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  1. Celebrate Your Team Here

    Fixed it for you. No, actually I think averyj had it right. It seems as if the Dodgers have been doing this kind of thing a lot. (Meaning the fall behind and be forced to come back thing).
  2. Celebrate Your Team Here

    Alright! How 'bout those Dodgers who have lost 13 of 17 games? Or those Lakers who still have a whiny Kobe? Or thos Kings who still have Dan Cloutier starting in net? Hey at least we have the defending SB champion Colts! Yea! </shakes head at the Dodgers' pathetic offense>
  3. The Scariest Moment in Sports History

    Scariest has to be Malarchuk.
  4. Oklahoma City . . . Sonics?

    Evidently, it's supposed to mean "Stop Realignment". I still have yet to fully understand it though. Picture one: Stop Picture two: Reel Picture three: A line Picture four: Mint Stop Reel A line mint Ah, thanks! Picture two was confusing me a bit. Like, what does 5 inches have to do with a reel?
  5. Oklahoma City . . . Sonics?

    Evidently, it's supposed to mean "Stop Realignment". I still have yet to fully understand it though.
  6. NFL Playoffs, logo/uniform style!

    Heh...I was only a year early on my prediction
  7. Predictions in the World of Sport for the 2006

    Wow.....looking at my predictions, they all sucked horribly...though I did predict that the Lions and Cards would continue to suck. However, that shouldn't be too hard to predict every year.
  8. Change 1 thing about your team's uniform

    I'll take a stab at it: Lakers: Get rid of the white Sunday jersey- it just doesn't scream "LAKERS" to me....we are the purple and gold (or if you want to get technical, yellow), and our yellow home unis are unique to the NBA. It should stay as such. Dodgers: Bring back the names on the gets frustrating when I don't know who the batter or pitcher entering the game is (especially if it's a minor-league callup). Angels: Maybe put "LOS ANGELES" on the road unis. Kings: More purple! Ducks: Use the webbed-feet "D" logo on the frontpage as their primary uniform crest. Colts: I agree with the people that say the Colts need a blue just looks better (especially considering there is no gray anywhere else on the Colts unis or in the color scheme. USC: Gold facemasks for football...maybe. Other than that it's perfect. IU: Perfect as is.
  9. Most depressing sports memories

    There are a bunch of them for me... -2006 NBA WCQF Lakers-Suns Game 6....once we lost that I knew we were in trouble. -2003 NBA WCSF Lakers-Spurs Game 6....yea I know we had already won 3 straight titles, but I wanted a four-peat, to get Phil Jackson his 10th title. -Any of the recent Colts playoff losses, especially the one against Pittsburgh -Chargers/Colts last year -Dodgers' losing 13 of 14 late July -2002 NHL WCQF Kings-Avs Game 7, we just got shelled. That was our best chance at a good run. And how can I forget Texas-USC Surprisingly enough, out of all the events I've been to, my teams have won most of them, the most disappointing game I ever went to had to be the Dodgers-Padres game a month ago near the end of our losing streak.
  10. NFL Week 2 Preview

    Two things: Pack won 52-3 over NO last year Tank must really hate the Redskins. He's still in love with the "Redskins were horrible in preseason" argument. Other than that, no complaints (except I think the Colts could score in the 50's against Houston )
  11. NFL Week 1 Preview

    And maybe the Giants defensive backs should act like they can cover Indy's receivers and...I don't know....CATCH THREE POSSIBLE INT'S!
  12. MVP, Cy Young, and ROY

    AL MVP: Jeter CY: Santana ROY: Liriano MOY: Leyland NL MVP: Beltran CY: Carpenter ROY: Zimmerman MOY: Randolph
  13. Fearless Predictions

    And now for my words of "wisdom".. 2 biggest surprise teams (not supposed to be good, but end up fighting for a playoff spot)... Green Bay Packers and New York Jets 2 teams that are supposed to be good but will fall apart... New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals Most overrated team... Chicago Bears Most underrated team... Green Bay Packers Most overrated QB... Probably Drew Brees, as much as I hate to say it Most underrated QB... Still Trent Green (I think he's among the top 3 in the NFL) The team everyone says will break out this year but will once again fall flat on their faces... Your Arizona Cardinals! Your NFC playoff teams: 1)Seattle Seahawks 2)Dallas Cowboys 3)Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4)Green Bay Packers 5)Washington Redskins 6)Philadelphia Eagles Your AFC playoff teams: 1)Pittsburgh Steelers 2)Indianapolis Colts 3)New England Patriots 4)Denver Broncos 5)Miami Dolphins 6)Kansas City Chiefs Your Super Bowl teams: 1)Pittsburgh Steelers 2)Dallas Cowboys And your winner... Pittsburgh Steelers to repeat
  14. NFL Week 1 Preview

    I only have one major complaint about this one: Why the heck do you have the Vikings (who I think are just as awful if not worse than the Skins) winning by two touchdowns? I realize you've fallen in love with this "Redskins got pasted in the preseason" argument, but that was PRESEASON! The preseason means NOTHING. If it meant something, my Colts would've probably gone 4-12 or something like that last year (since they were 0-5 in preseason last year and got pasted almost each time). I realize Portis is out and Brunell is another year older, but what exactly makes them any worse than the Vikings, whose best receiver is Troy Williamson?!?! Think about it, if you were an old, sucky QB like Brad Johnson who would you rather throw to: Moss, Randle El and Brandon Lloyd or Troy Williamson, Travis Taylor and Marcus Robinson? For that matter, would you rather have TJ Duckett or Mewelde Moore as your runningback? I'm not saying you're completely wrong here, I'm just saying look at the teams and how they stack up, and you'll find out that the Skins are better.
  15. NFL Prediction game

    Pittsburgh over Miami (even with Batch) Carolina over Atlanta Cleveland over New Orleans Seattle over Detroit Philadelphia over Houston Kansas City over Cincinnati New England over Buffalo Denver over St. Louis Tampa Bay over Baltimore Tennessee over NY Jets Arizona over San Francisco Green Bay over Chicago Jacksonville over Dallas Indianapolis over NY Giants Washington over Minnesota Oakland over San Diego