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  1. Love both of those jerseys. The Liberty logo looks really bold with the removal of silver.
  2. B-mer

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    wow. i actually REALLY like the Islanders. It's amazing how the striping on the home/away is the same but it has such a different effect on each. This is a fantastic blend of eras for them. I'd make some small edits to the Alternate to make it more accurate to the set it's based on, but overall these are among my favorites so far. And for an alternative, it might be interesting seeing the color themes swapped, where it's navy for the home/road and royal for the alternate. It makes the orange stripes on the stick on the road jersey stand out more, and makes the "throwback" more of a throwback to the dynasty jersey. I did it real quick and think it's an upgrade. If you replaced the logo on the shoulders with an updated lighthouse that's more white and bold to match the NY logo, i'd buy it. The number font works really well with this set too.
  3. B-mer

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    Interesting. Kind of has a basketball uniform feel to it. I thought you might go the silver/navy gear route with the Oilers.
  4. B-mer

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    Def v2
  5. B-mer

    Penguins Alternate Fix-Up

    make the collar all black, with the smaller inside ring (currently black) white. Then it'd be pretty damn perfect.
  6. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    It's mainly the colors for me. Not saying it looks like a Sharks jersey they've worn before. But many of the photos I saw the jade looks teal because of the lighting, and the black and silver is/was in the Sharks color palette. If it didnt have the shoulder yokes and was mainly eggplant, many would probably say it's a nice update of the original, and almost the same. If nothing else it's successful in getting me nostalgic for the Mighty Ducks branding/colors.
  7. B-mer

    Penguins 3rd

    It looks like a kids shirt that's made to look like a hockey jersey. It's not a ton different, but the Stadium one looks better for some reason. I feel like they could have done a little more with it to make it better overall. This looks like they stopped halfway through.
  8. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    The Ducks jersey certainly looks better on a player, and even the out of place shoulder yokes worked. But, there are definitely times it looks like a Sharks jersey.
  9. B-mer

    Carolina Hurricanes Announce Entire 2018-19 Uniform Schedule

    Surprised no one else has mentioned the fact they used a Reebok road jersey and a picture of an old Whalers jersey instead of the Adidas version they’re actually going to wear. Does that bug only me?
  10. B-mer

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    it was a big thing with the first RBK Edge jerseys in the AHL. A lot of times did it i feel. maybe not a lot, but enough. the only time i've seen it (on the hem) where it didnt bother me at all was the USA hockey jersey from about 2002. But, the gap was much smaller in comparison, and it was also new to me at the time. Loved those uniforms.
  11. B-mer

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    that enormous gap in the side panel on the Michigan jersey ruins it.
  12. B-mer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Liking the darker teal. Reminds me of how the Philadelphia Eagles green can look in some light which I always thought would be a great color for a hockey team.
  13. B-mer

    NHL 2018-19

    I just thought those original sets had better color balance, and the sock striping made sense because it matched the hem of the roads. I liked the original logo at the time, but wanted the stick to be silver. Theyre still a team that could do something really special with their brand if they wanted to
  14. B-mer

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    Hm. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe we’re looking at the wrong jersey? What if you made the yoke navy and the stripe red on the road? That would match the first one better. I dunno. It’s nice either way.