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  1. NHL 2017-18

    Gotta say I really like the red barber pole for Ottawa. Maybe just add in hem stripes, remove silver obviously, and that can work for next season if they want to remain primarily red.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    Yes. I've always loved that Buffalo logo. It was a great update.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Totally agree. At least the Wolfpack used these as a home and road set.
  4. 2019 Boston Bruins Winter Classic

    While I appreciate your cinicism, this is actually extremely close in design to what the Rangers just revealed for their WC jersey. The benefits are this one is pretty much a direct throwback instead of a fauxback. Hell, if you wanted to get really crazy the black could be brown and it'd still be an accurate throwback. There is hope!
  5. Here's what I hope the B's will wear for their upcoming Winter Classic appearance. Since this is their first on the road, it's a great opportunity to pull this design out. Given they turned their original brown sweater black for the last one, you know what they say about going black.... So just as well go with the black version of this jersey, which they first wore from 1934 - 36, and again for the NHL 75th anniversary.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    All this hate on the yoke stripes is comical as a lot of the Rangers concepts out there have the same thing and everyone always loves it. These collars are also weird in that they're like the reverse of the other Adidas collar. This one looks like an old ccm/koho v-neck that they're adding more to make it look crew neck. The standard Adidas one is a crew neck trying to be a v.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    If it was a real crew neck like the past couple of winter classics with Reebok used, it'd be a lot better.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    it's a fantastic jersey. i just think it's dumb that only half of the collar has the ribbing. and i'm struggling with the collar in general as it's an improvement from other collars, but kind of looks like the cheap youth jerseys at Walmart. but that's nitpicking, as this is a great uniform for a Winter Classic.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Making half the collar look vintage with the ribbing is still dumb.
  10. NHL 2017-18

    That's about the only way to fix it, and it's been done before. you have to look at the stripes on the jersey as a gold area with the black-white-black stripe inside it. Then, the socks match. However, the Bruins never matched the stripes with the socks on their white jerseys. They did however match them to the shoulder yokes for a time, and this continued into the 1995 set, and then Edge set (talking white jerseys still). This method helped balance the uniform well from shoulders to legs, especially on the Edge set. The gold socks wity white-black-white came with that '95 rebrand, and more or less matched the striping on the arms on the dark uniforms, and it stuck around with the Edge set as a way to balance out the black of the uniform. i specifically remember reading someone from the Bruins stating this as the reason in '07. So, the only way(s) to have the socks match are to either go back to the old way, or go with what Adidas gave us.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    i know we're on the "Adidas collars suck" wagon, but they really do kind of kill the "throwbackness" of these throwback jerseys. They (Reebok) had finally come across something great for these with the round crewneck collars that Boston, Montreal, and St. Louis had the past couple years to give a fairly authentic sweater look.
  12. NHL 2017-18

    overall i like both. Much better than almost all the Stadium Series jerseys. minor tweaks would improve them but overall they'll look pretty good. looks good on a "player"
  13. NHL 2017-18

    I'm interested to see how Ottawa's comes together with regard to potential new uniforms next year. If it might be a preview. One thing i do like with these is they're incorporating the silver band in a more subtle way than Detroit did. Not that I like it, but at least they seem to have made it work better
  14. 2018 Winter Classic

    Very nice. Love the Rangers and the Sabres are just like I pictured since the hat reveal.