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  1. New College Football Uniforms

    I'm a little surprised that K-State's pants are virtually unchanged. I was dreading that the traditional stripes might be gone, or some unnecessary black trim would be added. I still prefer the two stripes on the sleeves for KSU, but these look solid just as long as they don't mess with the helmet. Here are a couple more angles...
  2. New College Football Uniforms

    University of Tulsa's new jerseys... For comparison, here's TU's previous uniform set. It's a shame that these are being replaced by yet another Nike template job.
  3. Univ of Oregon Baseball Uni

    And Title IX claims yet another victim in the world of collegiate wrestling... It's good that Oregon is getting back into baseball, but it's a real shame that they're cannibalizing wrestling to do it. Fielding a wrestling program doesn't require much funding, and putting together even a decent program is mostly a matter of finding the proper coaching. It's looking like it might just be a matter of time before college wrestling is limited to just a handful of schools like Oklahoma State, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa State, Missouri, and a couple of little guys like Lehigh and Cornell.
  4. west virginia's new fb unis

    I think West Virginia really needs to ditch that number font, or at least modify it to be a little more conservative and reduce the amount of space between numbers. Cal has had essentially the same uniforms for the last few years, but I think they look considerably better because they don't have that weird italicized spaced-out number font.
  5. New College Football Uniforms

    Iowa State's new yellow pants look much better than the all-red monochrome they've been wearing the last couple of years...
  6. New Texas A&M football uniforms

    Something similar to this was posted a few days ago (link), except the numbers had a silver drop shadow instead of just a simple outline. If these changes are real, then I think this is yet another needless uniform change in the Big 12 this year where the new set isn't exactly an improvement over the previous design.
  7. UT sues Texas A&M store over logo use

    Actually, you don't hear Texas being upset about the "Saw 'Em Off" logo being used on OU merchandise because that logo is hardly ever used north of the Red River. What you see all the time in the state of Oklahoma are Sooner fans buying actual Longhorn stickers or car plates in order to place them upside-down on their cars. I've seen quite a few crimson hats with a white Longhorn logo embroidered upside-down on the front.
  8. Rank the Jerseys in Each Conference

    I love Ole Miss's jerseys. Am I the only one who thinks that the middle stripe on the shoulders needs to be the "off" color (i.e., red middle stripe on the blue jerseys and blue middle stripe on the red jerseys)? I think the white jerseys looked much better back when they had red & blue stripes. Eliminating the blue from the white jerseys was a step backward, IMO.
  9. Not completely - it appears on the top of the Blazers' Online Store. I'm glad to see that it hasn't completely faded into oblivion yet. However, the design of the team store site is the same design of the full team site when the Blazers used the dome logo. The site was redesigned fairly recently, so the dome may be gone from the online store sometime soon. The only logos that I ever see used in team promotions and on the local sportscasts anymore are the calligraphy B and the 15th anniversary logo (the B with a small "15" on the bottom right corner), but maybe the dome hasn't been officially retired yet.
  10. Didn't the Oklahoma City Blazers have the capital building as their logo for some time? The Blazers used the Oklahoma capitol dome when they revamped their logos and uniforms (the Blazers resembled the red, yellow, and black Canucks). The dome at the state capitol had just been completed when the Blazers were looking for a new identity, so I guess they decided to capitalize on the buzz around the dome. The dome logo was used on the uniforms for a few years until it was most recently replaced by the caligraphy 'B' logo. The dome logo has completely disappeared since, though I wouldn't mind seeing it return as a secondary logo.
  11. Rank the Jerseys in Each Conference

    You might want to take another crack at that... Georgia's listed twice and Tennessee has been omitted.
  12. Slate on U.S. Soccer's "Growing Uniform Crisis"

    The latest update...
  13. Slate on U.S. Soccer's "Growing Uniform Crisis"

    Thanks for the feedback guys, how does this look?
  14. Slate on U.S. Soccer's "Growing Uniform Crisis"

    I threw this together after drawing a little inspiration from the 1994 World Cup logo...