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  1. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    agreed. You're doing a great job with some of these of combining elements of different eras in new ways.
  2. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    I'm not feeling the Bruins. I can understand going brown, though I prefer black. I can see what you're going for with it but im just not liking the result, tho I have high standards for Bruins concepts. Overall i like Tampa. Good direction for them. I'd make small, maybe insignificant, changes but liking it.
  3. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    alright. i didn't see logolympiad but none the less... my vote: A. Winnipeg B. Chicago C. St Louis
  4. NHL Stadium Series 2019

    I like the names too. Funny. The flyers one is just beautiful, simple, and should be their alternate
  5. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    Nice. Are we just voting by posting our top 3 in that format or is there an online poll I'm missing?
  6. Seattle Totems Expansion Concept

    That's fantastic.
  7. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    Understandable. Alternative idea for the pants is maybe to tie a little to the 90s jets would be to have matching stripes at the bottom of the legs. Maybe match to the white/navy/red of the home and keep a little space of navy at the very cuff of the leg. Edit: or my idea for the leaf/wings would make a nice pant logo.
  8. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    Love the direction of the Jets, and have been mulling over a similar idea. It gets tough because the similar elements they had to the Rangers when you try to call back to those. But that color scheme fits the logos so much better. That being said, I think red pants with blue stripes (like their heritage classic set) would be nice. Maybe to see side by side for a better decision. Also concerned about being too close to Columbus. So it's a toss up Also think the yokes would be better with just the standard round design and no stripes. Perhaps a stroke around it? If so I'd add the wings back for the shoulders. Maybe try it without the words and sticks so it's just the leaf and wings. I saw that before and it looks great and very Air Force. I do like it though, overall. Has a nice RCAF Flyers nod to it.
  9. Seattle Totems Expansion Concept

    White would make the green and navy stand out more. And I don't really see whalers when I look at this regardless. Would be nice to see these with the full uniform and numbers. I think navy pants would look the best.
  10. San Jose Sharks Redesign

    I agree and removing the real from the shoulders on the away. I also don't feel that logo works on its own for a primary. I'm wondering what it would look like with a triangle like they've always used. You could line up the right part of the triangle with the tail leading up to the fins, which would probably not show cuz of the triangle. That would make a big difference
  11. The Battle of Seattle

    That last one is pretty unique and good. A thought I had for another scheme is navy, silver, bright green like the Seahawks, but the green would be used as accent. So like the logo would be a silver seal with navy shadow, and then green sparingly to accent it. Could be cool on the black/teal setup.
  12. The Battle of Seattle

    Man, the black and teal set is freakin gorgeous.
  13. The Battle of Seattle

    Love the update to the dark green. And I just noticed the hockey stick in the S logo. Nicely done. The only part that I don't like is the socks on the home (dark) set. Would look better if you matched it to the white set's socks and just changed the upper part to the dark green. If you were to go with alternating the logos between the home and road, I'd reverse it. The S logo has more light green in it and would stand out more on the dark jersey. And the other logo will contrast more on the white. Also, I'd love to see these with two other color combos. Keeping the dark green, but one with the light green as sport gold/yellow, and then another with it as a light blue - like Tennessee Titans or Carolina Panthers light blue.
  14. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Fun fact: first time he hasn't worn red pants in nhl (specialty jerseys aside)