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  1. Two former Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in one shot. A rarity!
  2. Take the Bruins jersey... - make the yellow shoulder panels black on the black jersey - make the black shoulder panesl white on the white jersey (and change the yellow should stripes black) - remove the top stripe from the waist and sleeves Voila, it is the Screaming Eagles jerseys.
  3. Here's a more accurate fascimile made by yours truely.
  4. Voila!
  5. Don't forget Moncton and Cape Breton also use the Bruins template too (although the Screaming Eagles removed a stripe from each sleeve and torso).
  6. Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. Gold third jersey. September 23rd. (I actually knew this a few months ago from the team's marketing staff, but they just made the announcement official literally five minutes ago at a meet the team barbecue.)
  7. While I've heard many a hockey fan clamoring for a Seals throwback, I've never heard an actual Sharks fan say they wanted one. And I don't blame them.
  8. Replace all black with blue and you'd have a decent Islanders third jersey. Replace all gold with orange, and get rid of the black nameplate, and it works a lot better!
  9. Just imagine if that whole Guardian Project was a smashing success!
  10. Those banners are a nod to the old player banners that used to hang in Maple Leaf Gardens. Here are some of the old ones on display in, I believe, Ryerson Univeristy's rink that now occupies the former MLG.
  11. I hope the Argos wear a memorial patch this season.
  12. Honest to goodness, as much as I love them, I really hope they DON'T wear them for the playoffs. They are just such a huge departure from the regulars. A much larger departure than the previous third (which is now the home jersey) and the old road jersey a la 2014.
  13. I've had this concept lying around for over a year now and decided to now flesh it out completely. It's a very unusual design, but I feel it could work for a third jersey, but nothing more than that. I tried two versions of it as I don't know which logos work better on it. What do you all think?
  14. mrwonka

    Looks great, I could get behind it. One alteration I may suggest is that the sleeves look rather empty with nothing between the cuff and name bar. I would try moving the numbers onto the sleeves between the stripes and if there is any sort of shoulder logo idea, put that in place of the sleeve numbers. Great work.
  15. The Leafs finally unveiled their nice new logo yesterday. Now the speculation begins as to what the jerseys will look like. I figured they will be based on a classic set, but possibly with a twist. So I came up with this interpretation. What do you think?