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  1. Volkswagen redesigning its logo

    Hope not the VW is iconic it'll be like Coca-Cola changing thier famous can or Dodgers getting rid of the LA or Yankees removing the NY
  2. Toys R Us unused logo

    I get what you're saying just like KB going from Kay-Bee to KB Toys
  3. Toys R Us unused logo

    Or Huney like Winnie The pooh 🤣
  4. Toys R Us unused logo

    I liked it cause it was unique the last logo looked corporate
  5. Toys R Us unused logo

    Why not it work for Jack In The Box and I've seen creepy Geoffrey costume lol.
  6. Toys R Us unused logo

    It was on so that's probably a corporate logo but some company phased out their logo for corporate like MLB team using cap logo as thier logo. As for Geoffrey granted I haven't seen much Toys R Us commercials but the 2017 no Geoffrey
  7. Toys R Us unused logo

    That's the one thanks. As for the logo I would've loved it one of Toys R Us downfall was Geoffrey was being phased out.
  8. Toys R Us unused logo

    Could you help me I don't know how to upload
  9. Toys R Us unused logo I was doing my research on Toys R Us and I saw this. I think it would've been an upgrade cause Geoffrey is in the logo.
  10. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    That's true NBC didn't do that until 2003 with Arena Football
  11. XYZ Channel concept

    I like it wish Disney had used this name instead of Freeform
  12. El Pollo Loco new logo

    I'm surprised they changed the color they been Red & Yellow since the beginning
  13. El Pollo Loco new logo

    Same here when I first saw the logo I thought it was just a random made up logo
  14. Freeform New Look

    Both should've work I picked the 1st logo and I think SmackDown would be perfect for XYZ
  15. Freeform New Look

    LOL You could've been right since XYZ was going to be the opposite it would've look like the WWE logo or something that look like a rock band