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  1. I'm thinking fake because there's clearly not enough contrast for the Nike logo to stand out on the sleeves. It needs to at least be white, or perhaps some shade of Orgeon highlighter to be real. Nike never misses a chance for self aggrandizing on their new designs
  2. I'm going way back than just 'recent years', but as a kid in the early 80s, the only place I ever could see other jerseys and hats in person was the store across the street from Fenway Park. The sports store (which I think was pushed out by the team and became the team's official shop). There was very little access to other teams' highlights besides games of the week, even the USA Today didn't exist with color pictures until 1984! Sure, you could occasionally get your hands on a catalog with all the teams, sports, etc, but that seemed rare. Then (I'm not sure which came first) but Ebbets/Mitchell Ness would start making throwbacks and old uniforms and hats (the Brooklyn Dodgers again!) Throwback games started hitting the majors, and the frequency of them increased from the late 80s into the 90s. Then Negro Leagues throwbacks started happening as well, expanding the visual landscape of the history of the games. (I know this is more baseball, but the NFL also had that one crazy throwbacks in the early 90s). The growth of cable TV and ESPN really exposed people to a lot more designs than they were previously used to seeing on a regular basis. But I think it was a Madden game that allowed players to pick uniforms when it really hit 'mainstream'. I think with the trickling of throwback games, throwback merchandise, and the realization that people wanted to buy other team's stuff beside their local team really changed things a lot. Once those doors of merchandising were opened, teams found a new revenue source and most leagues would start to flood the markets with throwback shirts, jackets, etc. All the while, the exposure of old logos and designs grew in the regular fan's minds, and teams continued to pocket the funds. I think the next big leap was 'branding' as a thing. Yes, it has always existed, but it's only exponentially grown the internet, I remember one of the first times I came across Chris Creamer online was finding and forwarding a pdf of the Patriots navy Flying Elvis jerseys, and I also remember the hubbub over the Rams losing the gold stripe on their jerseys - I think a Kurt Warner figure without the stripe proved to be the leak! So, yeah, I do think these boards, this site, Paul Lukas, all helped grow the amont of people who follow uniforms, and also exposing the general public to a wealth of information and visual reserves about them. The leagues, already acclimated with making money off jerseys, and more cognizant of branding, and the power of the viral social media landscape, bought into all of this and really push every unveiling, third/fourth /fifth jersey bigger and bigger each year, because, why not. So in summary, exposure/throwback games, money, internet, branding, more money.
  3. schlim

    Safeco Field is now T-Mobile Park

    Wow! I've never connected the Carrier some to the company! My mind is blown! After a little visit to wikipedia, the company paid a 2.75 million dollar naming gift. (The whole dome cost around 28 million). A bit further down the rabbit hole lead me to find out there's a coast in Antartica said The Walgreen Coast, because the company sponsored Byrd's expedition in 1927. So maybe there's a Washington Nationals logo somewhere on the bottom of the earth! Lol But as a Kansas City resident, the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint (based in KC) had me nervous, as all that pink fuschia replacing all the Sprint below would be less than aesthetically pleasing.
  4. schlim

    National Gridiron League

    What does it say about the league when you click on TEAMS, a header appear with: TRANSACTIONS SCORES SUSPENSIONS PLAYERS SCHEDULE STANDINGS Are there so many suspensions in the league that it needs its own page?
  5. schlim

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    The Royals finally found a replacement for Terrance Gore! They went to two World Series and won one with a guy who was faster than the wind and never got a hit (with them). Looks like a .240 hitter with his speed could make the Royals a real dynasty! Rebuild over! Lol
  6. schlim

    Las Vegas Aviators officially announced as new name of MiLB team

    The navy on navy application may be the worst use of negative space in a logo ever. The top of the helmet disappears and makes the visor hard to recognize, and the mouth-mask takes on the Elvis Patriots logo.
  7. I've been reading these forums for a long, long time (15+ years), and I wasn't trying to single anybody out, I just threw out two uniforms that have vaguely (for this board, that means a bunch) reached a consensus about being examples of ugly. Thanks for the replies, Buc and Duck_Duck. It's responses like yours that make these boards really worthwhile.
  8. I appreciate everybody's comments about minor quibbles they have with their favorite teams' uniforms, but I think the idea behind the original post was less 'I don't like the silver stripe in their home uniforms' and more 'What do you do if your team adopts uniforms that look like the love child of the Oregon Ducks' worst day merged with the Buccaneers all red color rush uniforms, and you have no choice but to have to deal with it for at least five years, and probably much longer.' I've thought about this issue with my Jets upcoming change and I honestly don't really know what I'll do. Football isn't really a sport I follow a lot, but the Jets have irrationally been one of my favorite teams in sports and the one I most identify as a stereotypical fan, cataloging tragic loses for 30+ years and finding heartbreak and frustration in every season. I know an all military, silver/grey/black/neon green uniform with stencil letters and an all green American flag on each shoulder with a Nike logo slapped onto it for good affect is a horrifying thought that really would turn me off to the team as a whole. Will I actually follow them anymore? I don't know.
  9. Man, while I agree with you about the shape, I wish this was the change in the Jets identity that would make me worry about liking them with the upcoming Nike changes on the horizon.
  10. schlim

    Unique Team Names?

    Columbia, Missouri high school
  11. schlim

    2019 MLB Changes

    I like them and am glad they're using blue pants. Missed opportunity for the Royals to take the lead and own powder blue, instead all they'll do is mess around with gold in their alternates and half ass their own powder blue.
  12. schlim

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    The gray uniforms are absolutely lifeless. The first time I saw them scrolling through this topic and scrolled from the whites to the grays I actually thought my screen dimmed, then I had to refocus my eyes. Even the baseball logo on the sleeve was grey. And this red is crazy- it really does feel like a different color throughout its applications in the jerseys and logos.
  13. schlim

    FC Cincinnati

    Ever notice that the ball in these two logos looks to be the exact same, just horizontally flipped?
  14. Well, it works in the arena league...
  15. Sonny Werblin, a high rolling TV and movie star agent, was one of the main guys (with Leon Hess) who bought the Titans and he personally changed the name to Jets to play off the then soaring popularity of the Mets, as well as the stadium's proximity to LaGardia. Hess' gas stations were green and white, because they wanted a 'crisp, clean look'. Sonny liked the freshness of the green and made the green and white the team colors, which completed the shift from the drab of the drab gold and blue color scheme of the Giants copycat Titans. I always think the Jets are a product of the 60's, and even with a lot of their fan base generally aligning with Mets fans, presented a new look and feel to sports that old traditional franchises like the Giants and Yankees could never take on. Look at this TWA poster from the 60';s - the font is almost exactly what the Jets use today. There's certainly a nostalgia for the jet-set era of travel - when traveling was fun, expensive, mysterious, etc. I'm not saying the Jets should dress as travel agents or go-go dancers, but they've always represented an alternative (for better or worse, mostly worse) for Giants fans and old ways. That identity only becomes more solidified when the biggest star your franchise ever had was a .500 quarterback known for his sideburns, pantyhose ads, and being a fixture on the nightclub scene. The Simpsons saw the culture clash. I'm also not suggesting the Jets trot out playboy bunnies as cheerleaders and go into some culturally depraved look, but the Jets have always had a clean, fun look. From the real shoulder stripes of the 60's, the white shoes, to the uniqueness of the green helmet and that kelly green and white with oversized shoulder numerals, to the early days of their current look, before cuts and different green fabrics made them cringeworthy. But interjecting the military theme into the Jets identity seems like overkill and out of the blue. Adding grey is what the Eagles already do. Nobody really likes the Celtics in grey or black, so kelly green and white could totally be owned by the Jets. Look at Winnipeg's new identity - with it's fighter jet logo, it seems a bit more formal and less fun than its own 60's style logo. Not all of sports have to be serious, and not everything has to salute the troops at every waking moment. There's a lot of rich visual imagery and history that can be drawn from instead of just stenciled letters and some mindless descriptions pandering to 'the troops'. Can we just have the Jets be a stupid, fun football team that just looks good on the field instead of looking like a bunch of drones with green stripes painted on them?