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  1. tp49

    Kansas City Cattle will return for the 2019 Season in the Continental League.



  2. 1. Move the faceoff stat  - N

    2. Scrap the faceoff stat - N

    3. Require a three year - N

    4. Create an expansion draft for ULL franchises - Y

    5. Expansion Draft format - Y

    6. Allow for multiple teams in same market -N

    7. Expand rosters to 12 - Y


    St Joseph has voted

  3. Welcome to the Continental League  CRichardson !!!

    Looking forward to the Huskies barking up a storm this season.



  4. KCScout76

    City/State Color Identities

    I really like this series - very good work. Looking forward to the rest of the Cities/States.
  5. KCScout76

    Ottawa Senators

    Really nice looking concept
  6. Sorry IceCap about the vote - we moved at the end of June and I just got my computer up and running.  

    Just got internet today.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KCScout76


      right on - how's your Summer going??


    3. Ice_Cap


      Enjoying my first summer in Florida. Man, I've been missing out on great weather in Canada all of these years :D

    4. Ice_Cap


      How about yours?


  7. Congratulations on winning the ULL Gait Cup 2017 - by my calculations, you won the game 17-14.


    All Hail the Kings of Lacrosse !

  8. KCScout76

    Ice Cap's NHL Concepts: San Jose Sharks

    Great Series you have going IceCap - I am looking forward to more.
  9. KCScout76

    The MLB According to FinsUp: At-Bat - San Diego

    Really great looking concepts !!
  10. KCScout76

    DT Concepts' Adventures in Soccer Kits

    Very nicely done !
  11. KCScout76

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    VCU and Providence concepts are solid - very good work. I like your project!
  12. Very nice!! Simple and clean looking. 9.2 out of 10
  13. KCScout76

    NHL Identity Swap Series (Update Feb. 13)

    Wonderful concepts - great ideas. I like it!!! Really like how you used the state of California for the ducks logo! IMO - I'd mix New Jersey with Boston. Wheels were turning in my head ...
  14. There hasn't been much to cheer about this season, but hey, have some fun and ruin the party for a few teams.   I could just Suck the rest of the year and earn that #1 draft pick.  Naw, I'd rather be pain in the butt.    Good luck this week Ice-Cap!

    1. Ice_Cap


      Thanks man! I'm having a disappointing season too. Best of luck!

    2. KCScout76


      Thanks for doing a wonderful job with the CHL


    3. Ice_Cap


      Thanks for making it easy by being such a great member!

  15. KCScout76

    Rare team matchups

    How about.... Devils in their throwbacks vs the Wild