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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Golden Down it was! If memory serves, the single was a song called "Poor Boy" but the tracks I really dug were "Shine Your Light" and the title track. I got a free copy of the album as part of some promotional thing WIOT Radio was doing at the local Peaches record store. I'd probably gone in to buy Moving Pictures or something and ended up scoring a pretty good free album and a Peaches crate. Not bad. I like Magic well enough, but I wouldn't call it the classic a lot of people think it is. Springsteen runs hot and cold with me. There will be a stretch where I love all his stuff followed by a stretch where I the only Springsteen songs I can tolerate are "Human Touch" and "Gypsy Biker."
  2. Shortly after that post, the admiral hit the streets looking for puppies and kittens to kick.
  3. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    You know, I'd find it a lot easier to buy your Norma Rae bit if you weren't the embodiment of credentialism on these here boards. Christ, your line of reasoning for supporting Sanders has basically been "you all need to vote for Sanders because us Sanders supporters are educated enough to figure out the truth. Let us smart people show you the error of your ways." Seriously, is there anyone here that goes more out of their way to make sure everyone knows how educated they are? Sorry, admiral, but your recent "champion of the working class" turn rings a little hollow with me. I can't imagine you sitting down with a bunch of union workers and talking about, well, anything. Maybe you're doing exactly that, I just have a tough time picturing it. No offense.
  4. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Oops. I misunderstood what you were saying. Sorry about that.
  5. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Gore won the popular vote in 2000. To your point, Gore allegedly lost Florida by 537 votes. His overall vote total in Florida in 2000 was 2,912,253. Nader's vote total in Florida was 97,488. So yeah, it's entirely reasonable to say that Nader voters cost Al Gore the White House in 2000. I wonder how the Nader folk feel about "voting their conscience" today.
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Has it ever occurred to you that the reason the party isn't making a hard left turn is simply because the majority of Democrats don't want to? Maybe it's just a matter of there being more of "us" than there are of "you." Despite what you may want to believe, Hillary Clinton isn't forcing anyone to vote for her. The math seems to suggest that the majority of Democrats are fine with being "pragmatic centrists."
  7. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Where's Lenny Riefenstahl when we need her?
  8. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Democrats that support Sanders shouldn't need to be convinced of anything. The choice is pretty simple, either be a pro and vote for the Democratic nominee or leave the party. Most of Bernie's supporters were Democrats long before they were Sanders supporters. Enough with this silly hand holding. I was an avid Hillary supporter in 2008. She lost and I threw my support behind President Obama. Did I like it? No, but it sure as hell beat giving the White House to John McCain and Sarah Pailn. In politics, you take what you can get. If a percentage of Sanders supporters want to have a hissy fit and waste their vote on some 3rd party hack in the general then more power to them. My guess is when push comes to shove, the majority of Bernie supporters will decide Hillary is a far better option than Trump.
  9. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    The first cut is the deepest.
  10. The Sports Media Thread

    The MGTOW website is...ummm....interesting. People are weird.
  11. Zach/Still MIGHTY inadvertently predicts his worst Ducks - Perds nightmare and Mike/Ice_Cap hits the nail right on the head.
  12. Just gonna throw this out there. I'm no hockey expert, but I'm guessing the Ducks roster has seen some turnover each season between 2012-13 and this season. What's the one constant with the Ducks in the past four seasons? It ain't the players, it's the coach who has a record of 1-7 in Game 7s. Normally, I'm not one to lay all the blame for a team's failure on it's coach, but not only has this Boudreau coached team lost 4 straight game 7s at home, it's lost them in remarkably similar fashion. Road team goes up early, Ducks deflate, game over. Rinse, repeat. Anyway, once the Perds were up 2-0 last night, all they needed to do was play "it's not the trap, but it's pretty much the trap" hockey the rest of the way and have a skate around with a totally deflated Ducks team.
  13. The Sports Media Thread

    I'm just guessing, but Brass could be referring to way back in the day when Tirico allegedly claimed he wasn't black. According to Syracuse legend, Tirico was up for some African-American based award in Syracuse but he withdrew his name stating he was not black but Italian.
  14. The Sports Media Thread

    Granted, I only know you through these here boards and the mighty BASS, but I'm pretty confident that you know where the line is with this stuff.
  15. The Sports Media Thread

    Really? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there are who think that way, but I am. You're a real renaissance man.