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  1. schlim

    FC Cincinnati

    Ever notice that the ball in these two logos looks to be the exact same, just horizontally flipped?
  2. Well, it works in the arena league...
  3. Sonny Werblin, a high rolling TV and movie star agent, was one of the main guys (with Leon Hess) who bought the Titans and he personally changed the name to Jets to play off the then soaring popularity of the Mets, as well as the stadium's proximity to LaGardia. Hess' gas stations were green and white, because they wanted a 'crisp, clean look'. Sonny liked the freshness of the green and made the green and white the team colors, which completed the shift from the drab of the drab gold and blue color scheme of the Giants copycat Titans. I always think the Jets are a product of the 60's, and even with a lot of their fan base generally aligning with Mets fans, presented a new look and feel to sports that old traditional franchises like the Giants and Yankees could never take on. Look at this TWA poster from the 60';s - the font is almost exactly what the Jets use today. There's certainly a nostalgia for the jet-set era of travel - when traveling was fun, expensive, mysterious, etc. I'm not saying the Jets should dress as travel agents or go-go dancers, but they've always represented an alternative (for better or worse, mostly worse) for Giants fans and old ways. That identity only becomes more solidified when the biggest star your franchise ever had was a .500 quarterback known for his sideburns, pantyhose ads, and being a fixture on the nightclub scene. The Simpsons saw the culture clash. I'm also not suggesting the Jets trot out playboy bunnies as cheerleaders and go into some culturally depraved look, but the Jets have always had a clean, fun look. From the real shoulder stripes of the 60's, the white shoes, to the uniqueness of the green helmet and that kelly green and white with oversized shoulder numerals, to the early days of their current look, before cuts and different green fabrics made them cringeworthy. But interjecting the military theme into the Jets identity seems like overkill and out of the blue. Adding grey is what the Eagles already do. Nobody really likes the Celtics in grey or black, so kelly green and white could totally be owned by the Jets. Look at Winnipeg's new identity - with it's fighter jet logo, it seems a bit more formal and less fun than its own 60's style logo. Not all of sports have to be serious, and not everything has to salute the troops at every waking moment. There's a lot of rich visual imagery and history that can be drawn from instead of just stenciled letters and some mindless descriptions pandering to 'the troops'. Can we just have the Jets be a stupid, fun football team that just looks good on the field instead of looking like a bunch of drones with green stripes painted on them?
  4. As a Jets fan, I'm completely worried about all of this. On the most optimistic side, I'm expecting a two toned reproduction of the 80's green uniforms with a couple of horrible striping issues or else copious amounts of grey along with a black alt that will make the 49ers black alt look like the 67 Packers. What I'm sadly worrying about it either a full Oregon/Titans/Browns modern debacle, or else a full on military love affair with every sickening over the top military device thrown in for good measure. Just keep the stupid greens a bunch of drab olive greens that don't match. Make the logo on one side of the helmet backwards so it matches American flag patches on military outfits so it follows the flag code like it's blowing in the wind. Give the pants a bunch of faux rivet graphics to make the silvery-fuselage grey look more like a real fighter jet. Let's write the Battle Hymn of the Republic in the collar, and then use the most military style graphics for numbers ever! Can't wait to read the press release about these jet-inspired touches. Fans like this will gobble this :censored: up.
  5. schlim

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    I'm in love with the fact you coined this term.
  6. schlim

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    Springfield Cardinals, St Louis Cardinals
  7. schlim

    NHL 2018-19

    The Bruins switched to a black and yellow checkerboard pattern from all-yellow seats at the then new Shawmut/Fleet/TD Garden Center/Garden building because the yellow seats stood out and showed how many empty seats they had. Of course, the Bruins also averaged 78 points a season the first five seasons the new building was open.
  8. schlim

    Penguins 3rd

    It looks like MLB accidentally created a players' weekend jersey for the Penguins, and then the NHL accidentally made it a 3rd uniform.
  9. schlim

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    Pretty sure money is the real reason they'll never be relegation. No billionaire investing in an MLS team is going to be willing to let their investment drop to a secondary league.
  10. I thought Vancouver already had an MLS team...
  11. this is what it also reminds me of:
  12. That rock may be the single worst depiction of an object in logo history. And that all too common fat sized stroke/line quality is doing it absolutely zero good.
  13. Maybe Nike will reintroduce shiny pants to go along with an 80s style green helmet look. And a very shiny helmet as well.
  14. schlim

    Carolina Hurricanes Ask Fans For Help With New Logo

    Well, how about this then?
  15. As a big Jets fan, I'm just biting my fingernails and ready to be bored to death with a military-inspired design coming up, and 'fighter grey' sounds just too plausible. Since the Jets came around in the 60's and their heydey still is in the 60's, i think a design that harkens back to the 'jet-set' golden age of airlines would be a more appropriate path to follow. Hell, even their Jets typography looks a lot like David Klein's TWA posters from that time period. Of course, this is the NFL, so I'm fully expecting full throttle USA/Military influence with some military stencil numbers than something that would fit the team in a perfect way.