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  1. Thanks. Template is nice. Didn't realize it was Avi's. someone on the other site said they made it from the leak of the Blue Jackets jersey. Maybe he traced it. At any rate. I did consider the M logo but personally like the roundel as a shoulder logo. Redundancy not withstanding. Next up will be Carolina, though probably in a few days
  2. Some prayers are answered
  3. It's probably lower because the home has laces, which take up some real estate for the logo. Their away was certainly the best of the last set. Wonder if the yoke still comes below the numbers.
  4. Canes leave road as is. Lame.
  5. I mean, if they were going for a single stripe that's the way to go. Just not sure not having the blue was the right thing.
  6. Well, here we are again. A new era of NHL uniforms calls for a new era of concepts trying to fix the mistakes. While I won't necessarily call some of what i'll post "fixes", maybe just a different option based on what we have. I'm going to try working with the new collar system, as much as i don't like the laces with these. Someone at hockeyjerseyconcepts made a template, i drew the lace options and some of the missing stitching. Starting out with the Wild, making what appears to be what everyone really wanted.
  7. Wow, I actually had a couple of that Gougliotta card when I was a kid and in my basketball phase.
  8. so the Devils may also be slightly altering their gloves? There are no black fingertips, which was a small detail i always liked for them.
  9. to me it was the differences between the meshes/materials, like the sometimes drastic color differences between different materials you see on the NFL uniforms.
  10. at least that's an example of using that collar to the best it allows. If more teams used it this way, and if the laces weren't ridiculous, it wouldn't be as bad.
  11. i hope we can get the socks changed back. I messaged them on twitter about it. numbers are less important to me. Think i prefer the previous ones though.
  12. Bruins has been released, no changes.
  13. damn. nicely done. I go B, C, A in ranking. But decision between B and C is close. I'm torn though if the red stripe within the chest is too cluttery with the logo as well. Would be much better if the chest stripe from C was at the hem. do that! lol
  14. After sleeping on it, my biggest gripe other than the Bruins socks is still the collars, but specifically the laceup ones. The plain collar can work well if used correctly, but the way they just slapped the laces on looks like an afterthought and that they didn't want to have them, so they just put them on top of everything else to satisfy those who did. I'm in the air on the actual cut of the jerseys. They pretty much have a standard cut and it reminds me a lot of the old, pre-edge one where you basically had a choice of rounded edge yokes or square at the shoulder stitching. All of these jerseys have the same actual cut. The strange part is the teams that required a rounded yoke have a Nike-esque wedge there to make up the difference, while still having the squared of shoulders. Just seems like an interesting choice that makes me wonder if there is any real benefit (manufacturing perhaps?) in doing it this way compared to how the edge system did it. I'm hoping with more time and exposure the issues will lessen, and pray that some changes happen sooner rather than later. Coming back to the Bruins socks, i actually was expecting them to go back to the old gold socks with the white stripe outlined in black. looks like they went the other way. Still don't like it.
  15. It also seems like a less dramatic curve for the hem. Kind of like it's square in front and tapers down in back rather than in both directions