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  1. I think back in the 60's the Chiefs had dueling helmets at center field and they'd paint the opponents helmet for regular season games.
  2. Design in general seems to trend towards less. It seems like all the newer team name scripts are one solid color with no outline. I don't care for it myself. Outlines give it a little extra pop. I believe the last outlined team script was for Super Bowl XLVII.
  3. Maybe the Broncos template is the official "first draft" template of the NFL. If you remember back to Super Bowl 50, you'll get the joke!
  4. No. And no more of this semi-pro looking color on color crap. Keep it classy.
  5. I thought you'd like this little tidbit Pitt.... https://twitter.com/jimsteeg/status/952663220329861121
  6. I could see the lettering for the Vikings being yellow also. It's that way on their jersey.
  7. Go back about 2 pages.
  8. St. Louis Bigfoots would actually work because the Monster Truck is based in St. Louis.
  9. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    I found the answer. It was called Grassmaster. Heinz Field did use it for one season. The problem was they still had to grow the grass, it couldn't be resodded because of the way the grass was intertwined with the artificial turf. So they switched back to grass. Green Bay still uses that system, but they only play a minimum of 10 games on it, and they can drag lights out on the field to grow the grass. Where Heinz Field gets more use because of the Steelers and University of Pittsburgh.
  10. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    Pitt, do you know if they still use that hybrid of real grass with the sewn in artificial turf? I think Green Bay does. The field looks in great shape.
  11. Diet Coke rebrand

    I don't think Coca Cola tasted any better than it did with those stubby glass bottles. Nice and cold!
  12. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    That's my worry if the Vikings make the Super Bowl. I could totally see them taking the lazy route and leaving one Vikings end zone and only putting in the wordmark for the AFC champion.
  13. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    Didn't you post a black Steelers end zone concept once? Maybe the alternate Super Bowl thread? The way the current template is, with the logo and the offset script, a black end zone with yellow lettering might work. Or even white lettering?
  14. Yes. His attention to detail is amazing. Thanks Pitt!
  15. I'm not so sure on the sewn in field. They use that stadium for baseball believe it or not.
  16. Yes, seems to be a lack of pride lately.
  17. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    I believe the league wasn't happy with the Jaguars altering their "brand." I was shocked to see the 49ers having fun.
  18. NFL 2018 changes

    CFLers have less CTE for one simple clear reason.......only 3 downs...eh?
  19. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    If the Bengals played in the AFC East instead of the Patriots the last 15 years, Marvin Lewis is Bill Belichick.
  20. Diamondbacks sounds like a minor league baseball team. They always have weird names like that.
  21. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Not a jersey, but the Toronto Raptors original court had dinosaur tracks.
  22. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    LA was always the greatest threat for owners to get a new stadium. And now they have the threat of St. Louis and San Diego.
  23. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    Here is what I am talking about. The border reaches the goal post on every other field except in Oakland.
  24. NFL Fields - 1994-2000 Steelers (1/9/18)

    One thing I have noticed, and for a few years now, the end line border for the Raiders field appears to be less than the required six feet. I'll see if I can dig up a photo.