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  1. Just gotta get the people back that are gone to bring the younger kids. I am 36 and so much has changed since I watched as a little kid. - "Stock" bodies are gone. Which I could go on a whole other rant about which could get technical. -The variety of tracks is gone. How great would it be for a place like Las Vegas (or Kansas, or Chicago, or Kentucky, or Texas) to re-build into a 5/8 mile track with a stadium setup like Bristol. -The messing with the championship system for entertainment purposes and to be like other sports. -Classy television coverage. Darrell Waltrip and his buffoonery really hurts. Mike Joy is still good, but he can get sucked into the goofiness. Other than a couple Daytona 500's, you would have never known Dale Jarrett was the son of Ned Jarrett. Benny Parsons was goofy but lovable, and the same with Buddy Baker. Today there is a lot of treating the viewer like they have no knowledge. Which is fine to give little details, but not every week. Then there is the actual production of the race using too many tight shots and following the leader. -Race procedures. The Green White Checkered finish, while I understand everyone wants a green flag finish. Sometimes in sports, you just have to let the clock run out. Especially on plate tracks, I am sure car owners would love it didn't cost half a million bucks fighting for 20th place. The free pass. Not racing back to the caution is a good thing. Giving someone a free lap back is not. They should have to earn it. I am fine with the wave-around because there is a little penalty because you cannot pit. Racing shouldn't be easy. Which leads to double file restarts. Yes, I am probably the only one who doesn't like them. The lap cars should be on the inside and have a chance to earn their lap back. I am sure there is more that I forgot but you probably haven't read through it all anyways.
  2. And if you want to really make an impression, let the 12 and under in to Cup races. There is plenty of room.
  3. The 35-40 year olds who were brought as 10 year olds being turned off aren't bringing a new generation of 10 year olds.
  4. I thinks it's another gimmick that they are using to swing for the fences to get the younger crowd in. The only time you see anyone racing any harder at the end of a segment is if there is a caution prior to the finish because the field is bunched up. The caution kills the flow of the race. Similar to Kyle Busch winning the championship after missing 1/3 of the season, which is a farce. You could see a guy who finishes 20th every week make the playoffs (another silly gimmick) and be a championship contender because he's got a fast car for half a race. The point of a long enduring 500 mile race is lost. I use to watch NASCAR for the sport of it. Legit competition. I would have to re-train myself to watch it for the entertainment of it like any sitcom or reality show. And while I'm on a rant, NASCAR really lost sight of how to get the younger fans in. And it's not that hard. The secret is the old people! When you're a little kid, the only way to get to the track is by an older person! Many of the traditional NASCAR fans that use to bring the young people to the races just aren't going anymore because of the gimmicks and the young people don't get exposed and keep the cycle going. I'm not going to knock anyone that enjoys this format. It's just not for me.
  5. I disagree. That's what makes NASCAR road races so good. Those cars have no business turning right. About 10 years ago my local short track started a division with DirtCar Modifieds. Some of the best racing I've ever seen. It worked because it was an asphalt track. Those Dirt cars were a handful on the asphalt. 600 horsepower with dirt tires on pavement. Then it got ruined because the chassis builders started building asphalt specific chassis but still DirtCar legal.
  6. Here is their chance to take Roman Reigns look strong and absolutely destroy the Undertaker and make him a heel with some big heat.
  7. As I expected, the stages didn't make anyone race any harder than they already are. Clean air is king. We will see in the Cup race tomorrow but I expect the same.
  8. Keselowski had a truck ride waiting for him at 20 years old. David Ragan admitted he had many advantages to get into the top levels. Truex's father has a big business that got him into the sport. I'm not saying none of these guys have talent, but they sound like spoiled brats when the rules package doesn't suit what they want.
  9. Silver spoon racers complaining about not having enough down force. Jesus.
  10. They need to let Gallows and Anderson use their real personalities. Those guys are hilarious.
  11. And Johnny Sauter is 2nd in points, while finishing 15th.
  12. The most truthful article written about NASCAR in a long time. https://www.wsj.com/articles/long-in-victory-lane-nascar-hits-the-skids-1487686349
  13. I thought the Nikki-Nattie match was really good. Usually women's matches are a botch and spot fest. They nailed it I thought. And Bray winning almost guarantees KO dropping the belt to Goldberg to make the "real" Main Event, Goldberg vs Lesnar.
  14. I didn't know until recently that Kimchee was the Brooklyn Brawler.
  15. Thanks for doing it. I like to think my Super Bowl knowledge is really good, but I learned something on every question.