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  1. thank god! I was hoping this would happen! The other one was OK for what it was, but it was too similar to the home jersey.
  2. that's... racist?.... that was the best uniform. It totally sucked me into the Flames bandwagon in 04. I think it does earn some of its appeal because of the situation of returning the team to their appropriate primary color and they marketed the bleep out of it from what I recall.
  3. I mean, how much can they really do or show with it until the settle on the color scheme and identity, and logos. It's not like they have a history of great players to throw murals on the wall. I'm sure stripped down a lot of locker rooms look like this.
  4. I've had this idea for a while, and it has been posted by others before, but I'd like some feedback for where to take it from here. I don't have a typical concept mockup, but I made the uniform for NHL 2004 so I have in game previews. I wanted to make my ideal Ducks set post Edge era with the black, gold, orange/webbed D identity. Very simple use of their first edge cut and recoloring to get more orange in. im stuck on the number set as to using a gold outline or orange, and also the collars. I don't want to have orange and gold touching if possible. Also, with the change in design I'm not sure if the thin orange stripe on the pants really works since that element is no longer on the rest of the uniform. Thanks
  5. second from left is awesome. And i agree with Morgo, the far right does look very Ottawa Senators, but still nice. Maybe that's a road they could go down and you can make that too, sparky!
  6. I would prefer one like what sparkychewbarky made, but that is still really nice.
  7. Wings are great. Love the new D logo they came out with and the font with it looks great.
  8. Awesome job so far. Always love your work. One of the best alternate designs for Columbus. Would look fantastic. As for Florida, I'd love to see it in navy so it stands out more from the red home set, but still looks great. Excited for the rest!
  9. Yes, it's exactly the bruins jersey just removing one stripe and changing the yoke.
  10. Screens from Leafs games. And a link to video: https://www.nhl.com/video/game-in-six-09162016/t-277555732/c-44704603?q=Maple+leafs theres a great goal by #91, and that number looks great on this uniform. Sorry leaf fans.
  11. Screen of the Panthers
  12. Panthers look good in action. There are highlights of the Leafs from the rookie tournament games on NHL.com as well and those were looking great.
  13. The white jersey is the Boston template, the red looks like Columbus's third from the shape of the collar and different proportions of the stripes. All in all they're nice, albeit slightly boring.
  14. Maybe gold outlined in black then white? The home is lacking white to tie things together. You have decent sized white stripes on the pants which will look odd with the home jersey devoid of that color.
  15. Overall very nice. Love the old Kings style yoke. I would like to see how a gold yoke on the home might look. Black on black numbers probably wouldn't really fly.