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  1. They actually debuted them at home against the Ducks (appropriately as the Ducks already wear the exact same color scheme as the 50th anniversary jersey). So that means they wore it against all three California teams.
  2. I kind of prefer the LI/LII version of the Super Bowl logo than the XLV-XLIX version. Those big bold letters and the splash of color make it less bland. In hindsight, if they had been using this template for a much longer time, I'd have been okay with it. I am curious to see what XXXVIII would have looked like in this style.
  3. Well that is wholeheartedly disappointing.
  4. This could very well be our first look at an Adidas NHL/AHL jersey! Even though the tag on the back says CCM, if you look at the material of the sleeves and especially the front, this doesn't look like any material I've seen before. Not even on the World Cup jerseys from last year!
  5. Teemu Selanne with Anaheim? I guess it's technically five sets (and the difference in one set is merely a shoulder patch), but 15 total different jerseys! 1996 Home (w/o Shoulder logos) 1996 Road (w/o Shoulder logos) 1996 "Wild Wing" 1997-2001 & 2005-06 Home (w/shoulder logos) 1997-2001 & 2005-06 Road (w/shoulder logos) 1997-2000 Whilte Alternate 1997-1999 Jade Alternate 2005-06 Black Alternate 2006-07 New Ducks Home 2006-07 New Ducks Road 2007-2014 Ducks Edge Home 2007-2014 Ducks Edge Road 2010-2014 Ducks Edge Third (their current home jersey) 2013 Mighty Ducks Edge Throwback 2014 Stadium Series
  6. One thing I'm looking forward to with the new Adidas jerseys, and it appears this has already started with the World Cup jerseys, is the use of jersey materials to make lighter numbers. The NBA introduced it like a decade ago where the main layer of the jersey numbers is actually just colored fabric while the outlines of the numbers are a kiss-cut twill or the appropriate color. (In the case of one color numbers, the twill around the edge is just the same color as the fabric.)
  7. Anyone know what font it used on the NFL on CBS scoreboard?
  8. I think it would be clever if they made the gaps in the numbers 0, 4, 6, 8 and 9 orange!
  9. Not sure it wouldn't let me upload more than 2 pictures to a post, but here's two more.
  10. On the topic of green letters and numbers with black outlines, today's QMJHL matchup between the visiting Val-D'or Foreurs and the hometown Cape Breton Screaming Eagles happened to feature such a fashion trend. I present some examples.
  11. I think the sleeve stripe, as well as the City of Champions logo being on one sleeve, is a nod to the iconic helmet of the host Pittsburgh Steelers.
  12. Here in Nova Scotia, the knockoff game is strong. But the worst place by a mile is Glace Bay. I recently started a new job at my old place of work. The place employs at least 800 people over several lines of business. About a month ago, they had a Jersey Day. I wore one of my authentic Ducks jerseys. They eventually got all people who were wearing jerseys to meet in the lounge for an activity. In a group of about 100 people, only about 4 jerseys weren't knockoffs. And other than that day, I have not seen a legitimate, even replica, jersey wore by anybody but myself. And there's usually two or three people per day wearing jerseys there. Including one guy in the training department who is always wearing a knockoff Carey Price Habs jersey every second day. And a guy on my floor who also wears a different jersey every day and every one he's worn so far have been fakes. But three things take the cake for me... 1. The local supermarket, back in January, had various Super Bowl promotions on snacks and sodas. At their take-out counter where you can buy wings and pizzas and stuff, they had like 8 NFL jerseys hanging over the counter, and ALL of them were fakes. 2. Glace Bay has a very tiny mall. It is an actual indoor mall that has like 10 stores max. One of them is a sports memorabilia store that sells autographed pictures and bobbleheads and even old video games too. They also sell dozens of "New Era" hats, and none of them are legitimate. There is a second store that's kind of like a bargain store of designer stuff that also sells only knockoff sports stuff. 3. The fact this group exists that caters to my hometown region and nobody in the group are none the wiser: I'd like to put it on notice, but anytime I've ever said anything about knockoffs before, most people are just like "who the f cares?"
  13. Two former Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in one shot. A rarity!
  14. Take the Bruins jersey... - make the yellow shoulder panels black on the black jersey - make the black shoulder panesl white on the white jersey (and change the yellow should stripes black) - remove the top stripe from the waist and sleeves Voila, it is the Screaming Eagles jerseys.
  15. Here's a more accurate fascimile made by yours truely.