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  1. Freeform New Look

    Both should've work I picked the 1st logo and I think SmackDown would be perfect for XYZ
  2. Freeform New Look

    LOL You could've been right since XYZ was going to be the opposite it would've look like the WWE logo or something that look like a rock band
  3. Freeform New Look

    I would love to see the XYZ logo lol
  4. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Not much different whenever a team scored they show us the score
  5. El Pollo Loco new logo

    Thank I've been going crazy trying to post the logo and I'm with you I like the 1st one but I do lovethe new logo
  6. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Or is only for NBC and NBCSN is using the old graphic
  7. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Yeah you're right I would love to see it on MLB games and they're saving the graphics for the NHL Playoff or the Stanley Cup
  8. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Figured I think the new graphics is only for Sunday Night Football just like ESPN using different graphics for Monday Night Football
  9. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Didn't see NHL on NBCSN tonight I wanted to see how the new graphic is for the NHL
  10. El Pollo Loco new logo

    I was watching Dr.Phil and I think El Pollo Loco finally got a new logo
  11. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Won't surprised me if the graphics is only for Sunday Night Football just like ESPN
  12. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    I know hope it just for the pregame but I do like the scorebug can't wait to see it for the NHL but I like the Olympic graphic better
  13. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    I'm not feeling the new graphic for NBC
  14. Freeform New Look

    I know what you mean Spectrum got Freeform new logo too either they're waiting for February or they're having second thought
  15. Freeform New Look

    Yeah but when are they going to debut I was watching Freeform and the soon to be old logo is still on the screen