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  1. Sorry, but they've picked entire teams before - specifically the 1980 Sportsmen of the year, the USA Olympic Hockey team. They also chose the 1999 Women's Soccer Team and 2004 Red Sox Can't forget McGwire and Sosa in 1998 either, but we may never know if those two really did deserve it now.
  2. Cory Lidle R.I.P.

    The news was just a complete and utter shock to me. It's unbelievable how just a few days ago we were talking about the Yankees getting eliminated from the postseason and leading to Joe Torre almost getting fired and A-Rod trade talks. It seems that news is now just a footnote compared to today. I was just thinking earlier today that the Yankees should start getting rid of their starting pitchers. I never would have thought it would happen this way. R.I.P., Cory Lidle.
  3. MLB Final Standings Predictions

    American League AL East: New York Yankees AL Central: Detroit Tigers AL West: Oakland Athletics AL Wild Card: Chicago White Sox National League NL East: New York Mets NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals NL West: San Diego Padres NL Wild Card: Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. your hometown city logo

    Here are the places I have called home: Newark, DE (where I am now) Northampton Twp, PA Ballwin, MO
  5. Most Memorable Sports Plays Of All Time

    How in the hell can you have a thread about most memorable plays of all time and not mention this one: Didn't realize the Jordan one in '98 was already there so I decided to use this one instead (couldn't find a picture so I'll show a video instead): "The Band Is On The Field!"
  6. Don't know if anyone actually shops here, but this store has drastically changed its logo: Old: New: What do you guys think of this change?
  7. Terrell Owens--where to start?

    I don't understand why everyone made a big deal between the TO and Donovan McNabb feud. Fights between teammates happen all the time, especially in baseball, like the recent scat between Brad Penny and Kenny Lofton or in Philadelphia last year with Pat Burrell and Billy Wagner and no one made a big deal about it. Even Shaq and Kobe had to put up with each other for all the years they played together with the Lakers. But the minute it happens in the NFL, that's all you'll hear on the news. I think TO is right in that the media's to blame for all this crap. I wish him the best in Dallas and hope the Eagles become the Cubs of football.
  8. Simple Washington Senators concept

    For the away jerseys, I would try to use the same font for "Washington" that you used for the home jersey for "Senators." The away font says New York Yankees to me. Other than that, nice job.
  9. Mizzou Concept

    Excellent job; definitely an upgrade of what they have now. The only thing I have is that the names on the back of the basketball jerseys are a little too small. I would make them a font size up. And also, I would only have the jerseys say "Mizzou" on the alternates. Keep "Missouri" on the homes and aways. Otherwise, all other areas are at perfection.

    Family Guy had the best slogan for the network: Lifetime: Television for Idiots
  11. A Couple NFL Alts

    The Rams also have an alternate but I've never seen them wear their's either:
  12. Your Favourite Team Logo EVER

    That logo would definitely make the top of my list if it were real. Nice job whoever did that. Anyway, of course my favorite has to be the Cards, but you probably already figured that out by now.
  13. Chicago and St. Louis are definitely up there. The uniforms for the teams in these two cities have stayed consistent with their classic look for quite some time now. The Blues may have just changed their uniforms a little less than ten years ago, but they are updates of their original look when the team got started in the 1960s. The Rams' jerseys are fairly new as well, but their helmets have been used since teams first started putting logos on their helmets and the jerseys have a very slick and classic look.
  14. Guilty Pleasures

    I'm probably going to be in the minortiy on these two, but here are a couple of uniforms that I love: - The monochrome blue uniforms the Rams wore for a couple of games last year. I thought it was a really cool idea and it would make a great alternate set for the team. I also love their blue pants when they wear them on the road too. - I'm a fan of the black the Mets have in their jerseys, especially when they use it as a drop shadow in their non-black jerseys. It really accents the team's and players' names well and it looks a lot more professional than what they wore before. I wouldn't mind if they did away with the black jerseys and hats, but if they only added a black drop shadow to their blue hats, then their uniform would be perfection. Plus, their jerseys and hats are pretty unique since they're now the only team that uses black, orange, and royal blue in their color scheme.
  15. MLB Second Half Predictions

    AL West: Texas AL Central: Chicago Sox AL East: Toronto AL Wild Card: Detroit NL West: LA Dodgers NL Central: St. Louis NL East: NY Mets NL Wild Card: Houston ALDS: Chicago Sox over Texas (3 games) Detroit over Toronto (5 games) ALCS: Chicago Sox over Detroit (5 games) NLDS: NY Mets over Houston (5 games) St. Louis over LA Dodgers (4 games) NLCS: NY Mets over St. Louis (6 games) World Series: Chicago Sox over NY Mets (6 games)