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  1. B-mer

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (NYI/LAK added)

    NYI wishlist all the way. Looks fantastic.
  2. I actually have a few ideas for them, so I'm trying to narrow down which one I do. I want to do my best to avoid re-using the same teams as much as possible, even though there are some that would work well for a number of teams.
  3. B-mer

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (NYI/LAK added)

    all of those are great. Only thing i'm not sold on is the logo for the Devils wish list. I always liked the idea of going with a letter D stylized like their main logo.
  4. Next up is the Carolina Hurricanes using the Winnipeg Jets jerseys. I liked this one as I was able to blend elements form all of Carolina's jerseys into this, and thought it came out well. The hem stripes match their old arm stripes up until their second Edge set, and the arm stripes on the road carry on the silver and black matching the numbers from their current road. I know it will be said, but I tried sublimating the warning flag design but it looked good on the red stripe on the road, but not as good on the white stripe on the home.
  5. B-mer

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (NYI/LAK added)

    I'm sorry, but this made me laugh. Well played. Washington's wish list looks amazing. Both Canucks are good. I actually like the prediction for Colorado more than your wish list. The mix of the mountain hem, straight arm stripes, and rounded yoke just doesn't mesh for me. The yoke is manageable, but i think it would look better if you just had the arm stripes angle upward to a single point, like the Mighty Ducks jerseys had. Color scheme-wise, love it. Only other suggestion is maybe swap the logos.
  6. B-mer

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (NYI/LAK added)

    I was barely reading and saw the first jersey and was like "it looks great, always liked that uniform except the numbers" which you fixed. Forgot how you post two concepts for this thread and was like "WHOA" when I saw the wishlist one. Looks fantastic.
  7. Here is my next one: Boston Bruins using New Jersey's new jerseys (meant to do that). I have another idea for Boston as well, so may end up with a bonus set later on.
  8. I found the color, but on my monitor at least it just looks so dark and not right. How is this though?
  9. hmph. I had trouble with it finding the right shade. Before it looked too dark. but thanks.
  10. Thanks for the comment. I sat down and came up with more teams to work on than I originally thought I'd do, so I think I might try for the whole league. Next up is Nashville. I saw a lot of easy connections to both their current jersey and the previous one in using the Minnesota Wild's new home jersey. Hope you like.
  11. B-mer

    NHL Military Appreciation Concepts

    They're nice, but you need to fix the orientation of the arm numbers. Because of how the sleeve is folded you need to swap them, and you need to rotate them to align with the straight edge of inside part of the sleeve. Love the attention of the Canadian teams using Canadian military elements. Do they do that now?
  12. Sometimes when new jersey cuts and templates come out, I look at what we got and wonder.... what if team A used team B's jerseys? Well, here we go. I'll be posting a couple jersey swaps. These won't be full identity swaps, as you'll notice there will be some small details that were left the same/omitted. There's no weird reason i have for choosing which teams I'm pulling from, and i'm not swapping both teams with each other, just one team using another team's jersey. So far I only have a few ideas so if anyone wants to see/suggest others, please feel free. First up is the Washington Capitals borrowing the Nashville Predators jerseys.
  13. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    they didnt do a great job with the white version. Not that the original was all that great to begin with.
  14. those are awesome. Really like the Coyotes and Canes.
  15. B-mer

    Walleye Logo Concept

    it looks good, but the main thing i notice is the shape in the tail makes it look like a direct affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks, which would be a cool nod if that was the case.