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  1. Rob Ford deceased at 46

    I hope the Argos wear a memorial patch this season.
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    Honest to goodness, as much as I love them, I really hope they DON'T wear them for the playoffs. They are just such a huge departure from the regulars. A much larger departure than the previous third (which is now the home jersey) and the old road jersey a la 2014.
  3. Anaheim Ducks concept, very experimental

    I've had this concept lying around for over a year now and decided to now flesh it out completely. It's a very unusual design, but I feel it could work for a third jersey, but nothing more than that. I tried two versions of it as I don't know which logos work better on it. What do you all think?
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs New Jersey Exploration

    Looks great, I could get behind it. One alteration I may suggest is that the sleeves look rather empty with nothing between the cuff and name bar. I would try moving the numbers onto the sleeves between the stripes and if there is any sort of shoulder logo idea, put that in place of the sleeve numbers. Great work.
  5. The Leafs finally unveiled their nice new logo yesterday. Now the speculation begins as to what the jerseys will look like. I figured they will be based on a classic set, but possibly with a twist. So I came up with this interpretation. What do you think?
  6. Chicago Blackhawks third jersey concept

    Frylock: yes I did yesterday, but was only able to issue a reply about an hour ago. I decided to add some waist striping. I took a nod from the Flyers third jersey where I would put the sleeve stripes on the waist, but remove the bottom stripe. I find it fits without being too cluttered, but what do you all think?
  7. Chicago Blackhawks third jersey concept

    After seeing a depiction of the Blackhawks logo in JUST black, white and red on Corey Crawford's mask, I wonder if a jersey could be made with that logo. I decided to look through the Blackhawks jersey history to see if anything could work. I chose the 1928 jersey with a few changes... 1. Most obvious, the insertion of red into the jersey color scheme. 2. The large collection of stripes on the should has now be condensed into a repeat of the sleeve stripes. 3. I actually like it when a team can put logos on their sleeves instead of their shoulders. Not that it always works, but when they do it well, it works great. 4. I actually think this looks well with no waist stripes at all. I tried putting the sleeve stripes across the waist but they were too huge and too cluttered and left almost no room for the jersey name and number. What do you think?
  8. Indianapolis Colts new logo

    Nice, clean, simple logo. Great work. I think it would make a great logo for the Colts if they decided to abandon the horseshoe.
  9. San Diego Gulls jersey concept

    Thanks for the kind words. The sleeves were the original part. The black part is supposed to the be the silhouette of a Gull, the orange being a California sunset, the blue being the Pacific Ocean. The rest of the jersey is simply the Ducks current third jersey with the waist stripes recolored in the Gulls colors. I figured striping that resembles a Gull could work on their jerseys. The placement of the Reebok logo under the collar is where the logo actually is on all NHL jerseys. I didn't pick that spot at random. Although I forgot that AHL actually uses CCM and not Reebok, but I'm not changing it. I don't think it would be used for anything more than a third jersey. I absolutely LOVE the current black jersey, even in spite of the face that it is not an original template. The baby blue and orange just pop out against the black. The white isn't bad, but not as awesome.
  10. San Diego Gulls jersey concept

    Tossed up an idea I thought of for a jersey for the new San Diego Gulls. What do you all think?
  11. All of this will just make the Ducks/Jackets Cup Final all the more astonishing.
  12. Anaheim Ducks - because I've been sitting on these

    Love the home and road set. Alternate is okay. My one suggestion would be regarding the webbed-D logo (as everyone else seems to be mentioning). You managed to incorporate a splash of yellow into the home and road jerseys rather well, and it's still being used on the shoulder logo of the alternate. You could get away with making the webbed-D logo yellow with outlines using any of the other four colors. Simple suggestion example: take current logo, replace gold with yellow, black with eggplant, orange with jade, keep silver where used.
  13. Anaheim Ducks Concept

    I'm surprised how well this works. It wasn't the approach I was going to try (as you can see in the thread I posted myself today), but it does work nicely. Well done.
  14. Anaheim Ducks new concept

    That was the point. I wanted to make an orange version of the current home that can work with the road jersey they use now instead of creating a road version of the third jersey.
  15. Anaheim Ducks new concept

    So in the recent discussions about the new Anaheim Ducks third jersey, it was suggested that the Ducks should perhaps try an orange home jersey with a white road jersey that compliments it. While other people have focused on trying to match the new third jersey with a white version, I decided to instead, try making an orange version of their current home jersey. I made the letters and numbers just two layers instead of three, though doing so now makes it match the stripping (sort of). It also differentiates from the Flyers by using black numbers outlined in orange or white instead of orange or white numbers outlined in black. (And the use of gold too, of course). Comments welcome.