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  1. the mtn.

    God I wish I had money to burn. What a bad idea. Real TV contracts give your schools money and national exposure (for poll voting and admissions).
  2. Unused Los Angeles Clippers Logo

    Its interesting, certainly worth the wait! Thanks LogoHound.
  3. Unused Los Angeles Clippers Logo

    I was just on the copyright offices site and did 1000 searches cant find it.....pleeeeeeaaaaaaase post, please, from a huge Clippers fan that has never seen this logo!!!! Thank you.
  4. Unused Los Angeles Clippers Logo

    I got this thing and the one in the request confused....but thanks if you can dig that up!
  5. Unused Los Angeles Clippers Logo

    I was waiting for this post....who takes it off their photo album link after a day? WTF!!!!!
  6. Cleveland Browns Helmet

    I still like the dog as a logo....yes yes yes Im sick in the head and the Browns are named after someone. All that aside, if you're going to put something on the helmet that ought to be it.
  7. United Soccer League Team Logo Concepts

    I think the Victory ought to be using yours! Still the best of the series.
  8. RARE Design

    This kind of design in Misssississippiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Whoa pretty forward thinking for the back woods I'd say! Looks bitchin. Pop up menus suck....too much motion...I think Im gonna be sick.
  9. Basketball Bulldog

    Heres the link to their site: Its a plug type site...which Im not going to redo or update.
  10. Basketball Bulldog

    I think Ive got it, finally. I'll ask if he really needs the ball, but I have a feeling he'll say yes and at some point it will be replaced with a red, white and blue one. I refuse to be responsible for that atrocity. The wordmark on top rocks. Thanks for everyones help on this!!!! (There is a high possiblilty that this team might fold midseason, but that will have nothing to do with my design.)
  11. Basketball Bulldog

    Everything all in one post....
  12. Basketball Bulldog

    Which one looks less forced??? I'll go with that one.
  13. Basketball Bulldog

    Last time, I think. Fixed the ear and some little things. Need opinion on the dual purpose leash.... The tag i think works, thanks for that idea.
  14. Basketball Bulldog

    I dont know about the ball name tag. I cant fit it in anywhere and I tried everywhere. Im sure Ive seen something similar somewhere, but Im too tired for research. Floppy? This dude is supposed to rip your head off, not cuddle after a game of fetch the reference photo I had had the ears back. I guess floppy is the more recognizable feature of this breed though.
  15. Basketball Bulldog

    Still working on the you think I had too many outlines?