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    Formerly known as n2pux ...but I'm just not as n2pux as I used to be.

    Chairman of Space City Lions ...Houston's official Aston Villa supporters club.
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  1. Oh, wow ...that's rad! So fast too ...thanks. Edit: Posted it & yep ...they love it! Thanks again.
  2. My English soccer club ...Aston Villa (quit yer giggling) having their annual North America meetup in Chicago on 9/23-25. I'd love to post one of your posters on the FB event page. Either movie or concert style ...maybe something featuring lions taking over Chicago (they have a lion on their badge). I'll attach the badge ...but it's not necessary for you to include it. Just gonna leave it up to your creativity. Cheers.
  3. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Not sure about the other details, but I'm pretty certain my beloved Aston Villa will be sporting these fancy new sleeve badges next season ...
  4. This is bittersweet for me as I was 12 when the Aeros folded in 1978 after they failed in their bid to be part of the NHL merger. I was devastated. Went on to pick the North Stars as my new team (was a uni/logo nerd even back then). It almost came around full circle for me when they moved to Texas years later ...wrong city obviously. But I did feel awful for the Minnesotans I had met on my trips to the Met Center. Would love nothing more for the Aeros to return as an NHL franchise. Pull your finger out, Leslie Alexander!

    I may be over-explaining but it was long ago enough that it probably isn't the common knowledge it once was. That logo was on the back of the UH basketball team jackets. It wasn't an actual fraternity. Phi Slama Jama was a nickname for the early-80's UH team that featured Hakeem Olajuwon & Clyde Drexler. They went to three straight Final Fours & really helped popularize the above-the-rim style that's so common now. Best team ever to not win a title, in my opinion. I believe the logo itself, as well as the jackets, were made by a relative of one of the players not really an official team mark, but perhaps semi-official since the team did use it for sideline gear.

    Been on this site about 8 years & this has got to be my favorite thread (and I'm only halfway through it). So far the Houston Rocket man & StL football Cards are personal favorites. Hope this request isn't a repeat but I'd love to see a modern update to the U of Houston '80's Phi Slama Jama logo. I don't have much for you to go by but maybe you can just take the basic concept & roll with your own ideas. If not, no worries ...still loving the other updates.
  7. Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Would love to see Wake Forest & Northwestern.
  8. does not suffer bandwagoners.