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  1. NBA Concept

    HAHA. That makes me wanna start an NHL concept just because brave-bird said that
  2. NBA Concept

  3. NBA Concept

    ok thx man. ima update it ASAP
  4. NBA Concept

    Im Back Again. Im Tryna Work On Vectoring but i need some help. if anyone can, let me know. Thx. Im workin on the bobcats. not really the uniforms just the logo(s). Tell Me what you think of this logo because i really wanna vector it. Thx Anyways
  5. Portland Trailblazers Re-Brand

    IDK wht it is but these uniforms are just throwing me off.
  6. Other Design Help

    I need Vectoring Help. I have an NBA concept but its not going my way because i want to use my drawings. does anybody know and good vectoring programs or can you vector this for me? Thx. BTW, I have better drawings but im just using that as and example. Thx Anyways
  7. NBA Concept

    Well i just finished my 76ers update which is completely different from the 1st one i did. The alternate uniform was experimental; it sorta pays tribute to the old logo set but the home and away uni's are sort of a rendition of the American flag with the stripes going down the sides. i tried doing something different with my 1st alt jersey idea which ima post later: btw, the alt is pinstriped
  8. NBA Concept

    ok. thanks
  9. NBA Concept

    Im back again. im suprised by how much time its been since the last reply on this topic but whatever. I started a knicks concept which isnt really nothing fancy. Just clean and simple. While i was gone i had some nice ideas for the nets and sixers and im also trying to figure out how to vector my drawings. can anybody help with that. thx. Heres the knicks:
  10. NBA Concept

    im skeptical as to whether or not i should do uniforms for the remaining teams. its taking me a long time for the nets uniforms and i really just want to move this series along. I did however come up with new logos for the nets. Its sort of an update of their old logo with an alternate. What You guys think???
  11. NBA Concept

    Thanks for the comments guys. today im going to do the magic. im also probably going to update all of the teams i need to after the concept id finished. just throwing that out there.
  12. NBA Concept

    OK I'm Back!!! I had to work on my science fair project for school so i didn't really have enough time work on the teams. I haven't work on the 76ers and Raptors updates yet but im gonna get right on it. I did however work on a quick little Celtics set to just keep the topic alive. lol. I am actually quite surprised with this set, If nothing else, because i did it in such a short period of time. The one jersey i think you guys might like is the alternate but that's for y'all to decide.
  13. NBA Concept

    thanks for the coments and ill make sure i arch the names
  14. NBA Concept

    Thats Whats unique about it! it's kinda like the kings uniforms and how they have the city name home and team name away.