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  1. B-mer

    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Flyers added 8/15)

    That's why I'm not as enthused about this set. The home is nice but the road doesn't hold up. I thought of doing as you suggest but wanted orange to remain dominant. Only other idea is using the Rangers road jersey template too, but I was saving that for someone else.
  2. That Senators jersey would be a fantastic starter for a new home/road set. Make the silver on the jersey white or metallic gold, and just have the logo colored as normal and bam.
  3. B-mer

    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Flyers added 8/15)

    Here's one that maybe looked better in my head, but i went with it. Flyers using the Rangers' home jersey. I went this route for the color balance between white and orange.
  4. B-mer

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    That might be the first decent husky logo they've had. I'm not up on all their logos historically, but my sister went there in the late 90's and that's when I started paying attention. Pretty well done. I did like like the red/black paw print though.
  5. B-mer

    Canucks 50th Anniversary Specialty Jerseys

    Honestly, I always loved that red alternate with the gradient. The only issue it really has is no striping on the other arm. Add that and it's fine for the time. Now though, it looks too close to the flames.
  6. Very cool. I like them. Excited for what else you have in store
  7. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    I was with everyone else at first with the Bruins' black socks, I tweeted at the Bruins to change them back the second the pictures hit the net... but I really don't mind them now. It does look good, it's just that the Bruins wore gold socks forever. I take it now as maybe the team didn't put as much importance in it as we all do/did. The update to the numbers and name type were a big upgrade.
  8. B-mer

    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Flyers added 8/15)

    By yoke are you meaning something like this...
  9. B-mer

    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Flyers added 8/15)

    Here's one that I figure is somewhat expected, and it certainly isn't a stretch, but here is the Winnipeg Jets using the Oilers' jersey.
  10. I kind of agree on the too much white, but I think just eliminating the shoulder yoke would be sufficient. Like the alternate, except the logo. Using the triangle mountain detail is a great touch. Curious if the vertical stripes representing the wheat fields (I think that's what they were for) would be interesting too.
  11. I just looked back and that Ducks alt is sweet, but I think I actually like your 1.0 set more. I think it manages the color scheme really well and I really want to see what an orange helmet would look like in real life with that set. For the Bruins, only change id make is stick with pure white and not vintage white. Also, small detail I love is the feathers for the helmet logo on the Blackhawks. Great idea!
  12. i think those all look great. For the 1.0 and the alternate on the 2.0, i feel the white stripes should be black, and then adjust the smaller stripes accordingly. Or another way of putting it is to match the stripes to the road on the 1.0 set, but still switch the red stripe with the laurel to the black. That would give it a more 'Senators" feel to me.
  13. B-mer

    NHL Double Series (Blues added)

    I blues concepts are both really nice. Interesting idea with the numbers on the pants. Not sure how I feel about that but overall nice. Your home ideal is nearly perfect though. One of the best jerseys there'd be.
  14. They did that with the Adidas jerseys.
  15. B-mer

    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Flyers added 8/15)

    Thanks. And the Bruins are near perfect as is. I hated the black socks at first but not because it looked bad, because it looks fine. I'm used to them now. I hadn't thought of a Flyers one yet so I'll see what I think will work for them.