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  1. AL Central: Royals NFC North: Lions AFC North: The team I dislike the least is, oddly enough, the Steelers. B1G: Indiana or Illinois MAC: Western Michigan or Ohio Metropolitan Division: NY Rangers Pacific Division: Suns
  2. infrared41

    Non-sports logos that could be good sports logos?

    It’s pretty dated looking today, but when I was a kid, I always thought the logo and color scheme from a company my Dad drove for would make a cool looking football helmet. I always wanted Interstate to sponsor my little league team so we could wear the colors and have the logo on our hats and jerseys.
  3. infrared41

    2018 NFL Season

    I always try to watch a little bit of the HOF game too, but I didn't know it was on until my GF told me. Some sports podcast hosts we are, eh?
  4. infrared41

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm not quite to the point you are, but FWIW, this is the first season in at least 10 years that I didn't order NFL Sunday Ticket. With regard to the new tackling rule: It's going to cost some teams some games. Officials are going to call it at the worst possible time, they're going to call it incorrectly, and they're going to end up screwing someone out of a win, a playoff spot, etc. As always, the usual suspects will benefit from this stupid rule. I'm betting the two teams that rhyme with the ones you mentioned will get at minimum a win each out of the new tackling rules.
  5. infrared41

    Popular Defunct Teams

    A little off topic, but the IHL is where I cut my hockey teeth. The first professional hockey game I ever attended was game 5 of the 1982 Turner Cup Finals. My hometown Toledo Goaldiggers defeated the Saginaw Gears and won the Turner Cup. In '83 and '84, my friends and I went to Diggers road playoff games in Saginaw, Fort Wayne, and Flint. Former Minnesota North Star and Chicago Black Hawk Dirk Graham played for the Diggers back then. I think Diggers goalie Lorne Molleken (my favorite player) also spent some time in the NHL. Following the old "Iron League" was a helluva good time. It's what made me a hockey fan.
  6. infrared41

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I'd argue that the either the Baltimore Colts or Cleveland Browns hold that distinction, but other than that...
  7. I'm betting it's true. Meyer has a reputation for looking the other way (Aaron Hernandez, for example) when a high quality player has "character issues." He also has a reputation for having bit of a "God complex" as in he thinks he can fix anyone. In any case, if this is true - and I think it is - he needs to be fired. I hate seeing this sort of thing. It's just wrong. Standing idly by with full knowledge that the wife of one of your coaches is being abused is simply unacceptable. Period.
  8. infrared41

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Thanks! A POTD nomination from you is high praise indeed. I'm honored.
  9. infrared41

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Pennsylvania should have dealt with their Sandusky the way we dealt with ours. Would anyone have had a problem with Pennsylvania's Sandusky being sliced into three or four pieces and distributed throughout the state?
  10. infrared41

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Toledo is the #73 TV market. It's a decent sized city - I think the population of the "metro area" is around 600,000. Anyway, the Tigers are easily the number one MLB team in Toledo with the Indians coming in second. I'd guess it breaks down at about 65-35 - maybe even 75-25 - in favor of the Tigers. Based solely on my experience in the area, the line of demarcation between where it switches from Toledo to Cleveland (and team loyalties) seems about right. With regard to TV stations; Toledo has at least 5 local stations and the cable system carries the Detroit stations too. Where I live, we get both the Toledo and Cleveland TV stations. After taking a close look at the map, I think I know why things were so weird with the Tigers and Reds at my old place. We lived right near the intersection of counties in the Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus markets. That would explain why the Reds and Tigers were considered "local." A mile south of my house, you could do an Ohio county version of the 4 corners thing - walk in a circle and bounce around three counties. FWIW, Sandusky is in Erie County not Sandusky county. Sandusky is firmly in the Indians market. Then we have "Upper Sandusky" which is about 60 miles south of Sandusky. Point being, we're kinda willy-nilly with our Sandusky stuff. Zanesville is an actual TV market. A very small one, but they have local affiliates for all the networks, etc.
  11. infrared41

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Yup. Apparently, where you live in a county can make the difference on which teams are blacked out on MLB.TV and MLB Extra Innings. How they come up with it is just as weird as it is inexplicable. When I lived further south in the county in which I currently live, Cincinnati and Detroit were considered part of my local market - despite the fact that Detroit was over 150 miles away and in a different state. I moved exactly 18 miles north (and closer to Detroit) in the same county and now I can watch both the Reds and Tigers on both MLB.TV and Extra Innings. Despite calls to Direct TV and to MLB.TV, I've never been able to get an answer for why North Central Ohio was considered part of the Detroit market. I sort of understand Cincinnati, but Detroit has always baffled me.
  12. infrared41

    2018 MLB Season

    I'm not. I predicted the Phillies would be a playoff team on the MLB Preview episode of our podcast. He's just looking for an endorsement deal.
  13. infrared41

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    Believe it. As much as I like the original powder blues, and I like them an awful lot, I like the Fouts era Chargers uniforms just a little bit better. If given the choice, I'd put the Chargers back in these and call it a day. These were pretty good too...
  14. infrared41

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    Yeah, but a thunder chicken would be awesome.