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  1. Maybe Nike will reintroduce shiny pants to go along with an 80s style green helmet look. And a very shiny helmet as well.
  2. schlim

    Carolina Hurricanes Ask Fans For Help With New Logo

    Well, how about this then?
  3. As a big Jets fan, I'm just biting my fingernails and ready to be bored to death with a military-inspired design coming up, and 'fighter grey' sounds just too plausible. Since the Jets came around in the 60's and their heydey still is in the 60's, i think a design that harkens back to the 'jet-set' golden age of airlines would be a more appropriate path to follow. Hell, even their Jets typography looks a lot like David Klein's TWA posters from that time period. Of course, this is the NFL, so I'm fully expecting full throttle USA/Military influence with some military stencil numbers than something that would fit the team in a perfect way.
  4. Fun fact: When area codes were first developed, all the major metropolitan centers got low numbers (especially '1' as the middle digit) to cut down on dialing time. Remember calling somebody who had a 8,9, or 0 in their number in the rotary days? That's why NY, LA, and Chicago all got 212, 213, 312... Lots of western and southern states with (then) minuscule populations got stuck with '0' in their middle digit. Poor folks. Poor Memphis.
  5. I think the grey swatches on the Titans' pants are absolutely horrible. It's like it's the worst kind of lazy design - a designer spends days and weeks looking at the wall of paint chips and pantone swatches and just can't decide between the two of them as an accent, so the designer gets the 'out of the box' idea of using both swatches as they are on the leg, then, satisfied with the inclusion of some tertiary colors, goes out to a bar and celebrates, then the 'brilliant' idea of it being a sword sheath makes the decision feel like even more of a genius move.
  6. schlim

    Austin FC

    I was born in Schenectady! Let me tell you about all the oak trees that surrounded the Stockade area that are now in the city's Central Park... lol I do always appreciate Schenectady references.
  7. schlim

    Austin FC

    Also, the logo doesn't look anything like the Treaty Oak or a real Live Oak!! I think that's what bothers me most about the visual imagery of the logo and what everybody is upset about in terms of its use of 'oak imagery'. Live Oaks (which are all over Austin and the surrounding Hill Country) are big, winding, crazy looking trees with branches that are just as likely to twist and turn and reach down towards the ground as they are to head towards the sky- the designers don't really graphically reduce those qualities down to the image in the logo. Here's a look at some that don't look anything like the generic version in the logo. Also, the Violet Crown I think was coined by old Austin resident O'Henry, and it referred to the purple ring that appears around the city during sunsets. It's a pretty common phrase in Austin, with a bunch of businesses using it in its name. A play off the Violet Crown was the Velvet Coffin, a phrase referring to the ability to slack off and live in Austin, and just get so comfortable living there you just end up dying there too. This one probably wouldn't make a good team signifier.
  8. schlim

    Austin FC

    I agree with this 1000%. My whole reaction to the tree is the connection to the importance Austinites' place on the environment and green spaces, parks, lakes, etc. inside the city. That's the entire connection of this logo to the city. Besides 'keeping it weird', Austin is engaged in a political battle with the rest of Texas on just about everything. The roots thing? A horrible explanation and the design element that works the least.
  9. schlim

    Austin FC

    I think it's a ton about the game experience, but as much as I hate everything about the logo and their colors - including the interlocking 'SC' - every fan I ask at least doesn't mind the logo, and many say they really like it. Again, slapping that logo on a team playing at Arrowhead in 2002 probably wouldn't have achieved the same affect, but Kansas Citians are undergoing a real pride of Kansas City decade right now, even if the team doesn't play in Kansas City.
  10. schlim

    Austin FC

    Thanks! I haven't really kept up with the intricacies of MLS design, I guess I knew the LAFC influence, but didn't know about Columbus, Atlanta or DC's examples. I've always thought the Sporting KC rebrand was a disaster, just inoffensive and 'meh' all around, but Kansas City loves it. I always try to think the love for the team has more to do with the game atmosphere in a soccer only stadium instead of cramming 8,000 fans into 70,000 seat Arrowhead, but you see the colors and logo everywhere in KC. Also, the Wizards name harkens back to years ago here when the only souvenirs you could buy from KC were cow or Wizard of Oz related, which kinda reiterates my point about Austin and guitars and bats.
  11. schlim

    Austin FC

    What other cities in MLS use hyper-local identities? I agreed with everything you said but kinda feel lost by that statement. The league to me largely feels very generic or high level identities, with the fans providing the connections. Beyond the long-established names of the PNW teams, which identities besides Minnesota hint at hyper-local things?
  12. schlim

    Austin FC

    I lived in Austin for twelve years, and go back often to visit friends there. I was involved in the art scene, with crossovers into the music, film and theater industries, a lot of the things that 'keep Austin weird'. I also saw the city grow from a sleepy college town to a traffic clogged city overrun with development. I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this logo. Outside of believing the team should not leave Columbus, my initial thought when I saw this was to think of Oakland's city logo. As far as Austin goes, and the Live Oak representing the city, I can see that working well. The city is very environmentally conscious, with protection of its green spaces a high priority for its residents (they even blocked a proposed stadium along Town Lake due to these concerns). Live oak trees are everywhere, the green movement is a way of life, and also the name of a long established local brewery, so the idea of a tree representing Austin *feels* right, but the idea of the tree representing the team doesn't quite *feel* right, maybe because 'Austin FC' sounds really generic and the tree seems to be a local nod. I do think any inclusion of guitars and bats would just induce a huge eye roll for most Austinites now, as the city feels like its moved past its music city/bat city identity into something more cosmopolitan in thinking. So overall, while I don't think it's a great logo, I actually think it works well for Austin and I can see it becoming iconic in the city.
  13. Anybody else look at the unveiling of Oregon's new uniforms and just think, "well, there's another way the Jets can screw this up I hadn't considered". Remember the size of those shoulder numbers in the 80s???
  14. The thread for Championship Teams Celebrating Championships in their Favorite Bathroom hasn't been made yet, so hold onto this picture!
  15. schlim

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Baron Davis discussing all the uniforms he wore: