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  1. We're doing it "just to screw with people." #Hedley'sHeroTurn
  2. I'd like you to provide one example of the government "preventing people from saying how they feel."
  3. I know, right? Ohio had 70% voter turnout in 2012, is a key swing state with 18 electoral votes, and the Trump campaign opens a whopping 15 field offices - many of them with a staff of one. That's not a typo, some of his field offices are staffed by exactly one person. (I read one article where people weren't sure if the office was even open) And I'm guessing most of his field offices are in cities where, other than Cincinnati, he probably has no shot of winning. Trump needed to put his ground game in rural Ohio. That's where the majority of his Ohio supporters are. Even a political idiot like me knows that. Ohio has 88 counties and I'm guessing Hillary has some sort of field presence in more than 15 of them. Side note: The local GOP HQ has signs for their candidates plastered all over the walls - with the exception of one. Donald Trump. No pictures, signs, buttons, stickers, anything. In that office, you'd never know Trump is running for President. I found it pretty amusing.
  4. Right, because a 29 year old guy who hasn't stood in the box against anything other than high school pitching (and that was 12 years ago) is just going to waltz his way right on to a Major League roster. Yeah, not gonna happen. The only way Tim Tebow will get paid to set foot on a baseball field is if he's part of a Minor League gimmick night
  5. Excellent post, McCarthy. I'll just add that another reason we may not be seeing many Trumps signs is that Trump signs aren't easy to get. (I think campaign materials have to be ordered off his website.) To my knowledge, Trump does not have a field office within 50 miles of where I live. Not to mention, he just opened field offices in Ohio two weeks ago. Point being, the people who are supporting Trump aren't "hiding" it, they simply don't have access to yard signs and stickers because the campaign is seven different kinds of a cluster-. So, is the lack of visual Trump support due to a bunch of loudmouths being afraid of Democrats? Or is it due to the fact that, in addition to what McCarthy pointed out, it also takes money and a significant effort to get a yard sign or sticker? Nudy will say it's the former, but anyone with a "lick of sense" knows it's the latter.
  6. Agreed. I didn't mean to come across like I thought otherwise. Easier said than done.
  7. My guess is that the best and brightest aren't willing to be put in the meat grinder that is running for President. No sane person would want to deal with the ridiculous standards Americans have for Presidential candidates.
  8. At least his campaign finally has a strategy. That's something, I guess.
  9. First off, Trump supporters are "scared" of Democrats? In what universe? The only thing that frightens a Trump supporter is knowledge. Well, that and minorities. And common sense, I suppose....but I digress. Anyway, a "silent" Trump supporter is like a baby pigeon, I'm sure they exist, but I've never seen one.
  10. That explains it.
  11. Damn. Five grand to replace two catalytic converters sounds awfully steep. What kind of truck is it?