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  1. your hometown city logo

    Here are the places I have called home: Newark, DE (where I am now) Northampton Twp, PA Ballwin, MO
  2. NO Saints

    I think the monochrome would be an awesome idea for the Saints to wear, especially for their home games this year. It can symbolize the unity among the players and the city and how they're all helping each other out to rebuild New Orleans. Not a bad concept, though. I would stick with the helmets they have now though.
  3. Perhaps Not What MLB Licensing Had In Mind

    Whatever, dude. Unfortunately, here's the only true a**hole to ever wear Cardinals apparel.
  4. Upset!

    True, but he did get another clutch 3-pointer with 5 seconds left to get the game to go to overtime. I think Jim Boeheim was right in saying that McNamara is definitely not overrated.
  5. 2006 Baseball Sig Concept

    The Cards sig is awesome. Thanks!
  6. Battle of the Beltway

    Okay, apparently a lot of people on this forum are really against the idea of the Washington/Baltimore area having two baseball teams. The first thing I'm wondering is why they are even considered one area. They have separate media outlets (TV, newspapers, radio stations, etc.), beltways, school and business districts, and lots of other things. They also have large enough of populations to be considered separate metro areas. Here are the populations of the metro areas of Washington, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, which is a market that contains a Major League Baseball team, an NHL, and an NFL franchise (These numbers were directly taken from the U.S. Census Bureau): Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD: 4,796,183 Baltimore-Towson, MD: 2,552,994 Pittsburgh, PA: 2,431,087 As you can tell, Pittsburgh, an area with three major pro sports franchises, is less in population than either Baltimore or DC. So if you think that the Baltimore-DC area can't support two teams, then cities like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Tampa shouldn't even have a franchise (I know what you're thinking, but sorry; my Cards aren't going anywhere ). Also, doesn't this area have two football teams already (the Skins and Ravens)? I think a rivalry will do great for these two franchises. The Orioles are in need of a rivalry because they never really had a true one. In their division, the Yanks and Sox have each other already, the Jays will never be one because Americans could care less for Canadian teams (sorry to the Canadian fans out there, but I'm just stating what Americans in general think), and the Rays aren't going anywhere anytime soon so a rivalry with them would just be a waste. The only real rival they have in the National League is the Phillies, but they don't play them very often and I believe the real interleague rival for the Phils is the Sox. So the Nats are the perfect fit. The two cities are within an hour of each other, there's an individual rivalry that could develop out of this (Soriano vs. Tejada), and the Nats' manager, Frank Robinson of course has an incredible history in Baltimore. I think the rivalry will be great for the area, especially a few years from now when the Nats have their new stadium. At that point, both of these teams could be playoff contenders and they could put up some really competitive and nasty battles. Not only is it great for Washington and Baltimore fans, but it's great for baseball as well.
  7. Les Nordiques de Qu├ębec Swift Concept

    Not bad, but the wolf reminds me a lot of the logo for the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  8. 2006 Baseball Sig Concept

    Cardinals please
  9. Worse logos

    You really think that is the worst logo in all of MLB? Wow. There are about 20 teams who have worse logos, IMO. I agree. WTF, dude? You a Cubs fan or something? The Cardinals have one of the best logos in baseball. The bird-on-bat concept has been around for over a century and it still is unique and even though it has now been modernized it still looks awesome.
  10. Raiders Concept

    Nice concept. The only thing I have is that maybe instead of that white thing on the sleeves you can try silver instead.
  11. Oakland Raiders

    Can't see the pics.
  12. Houston 1836 to change name...

    The same goes for the St. Louis Blues. Anyway I'm kinda glad that they are doing away with the name 1836. I was looking at the other possibilities for names and I would have no problem with any of them except for maybe the Generals. That name is pretty boring and doesn't flow with the name of the city like the other possible names.
  13. Red Wings Redesign

    Nice job in modernizing their logo. You still kept the overall classic look and I also love the script logo as well. Very nice!
  14. XX Winter Olympics in Torino

    I hope Gary Thorne doesn't come back either. I couldn't stand him in the 2002 Games.
  15. Saints concept

    I see where you're going with this, and it's pretty good. The script on the jerseys is too big and for numbers stick with the block ones. Other than that, not bad.