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  1. Yes, it's exactly the bruins jersey just removing one stripe and changing the yoke.
  2. Screens from Leafs games. And a link to video: https://www.nhl.com/video/game-in-six-09162016/t-277555732/c-44704603?q=Maple+leafs theres a great goal by #91, and that number looks great on this uniform. Sorry leaf fans.
  3. Screen of the Panthers
  4. Panthers look good in action. There are highlights of the Leafs from the rookie tournament games on NHL.com as well and those were looking great.
  5. The white jersey is the Boston template, the red looks like Columbus's third from the shape of the collar and different proportions of the stripes. All in all they're nice, albeit slightly boring.
  6. Maybe gold outlined in black then white? The home is lacking white to tie things together. You have decent sized white stripes on the pants which will look odd with the home jersey devoid of that color.
  7. Overall very nice. Love the old Kings style yoke. I would like to see how a gold yoke on the home might look. Black on black numbers probably wouldn't really fly.
  8. Seeing it on a player model D looks better. For the logo, what if you put white between the red stripes to match the jersey stripes? also still feel the collar area of the home needs red to balance things out. Even if it's just carrying over the red triangle to match the away.
  9. I feel like the logo needs some more white in it, but not sure how. I like the stars. Maybe the hockey sticks in the top two stripes like there is in the unused logo like this one? Theres some space below the cannon, maybe the red buckeye dot outlined in white?
  10. Yeah, I'm not really either after seeing it on there. I wanted to use something other than the main C logo and I don't think the shoulder logo would work as well.
  11. Update of the modern set with missing details. Unintended, but when i was looking at this on my phone the pants stripes looked like a candle.
  12. I like A or B, but leaning toward B. You have the cannon on the arm patch so having it on the front is a little redundant. I feel it's an unpopular opinion but I like the single small tail stripe. Sure it can be misused or overdone, but I works well with certain teams. With that said I think the home version of B could use a red collar to tie that in with the tail stripe.
  13. Numbers are coming. I haven't decided what I'm using yet and especially since I didn't settle on the set.
  14. update with that pant stripe idea
  15. Thanks. I want to try and keep the red dominant for a different look, so that's why the pants remained red. I'm toying with the idea of moderately stylized pant stripes. Same for omitting a yoke on the away jersey. I wanted to distance it enough from the 80s look to be new and not closer to a throwback.