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  1. It'll be perfect for 2016 when the Vikings moved to their new stadium.
  2. That right in the beginning of each commercials they would show the blue flag with the old logo. As for the new Retro logo I like it
  3. Lets hope MLS does a subtle change to their logo and not do a radical change like the Mexican Liga MX
  4. I wonder if they're going to have a new set or just changed the WWE logo
  5. I love the logo probably the best ASG logo since the 2008 logo As for the pillbox caps I'm not a fan of fashion cap but I loved it plus I still remember back in 1986 when the Pirates wore it.
  6. I know what you mean normally they announced the site for the next ASG during their winter meeting and unless something happen (Just ask the 2006 ASG in San Diego) it'll he in Baltimore! That make sense and can't wait to see maybe is a modernized 1988 logo
  7. Really wow normally the host team unveiled their logo on their 1st home game in the 2nd half
  8. Really wow normally the host team unveiled their logo on their 1st home game in the 2nd half
  9. Does anybody know when the Reds going to unveiled their 2015 ASG logo?
  10. Since Silver is part of the Panthers color it look good!
  11. MNTwins03 1-Welcome to the club! 2- As for the Twins creamed uni when they wore it in 2010 as a tribute to Killebrew the fans loved it and I thought they were going to wear it full time in 2012. I liked it I wished they were wear it full time but I would change their logo to their alternate I like the way how they combined their past and current logo!
  12. Don't think so. they're still using the roundel with the Baseball club down at Petco Park. Not sure what the doofuses at EA sports are doing. You know what's funny? EA Sports doesn't make a baseball game! Sigh... Thanks for reminding me. Maybe next year...At least RBI Baseball is back!
  13. I think the Falcons will change their uniform in 2017 when they opened their new stadium
  14. I knew I forgot something LOL
  15. Yet a few tweaks and I feel it becomes very interesting. Subway circa 1989 says hello. Well the Padres are going to go back to the brown & Yellow why not even though I'm praying for the Brown/Orange no where does it say the padres are definitely going back to brown and yellow Well back in 2012 Mighty 1090 interviewed the Padres new owner and he said that he's considering changing the Padres uniform maybe go back to the original logo and it a 2 years wait