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  1. Name That Font!

    I know I should know this, but what is the font on the site in the Scores, Standings, Schedules, Stats, etc. dropdown links?
  2. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    4 super conferences using the pod system fits very nicely into a national 16 team playoff. Each conference could have the 4 pod champs play in the first round. Two winners play in the second round for a conference championship, setting up the final four (conference champions) very nicely. I could see these four supercons breaking away from the NCAA to do this.
  3. Name That Font!

    Looking for ideas on the font for Pacific Coast...............I found LHF Flash Script thats sort of close, but wanted to hear other ideas.
  4. Name That Font!

    What's the closest approximation of the Jackson Generals' 'JG' logo?
  5. A Little Tutorial

    Is that far right template available somewhere that I'm unaware of?
  6. Memphis Redbirds Concept

    The bottom beak doesnt look right that red color.
  7. Dressed To The Nines...gone

    --> QUOTE(timmy b @ Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 - 17:11:37) ←per a kind contributor on the uniwatch blog, this is the revised website: whew!! now, let's get one for pro football, the nba/aba/nbl, the bundeslig and npb (japanese baseball) and all will be right with the world!! I have a link around here somewhere for a football site going back to the 60s or so. I don't think it was ever complete, but pretty thorough.
  8. Anaheim Ducks Rebranding

    I think the duck's breast area needs to be a different color.
  9. Cleveland Browns Helmet

  10. AFFL Redesign

    Davidson didn't name the teams. He redid the concepts. This really isnt the thread to critique the naming of the teams. Great work, davidson!
  11. New Texas A&M football uniforms

    Is it just me or does that top picture show a gray out line of the helmet emblem? Its a very small bit visible, but there's a distinct outline.
  12. If the Predators move to Hamilton....

    Where, in West Tennessee are you from? I live in WTN as well. NW corner of the state.
  13. Seattle Mariners recoloring

    My retinas were just injured.
  14. Oakland Athletics Logo

    The elephant takes its origina from the A's Philadelphia years. At that time, the Phillies manager called Connie Mack's Athletics a bunch of white elephants. Mack took the jab and turned it into a rallying cry for his club, adopting the elephant as the team's mascot. Its endured ever since. EDIT: I THINK it was the Phillie manager. It could have been a Philly sports writer or something, but it definitely was meant in a derogatory way against the Philadelphia American League team from the more established National League of the time.