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  1. I like the telephone cord backhair.
  2. As a Jets fan, I never knew this combination of green helmet and Namath era jerseys existed, even for such a short little time. When the fauxbacks were used that one year in the 90's, the green helmet was so jarring with the Namath era jerseys. I think it was because there was such a stronger sense of the jerseys being associated with the Super Bowl and that those wonderful uniforms were dormant for such a long time prior to that. As much as I loved the initial change to the new-Namath era jerseys, I did feel sad about losing the green helmet. Now, after using the current set for so long (I believe this season may make the current set in use longer than the green helmet set) and seeing the uniforms become worse and worse and bastardized to every suppliers' templates and mismatched greens, I would totally welcome switching the helmets back to the green ones without ruining the 'Namath era look' of the uniforms. Also, please drop the forest and olive green stuff and go back to the kelly green!
  3. Do those arms really belong to that head?
  4. Anybody else notice that 'lion fur' print in the background of the image? I bet it's printed on every number like the Seahawks pattern.
  5. Wow! How original, thanks for the update, Bill!
  6. I always associated the Eagles with silver and black as the central difference between the two teams, mostly because of the one year the Eagles placed electrical tape on their helmets' wings as a memorial. (For the trainer?) I never realized it was a one year thing until a few years ago because their new helmets solidified black in the uniforms.
  7. The first thing that stuck or about that picture was the black threads around the numbers. As a Jet fan, all I could think about was the early nineties jerseys with the black trim. I was so worried about them getting a black third or taking away from the simplicity of the green and white.
  8. Maybe they should just embroider his number on the chest above the wordmark of every jersey in the same color thread as the base of the jersey.
  9. The original unused Charlotte Bobcats' cheerleaders outfits just leaked.
  10. Looks like a star trek logo smashed into a silver blob.
  11. So just what is black and white and red all over?
  12. Jeez, that scares me. I thought the Royals corrected their style by getting rid of black years ago, and the re-introduction of powder blue has worked and been wildly succesful, but it seems like they're really hellbent on watering down and overusing gold to muddle up a clean look with strong ties to their past. Yes, I know yellow/gold has been in their logo this whole time, but blue(s) have always been their bread and butter in regards to their identity.
  13. Gene Englund only played one season (49-50) with the Celtics, a year they didn't even qualify for the playoffs, seems overkill to memorialize his contributions to the club on the jersey.
  14. Triangle wins. Triangle Man
  15. It's refreshing to see a studio create a well crafted original identity without having to settle on a 'mascot swinging a bat logo'. It's almost as if Simon Studios created this identity and its mascot logos as pitchers just to drop the mic at Brandiose's feet.