the team was formed.
  2. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    looks awesome. I love the template. Amazing how such a small change to the Adidas collar can make it so much more functional and allow for traditional designs. Would love to see one of the newer versions of the Sealions logo on there.
  3. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    I love it, but makes me think it's an update to the California Golden Seals. I suppose that's not a bad thing entirely. That could also make a fantastic update for the Saint John Sea Dogs.
  4. few thoughts on Boson: colors are good tribute/amalgamation of other teams in the city, and also the ship wheel has a slight nod to the Bruins' spokes, or at least could serve the same purpose. Also, that alternate logo, if flipped/rotated could make a cool alternate jersey logo similar to this year's Hurricanes.
  5. Kinda think you should have it be the Saskatchewan Sasquatch, I’m only partially joking. Excited to see this though
  6. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Yes. That’s what I’m talking about for the Sealions. That’s a fantastic logo. I would still like to see it outside of the ring, but still using the swooshes for more movement to give it a sleek shape. But great evolution of these identities.
  7. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Im excited to see if you do something with that Sealion logo. But, that Steelheads set is maybe my favorite. I do really like the dark aqua and gold combos you have for the Sealions and Kraken, but something about the Steelheads is really classy and fits so well. If I was in a position to choose between them I don't know what i'd do. So many solid options.
  8. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Wow. I think the Sealions inaugural patch would be fantastic as the primary logo, looks so much more aggressive and like a real logo I can easily see happening. Im picturing it similar in shape to the Red Wings logo, or to the 90s capitals eagle with more curves. Even without the trident and small adjustments to flippers. That’d be awesome
  9. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    I like the idea of using the players’ team logos, but I still feel it could be done with some more color. Jerseys are very bland. Heather effect doesn’t make up for that
  10. The changes to Washington are interesting, however the edit to the logo just reminds me of the rocket popsicles. I’d leave that as is.
  11. B-mer

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I love the color balance on Florida. The stripe shape I feel like I’d have to see on a body to really get a read on it. It gives off some old Preds vibes but with obvious differences. if you’re going to keep the leaping panther on the alt maybe add the stick in its paws like they used to do.
  12. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    I just think it’s fascinating that a jersey that is what, 2 years old, gets done so poorly where they can’t just reproduce the actual ones?
  13. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    Hoping the Bruins Winter Classic uniform stays in rotation. If it’s not going to be their upcoming thirds then keep it for a throwback against original 6 teams. I was origianlly a little let down by it expecting something else, but it’s really blown that away and is probably one of the best WC jerseys.
  14. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    I watched that video again and really only one sketch caught my eye. Not that I think it’s perfect as is (lose leaf and wordmarks) but could have been an interesting start for a fairly badass Johnny Canuck.