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  1. That one is interesting. Never seen him in that. I really do like those jerseys. Also, there aren't any shoulder patches on them, even though they're alumni (OILUMNI) ha!
  2. Not sure if this qualifies but Bruins pooh bear jersey with white helmet, before they switched to black.
  3. It still bugs me that they started using Fulton instead of Reed for his jersey.
  4. I don't think so at all. You have it in the striping, and being the darkest color it stands out, plus the numbers and letters. It's not much different than Calgary's old whites with black.
  5. I think it's funny how a lot of people dislike Minnesota's colors, but then a lot of people (maybe the same people, I don't know) want NJ to be red and green again. Not directing that at you, Cole, but your mention of the color scheme brought it out of me.
  6. It's obviously fan made. Not a horrible concept though.
  7. I know the Flames set has it's various issues, but the one thing that has always bugged me the most i think is the socks. The white is the dominant color of the stripes and just doesn't fit with the rest of the uniform. If they even just filled in the bottom to be black, it look a whole lot better. To make it more maddening they flip the sock/arm stripes on their previous alt!
  8. Im starting to agree with this, especially compared to the current set. These had the front numbers and that's all that really brought them down.
  9. I would love to see those on a player with their old pants. The pants they had with the first edge set clearly were meant to go with these jerseys to line up the stripes on the sides, like Calgary does.
  10. I photoshopped this a long time ago to match those. Makes for a nice set, logo aside. Their current unis are near perfect though. Best balance in color as well as blending vintage and modern elements. Not sure what they could really do to improve that. The Neely era dark set was to unbalanced with the gold socks. And too much gold on the whites.
  11. thats... different...
  12. I believe Justin's original concept removed black entirely and had blue pants. I edited it to keep the original color scheme. I honestly have never minded the black/silver/gray as part of it.
  13. Fair enough. Sorry about that. As to the white vs dark at home, i've gotten so used to dark at home it'd be a weird transition back.
  14. There is a lot that can be done with COL's alt set to make some decent jerseys. I feel like something like this (an edit of Avi's concept) could be an ok transitional set where you have some tie back to the originals. Keeps burgundy the primary color at least, which makes the logo look better. That being said i did like the concept posted a while ago from Justin Cox, which i also edited to traditional Avs colors. This is pretty much the perfect set without just dragging out the originals.
  15. This just occurred to me in regards to this argument. Given how alt jerseys are scheduled in advance, do the teams actually lug both sets of uniforms along the whole trip, or simply fly them to the single destination city for that one game? Example: Anaheim has an east coast road trip in Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Tampa. The Flyers are going to wear their anniversary whites, so rather than lug all their home gear through Boston and Pittsburgh, they just have a couple staffers fly with it to Philly, then fly back to Anaheim with it. Typically this argument makes it sound like teams are dragging both sets with them the whole trip which is logistically stupid. I'm sure teams plan it out so it's not that big a deal. Extra cost, sure.