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  1. Good for you.
  2. Good call. I'd forgotten about that Lions logo. A version of that logo on the sleeves might work pretty well, actually. That said, you're right, we'll probably get a giant version of that on front of the jersey, but that's OK because it will match the one on the ass of the pants. -ing Nike. God, I hope they don't botch this.
  3. Pretty much. I'd love to see a Buffalo/Minnesota style take on the Lions new look, but I'm preparing myself for a giant logo on one side of the helmet, vertical sleeve stripes, and a bunch of Nike-speak claiming the new look is a cross between the automotive industry and a lion roaming the plains of Africa.
  4. Sure, if the designers doing the reinterpretation were tripping on acid.
  5. Sports Travel Bucket List Baseball: Spring Training in Arizona. (been to ST in FLA three times) I'd love to get to a game at all the MLB parks I haven't been to yet, but short of a lottery win, that's probably not going to happen. These are the ones that top my list. Camden Yards (went to a game there in '94*, but the game was rained out), Reds, Pirates, Nationals, Marlins, Cardinals, Royals, Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Mariners, and Giants. There are also quite a few Minor League parks on my list. (See why I'm going to need that lottery win?) *It was also the day before the strike started Football NFL: Lambeau Field tops the list. I'd also love to catch games in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Kansas City, Denver, and New Orleans. College Football: Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and an Army - Navy game. NHL: Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Chicago, and I'd love to get back to MSG for another Rangers game. NBA: Cleveland. Despite the fact that I live an hour away, I've never been to a Cavs game. MSG for a Knicks game. Staples Center for a Lakers game. NASCAR: I've been to a race at Daytona, but I want to go to the 500. Bristol and Talladega. Regular travel list: US: Places I'd love to ride my Harley - Route 66 out west. From Ohio to the Sturgis Rally. Maine, California Coast, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado. Australia, Japan, Western Canada, and the Jane Goodall Institute South Africa.
  6. I know. I saw it in action in Columbus. Loved it.
  7. The more we talk about Brady, the more I lean towards Montana. After this most recent show, I thought of a bunch of other reasons why I don't think Brady is the greatest QB of all time. Just my very unpopular opinion, but the current Patriots are basically the '81-'97 49ers-lite.
  8. Sorry, but Mel Blanc is the most overrated carrot player in the business. Sure, Blanc's carrot work on Metallica's black album was solid, but other than that, what's he really done?
  9. Basically a Sports Show #351 This week on BASS: Zach's trip to New York and Madison Square Garden. Are some teams more a part of the "fabric" of the NFL than others? Have the New England Patriots achieved the same status as teams like the Steelers, Cowboys, Bears, and Packers? More debate on whether or not this Patriots dynasty and Tom Brady are the greatest of all time. Can the Falcons recover from an all time sports "gut punch? And all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via: iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  10. If we're talking smells, nothing beats the smell of coal in the air in Eastern Kentucky. I know it sounds like it wouldn't be all that great, but it's really something.
  11. And not a moment too soon. I'll toss this in to get the conversation started. What do we think of the experimental extra innings rule MLB is trying out in the WBC and the low Minors? If MLB is so worried about the pace of play (and I agree it needs to be addressed), the solution is simple. Stop batters from stepping out after every pitch and find a way to make pitchers pick up the pace. Doing those two things would solve the problem. This extra innings rule is idiotic.
  12. The short version of the story starts here...
  13. My sister-in-law sending me a picture of my 9 year old nephew between the pipes for his roller hockey team is a real boat floater.
  14. Pretty sure BBTV said the Eagles were the #1 scoring defense the year before (1990) Bud Carson took over as DC.