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  1. taking a quick look as i scrolled from the first version i had an interesting idea. What if the swoosh coming down was a swiping arm of a yeti, with the little snow at the top its other hand, and it's coming out the top side of the "mountain" with a roar... any way, update looks better.
  2. It's not bad at all. Probably one of the better edits to remove black. Some of the notches in the snow swoosh are kind of making it look like a fluffy cat tail to me though.
  3. I just wish we saw a real jersey made of the Stars set with gold and the darker green that were leaked with the different versions they went through. That looked amazing.
  4. I think the Wild branded well to avoid the name becoming gimmicky. They could have done something crazy like the old Owen Sound Attack jerseys to come off "x-treme!" By going with classic hockey branding it more than mitigated the potential of turning the name and identity into the xfl or pro beach hockey.
  5. Here's a different option. After making it i realized it's similar to one of sparkychewbarky's many concepts. My main goal though with the white jersey was keeping a fair amount of the gray present to still give off that "armor" look. I had visions of the old USA hockey sets with the curved yoke/arm section.
  6. yes, i was working with paint and powerpoint as a workaround for transparency. Unfortunately the color editing on the logo wasn't the greatest.
  7. First crack at a Golden Knights concept with the new identity release. I am anticipating the usual hem stripe argument, and probably the comparison to the Ducks alt, but this is my starting point from one idea, plus common themes in recent jerseys.
  8. while i like it, the star on the helmet reminds me of the Marvel character Nova...
  9. Someone else had a power rangers reference, here's one that'll really make you think...
  10. Hopefully it will look more like the hat picture with the color when it's on the jersey. The charcoal/gray color seems to be the primary, or at least a dominant color for the home jersey. We saw it used in the last all star game and would certainly be unique. Would have been more so if LA didn't come out with their silver/gray alt. Theres certainly a lot of potential for the uniform set and I'm still excited to see that.
  11. Wasn't it the other way though in the teaser videos?
  12. What if you slap that logo on a desert red jersey?
  13. So far so good. The gold really pops out of that. Doesn't look khaki, though we'all have to see the jersey material with that.
  14. Stealth bomber->aces? Something off the board but could see it. V-shaped
  15. The story on nhl.com actually has a dropbox link with more photos of the Leafs. Still can't tell if the stripe goes all the way around. I thought it was a weird way of releasing photos though. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkdtojz7h3lfbuf/Centennial Classic Sweater.zip?dl=0 I look at that and I just want it to turn into the old Oilers alt. It's so close.