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  1. I see we have yet another new title to this thread. And to think the Lt. Commander once made fun of me for changing my avatar every couple of months...all right, maybe I changed it every few weeks...OK, it was every few days, but still. Speaking of my avatar, time for something new.
  2. You sure that's the correct picture? You're right there with the rest of us lefties. And you're in the lower left quadrant not the upper left.
  3. After seeing the political compass results, either the admiral is going to come in way to the left of us, or some of us have spent the past six months debating a guy we agree with 100%. Which would be hilarious, BTW.
  4. Someone should have said "you're thinking of Chris Christie, Mr. Trump."
  5. I can see where you'd think that, but my impression is that the majority of the members here are right on the tape white middle America. They lean left on social issues, but stay true to the middle on the economic issues. There is certainly a decent percentage of people who hit all the marks you've described, but my opinion is they aren't the majority. Simply stated, for every artistic type that hits your marks, my guess is there are 5-10 like me who are more centrist. But I could be wrong. I'd love to see a legitimate poll telling us exactly where we stand as a group.
  6. The response to this is going to be interesting to say the least. Anyway, the stuff you quoted from the piece is why I'm OK with Hillary.
  7. It's allowed, but you do so at the risk of getting verbally keel hauled by a fanatical naval officer. That being said, she looks silly, but I do admire her commitment.
  8. A couple things I didn't know about the Cubs. After a 26-5 start, the Cubs have basically been a .500 club. The bullpen is ranked 14th with an ERA of 3.83. The team needed to do something. Anyway, when I said I worry about a trade messing up a team's chemistry, I didn't mean that Chapman is a bad teammate or a problem in the clubhouse. I don't have a good explanation for it, I just never like messing with a good team. If Chapman clicks, the Cubs are going to be tough to beat.
  9. I seriously doubt you'll answer this, but why do you find it so shocking that Hillary is getting more support than Sanders around here?
  10. You all asked too many good questions. This is definitely going to be a two part episode. Part one will be available sometime tomorrow. We're recording part two next week.
  11. Edited because the post I replied to was edited to remove the statement I was replying to. Or something like that. Enjoy this all time classic.
  12. OK, folks. That's a wrap. Thanks to everyone for participating. Lots of great questions this year.
  13. Done. The Majestic XII has spoken. Speaking of which, has anyone checked the security of the M-XII email server lately?
  14. That's getting a Post of the Day nomination. Second?