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  1. Finding this for $4.00 at the Rural King. I would have paid $4.00 for the tin alone. That it was filled with 12 Moon Pies was a bonus. It's the little things, folks.
  2. Anyone interested in a size XL Guinness hockey jersey with March 17 on the back? It looks like this. (not my pics. mine is in much better condition) If anyone is interested, I'll post pics of the actual jersey.
  3. Basically a Football Show 2016 - #20 NFL Divisional Playoffs Listen via: iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  4. It seems like that to me as well - and I love it every time it happens.
  5. Hate his guts every day if you want. I get it. Like I said, I'm a Packers fan and I'm getting tired of hearing about him.
  6. This will help... FWIW, I'm a Packers fan and I was getting sick of Buck and Aikman going on about how great Rodgers is.
  7. At least he has an arm.
  8. Basically a Sports Show #348 This week on BASS: If something happened in the Dakotas, did it really happen? Does Nick Saban need to succeed in the NFL to be considered an all time great football coach? The New Jersey Devils are getting new uniforms. Some people really hate Aaron Rodgers. No alternate jerseys in the NHL next season, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via: iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  9. Basically a Football Show 2016 - #19 The College Football Championship Game and Wildcard Weekend in the NFL. Listen via: iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  10. Indeed. I had to make that decision for my Dad back in 2004. For years, he told me "never let me lie there hooked up to a bunch of machines" and that made it less difficult, but it's still a helluva spot to be in. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  11. Really? I'll take "admiral is still going on about Thing?" for 600, Alex. Epic fail! Are you having a stroke? Real talk. I threw up in my mouth while reading your post. It is the worst "Thing" post ever. A real dumpster fire. And by that, I mean your posts are usually covered in awesome sauce, but you have reached a new level of cray-cra with this one. I hope this doesn't become a thing with us. Granted, this is a white people problem, but it's still a great example of why we can't have nice things. See what I did there? OK, I think we're done here. Thanks Obama.
  12. The Texans aren't that bad. I get overstating things for effect, but predicting Houston to lose by 100 is ridiculous. We both know it's going to be more like 85.
  13. If memory serves, one of the knocks on Rodgers back then was that he had some sort of "hitch" in his throwing motion (which sounds ridiculous today.) I could be wrong, but I remember that "hitch" being a real concern among the "experts" back then. Supposedly, the hitch in the throwing motion meant Rodgers wouldn't be able to get rid of the ball quickly enough. I also remember something to the effect that Kyle Boller's less than stellar play had led to NFL coaches cooling on Ted Teford's (I think that was his name) Cal QBs. That's how I remember it, but I could be wrong. In any case, the Packers made the steal of that draft.
  14. I was a Browns fan in the 80's. (I didn't think much of your Steelers back then either.) Just in case you're wondering... The Packers were always my NFC team* and when the Browns moved in 1995, I went full time with the Packers. When the Browns came back in 1999, I gave it a shot, but it wasn't the same. I bought Packers stock in 2011 and here we are. Anyway, the original Browns are why I hated John Elway. *Technically, the Packers were my first ever "favorite" team. Seven year old me used to watch the Packers with my grandfather. I didn't become a Browns fans until I was 11 or 12.
  15. Yup. I was talking about what a douchebag Bayless is all the way back in 1996 on my old radio show.